20 Top Scary Halloween Graphics for Your Web Projectsby@lanamiro
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20 Top Scary Halloween Graphics for Your Web Projects

by Lana MiroOctober 18th, 2019
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The majority of graphics you find in this post come in vector format for high-quality resizing. To customize these graphics use Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop. Halloween projects let you experiment with imagery, content animation, and creepy fonts. With this awesome Error Page template, you can inform your users that a link is broken in a fun way. With this Halloween flyer, you get the ready-to-use text designs to uncover the date, time and location of your event. You can use this illustration for any web design purposes and email marketing.

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Halloween celebration is round the corner. It’s all about having fun in costumes, parties, trick-or-treat and other fun activities.

Are you waiting for a Halloween celebration? Then, accomplish all your Halloween-related web design and marketing projects quicker with 19 scary Halloween graphics that I present today. 

Halloween projects let you experiment with imagery, content animation, and creepy fonts.

Today, I present you a bunch of awesome Halloween resources, using which you can create Halloween logos, mascots, characters, flyers, posters, web pages, and design mockups.

The majority of graphics you find in this post come in vector format for high-quality resizing. To customize these graphics use Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop. Moreover, a bunch of products in this post are absolutely free. Enjoy! 

Error Message - Halloween Edition

When Halloween is coming, it’s fun to see the spooky thematic imagery and designs throughout your website. With this awesome Error Page template, you can inform your users that a link is broken in a fun way. A cute Halloween pumpkin with custom text will help you keep your visitors on-site with ease. 

Halloween Grand Party Flyer Template

Are you the one creating a party flyer? You don’t have to spend a lot of time on this task with the vintage Halloween flyer template. Use it as a ready-made design for Halloween party invitation flyers or posters. 

With this Halloween flyer, you get the ready-to-use text designs to uncover the date, time and location of your event. Social media links are also provided for an online follow-up. The theme incorporates cool scary Halloween graphics and minimal icons that explain the rules of your party. 

  • Halloween Grad Party Template features:
  • Fully Photoshop-ready;
  • US Letter Size;
  • Well-organized and Carefully Layered;
  • Only Free Fonts Used.

Illustration by Kendrick Kidd

If you browse Dribble for a while, you can find tons of free Halloween images and other graphics. Today, I feature this ‘monster art’, which can be turned into a promotion logo or mascot. Moreover, you can use this illustration for any web design purposes and email marketing. If you like this free Halloween image, don’t forget to check other Halloween graphics by the same author under ‘More from Kendrick’.

Halloween Popup Pack

Halloween is the right time for marketing campaigns. And you can get the most of your Halloween promotions with Holiday Gift Popups bundle. The bundle is fresh-baked, being created this fall. It includes 10 awesome popup designs that let you introduce your seasonal discounts and promotions.

All the popups are built with the trendiest web design elements, graphics, textures, colors, and fonts. Holiday Gift Popups bundle includes 4 Halloween-themed banners. Use them to adorn your popup messages with jack-o’-lanterns, witches, monsters and selected Google Web Fonts. Within this bundle, you’ll also find four Black Friday popups and two trendy Cyber Monday designs.

42 Scary Halloween Graphics Illustration

Your Halloween projects and designs will stand apart from the crowd with the handmade Halloween graphics and illustrations. These neat illustrations represent the typical attributes of Halloween, such as haunted houses, pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, jack-o’-lanterns, etc. 

What makes this illustration package special is the fact that all included scary Halloween graphics are hand-made. They’ve been painted with watercolors, scanned and converted to several formats for your convenience (EPS, AI, and PNG). Moreover, all vector graphics are smoothed for smarter rescaling and calibration.

Unused Characters by RADIO

RADIO developers team shares these 3 Halloween characters for free. You can use them to create Halloween website designs, landing pages, and promotional materials.

 There are three Halloween characters included to this freebie: charming Dracula, grumpy Witch and hooligan Wolf. There are several drawings of each character included in this package. Each of the three Attachment files details a single character and helps you with their animation.

Halloween Party Flyer Template

Meet a cool recent Halloween party poster, the design of which is inspired by horror movie posters and best Halloween ghost graphics. This poster features the classic Halloween black-n-orange color palette. Moreover, it’s entertaining with haunted houses, jack-o’-lanterns, hovering bats, black cats and more.

This template comes in two sizes, allowing you to create both a party invitation poster and a flyer. You can customize the appearance of the template with Photoshop and Microsoft Word. Downloading the fonts used in this theme will also be a non-issue with the link to download free fonts included.

Aloha Island

Use Aloha Island collection of logo designs for your marketing needs free. All the logos were designed using the hand-crafted Musubi font that has a tropical and lackadaisical vibe to it. While the designs you see above are free, to get access to Musubi font you’ll have to pay $19. 

Halloween Party Flyer

Are you working on promotional materials for a Halloween party? Get your party poster looking modern, minimalist and atmospheric. This flyer design boasts of creative imagery in black and white, which provides a nice contrast with the minimal bloody red accents of the main party logo in the middle. 

Use this flyer template for just $9 to promote your colorful and spooky Halloween event. This template consists of a well-layered PSD flyer file and a Help file with a free font download link. Images, text, and backgrounds of this template are separated into different layers. That’s why customizing this flyer design with Adobe Photoshop will be a non-issue. 

Halloween Characters by RADIO

It’s impossible not to fall in love with these naughty Halloween characters. They’re all carried out with attention to detail, awareness of modern design trends and awesome PhotoShop skills. You can use these Halloween ghost graphics for next to any Halloween sale, promotion or event. They’ll charm users and foster stronger user engagement. Finally, you can see all these fun Halloween ghost graphics animated on a video enclosed in the Attachments.

Halloween Adventure Emblem Illustration

Are you looking for a stylish illustration, logo or emblem of your next Halloween-related project? Then, check out the Halloween Adventure illustration. This vintage Halloween emblem will be a stylish and winning element for your web project, presentations, websites, online banner or ad cover.

On this emblem image, you can see a handful of Halloween attributes. You’ll see a zombie’s hand sticking out of a pumpkin. On the sides come two pretty cute ghosts that add to the charm of this template. Halloween adventure is available both in vector (AI and EPS) and raster (JPG and PSD). You can customize the template’s text with either Adobe Illustrator or PhotoShop. 

Spooky Season Icons Set

The simplest way to jazz your project’s design for Halloween is by using Halloween-themed icons. For example, you can use the Spooky Season free Halloween icon set. It includes minimal most-wanted icons with Halloween clipart. The icons employ the colors typical for Halloween - black and orange. If you animate the icons on hover you’ll get even higher user engagement this fall. 

Halloween Bigger Sale Flyer Template

Halloween sales and promotions are hot. Tell the world about an upcoming promotion with Bigger Sale flyer template. It has an immersive design that puts your discounts to the foreground. The flyer’s design also lets you share the contact information of your business and links to its accounts in social media. 

This flyer template (US Letter Size) can be completely customized with Photoshop. Images, text, and background come as separate layers to facilitate trouble-free editing. Links both to fonts and images are included to the template files. 

Skeleton Crew - Facebook Animated Stickers

People love having fun with animated scary Halloween graphics. Using this freebie, you can create a series of animated stickers for popular messengers like Facebook, Skype or Telegram. Moreover, you can use these animated stickers for every purpose. Skeleton Crew animated Halloween clipart includes funny skeletons and other creatures making the viewer smile. 

Skull Print PNG Watercolor Illustration

With a cool watercolor logo or imagery, you can easily differentiate yourself from the crowd. Watercolor images look harmonious, intriguing and high-quality. That’s why using a skull watercolor image for your next project is a good idea. 

The template’s design was painted by hand and then scanned to become a vector object. The template incorporates one main PSD file and 22 JPG files with additional elements. To work with these Halloween images, you’ll need nothing except Adobe Photoshop. 

Roasted 🔥#Vectober

This animated fire monster can become a logo of your Halloween project. The whole image is animated for higher user engagement in a professional manner. The eye is gazing around in a fun and curious manner. Use this animated monster whenever you feel like because it’s completely free on Dribble. 

Halloween Party Flyer PSD Template

Are you looking for a classic Halloween party flyer in PSD format? Then, you may like this eye-catching party flyer design. You can customize every element of it in PhotoShop. The template is well-layered, giving you an opportunity to manage images, backgrounds, and text with ease. Links to the free images and fonts used for this template are included within the Help file. 

Hand Walk cycle Breakdown

High-quality content animation is extremely hot this year. Use this Hand Walk Cycle Breakdown animation to add fun and engagement to your Halloween designs. This animated Halloween clipart is available free and ready to make your web design efforts more creative. 

Dark Night - Halloween Party Flyer Template

This Halloween party flyer has an exciting and creepy design, winningly combining spooky fonts and imagery for higher engagement. Using this flyer template, you can add the event’s timing and venue within minutes, as well as add custom text to specify all the necessary information about the event. You can also add your social links to the flyer to keep reminding the audience about the upcoming party on social media.

Spooky Animated Illustration

Spooky is an extra-creative illustration for brave web design studios and blogs. You can use this animated image to engage and excite users. This spooky animation is created in the typical Halloween colors (black and white + orange). That’s why this animation will winningly make any Halloween online project more dynamic and fun. 

Wrapping Up 

You’ve just seen some of the best scary Halloween graphics and templates. Use them to jazz up your Halloween projects and website designs. 

Where do you find graphics for seasonal promotions and projects?

Share your experience in the Comments section below. 

Happy Halloween!