29/03/2018: Biggest Stories in the Cryptosphere

1. China Still Plans a State Digital Currency, Blockchain Research Source Says

A Chinese news outlet has reported that a state digital currency for China is still on the cards. In the article, the head of the China Banknote Blockchain Research Center — Zhang Yifeng — affirmed that despite the lack of a clear deadline, China is still carrying out research and development activities towards the issue of a state-owned digital fiat currency. The centre involved is government-funded and state-owned. The news comes following reports of China’s Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan acknowledging that cash could become obsolete, and that a state-owned digital currency would remove the risk of speculation.

2. West Virginia Is The First US State To Launch a Blockchain-backed Voting App

A blockchain-backed internet voting application aimed at military members and their family is currently being trialled in the US state of West Virginia. The initiative was announced by the Secretary of State, Mac Warner. The app, launched for the May 8th Primary Election, will be available for voters from participating counties. The only requirements are an approved form of ID and a smartphone. The pilot project was launched on Friday, March 23. The state hopes to improve trust and accessibility in the voting system. A white paper on the project, containing more information, was also released. The technical provider in charge of outlining the application is Voatz, a Boston-based tech startup.

3. The Sale Of Crypto Mining CPUs Is Rising In South Korea

It has been reported that crypto investors based in South Korea have started to purchase crypto mining CPUs, with gaming graphics cards provided, in order to mine the cryptocurrencies listed in the country’s exchanges. The recent cryptocurrency market correction was when CPU manufacturers noticed a change in demand was taking place. A 70% fall in the listed cryptocurrencies’ value led investors to search for alternative ways of making profits. The news was reported by the local news outlet EKN. A delegate from Jooyeon Technology, one of the most popular choices among CPU miners, has stated in an interview with the newspaper that the versatility of crypto miners, which can be used as normal CPUs as well, was also a reason for the growth in demand.

4. Liechtenstein To Launch Blockchain-friendly Regulations

We reported back in February about the Liechtenstein royal family showing interest in blockchain. The local government is now working on the development of regulations which will facilitate the adoption of the technology. The news was shared by Prime Minister Adrian Hasler during a speech he gave at the Finance Forum in Vaduz, the capital. The bill, which will be presented in summer, will give a regulatory framework to companies wanting to integrate blockchain into their business model. This will give more certainty to both companies and customers. Hasler claimed that the move would make Liechtenstein the first to enact this type of regulation on such a large scale.

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