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190 Stories To Learn About Hardware

by Learn RepoAugust 8th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Hardware via these 190 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Hardware via these 190 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

With a rapidly growing industry that revolves around software, HackerNoon's hardware stories pay attention to the physical components that drive the future.

1. Guide: How to Install WhatsApp On Amazon Fire Tablet

This article demonstrates multiple ways of using WhatsApp on Firestick and Fire Tablet. Read until the end to master the tips and tricks

2. IIOT – Receiving Data From Mercury Meters Via RS-485 Over TCP/IP

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a technology that is used in manufacturing, warehouses, factories, and laboratories.

3. Intro to Amplifier Comparator Circuits: LM311, LM393, LM2903 and LM2901

The comparator is a circuit that makes use of operational amplifiers with power functions, here gives some typical examples that you can use to analyse them

4. 5 Best WiFi Cards for Gaming in 2022

Having a reliable internet connection can definitely promote your gaming experience. In our article we will be mentioning the best WiFi cards for gaming.

5. Taproot and Schnorr: The Biggest BTC Upgrade for 2021

Taproot is the most significant BTC update since the SegWit soft fork of 2017. It is intended to increase Bitcoin's fungibility.

6. 5 Best Gaming Headsets Under $100

Razer, Treblab, Corsair, and HyperX produce some of the best gaming headsets under $100 for gamers on a budget.

7. Self Healing System Concept, Explained

What are Self Healing Systems & How Can You Develop One?

8. A Path to a Successful IoT Startup

There are so many industries that are flourishing today, but we’d say the most promising area is anything connected with the IoT — the Internet of Things. Why? Because IoT is taking over more and more areas of our lives, starting from the simple act of connecting your phone to your TV set. For this reason, let’s take a look at:

9. 6 Best Gaming Headsets Under $200

Corsair, SteelSeries, and Treblab are among the best gaming headsets under 200 dollars currently on the market.

10. WearOS Vs. WatchOS: Comparing Two Smart Watches

While a few smartwatches are accessible that have exclusive programming, the prevailing stages are the Google Wear OS (previously Android Wear) and Apple watchOS. These working frameworks give diverse usefulness, customization, and input to their separate gadgets. We contrasted the two with assistance you choose which one is directly for you.

11. 5 Best 24-Inch Smart TVs Ranked by Review Score

Samsung, Insignia, LG, and VIZIO produce some of the best 24-inch smart TVs on the market today.

12. Hardware Review: 90 Days With The Pinebook Pro

So earlier this year I reviewed the PineBook Pro. I was pretty impressed with it at the time, but am I still enamored with this $200 laptop? I’ve now been using it for at least 90 days. I know that because I haven’t rebooted it in 90 days. Really.

13. AOC G2460PF Review: A Great But Complicated Budget Gaming Monitor

For fulfilling fluid gaming, our KickoffTech gaming experts recommend a monitor with a high refresh rate (like 144Hz). We have reviewed hundreds of such high-end models, and our focus today will be on AOC G2460PF, a functional but complicated gaming monitor.

14. Bias Tees and DC Blocks: When to Use Them

Low frequency filters such as bias tees and DC blocks are designed to transfer some desired signals and power rails while blocking others and limiting the output effect on RF/microwave circuits.

15. Getting Started With RISC-V Board

Read about RISC-V, why it's in the news, how you can get involved and where you can learn more

16. Smart Toilet: Artificial Intelligence In Your Bathroom

According to Sameer Berry, “Everything these days is connected and smart, but I feel like the bathroom is a very untapped area,”

17. How To Redirect USB Dongle: Hyper-V USB passthrough

Majority of software programs require a hardware USB dongle in order to produce correct results. And what if you need to work with such a program in virtual environment where you cannot plug the dongle? There is no full-blown mechanism for connecting USB devices to virtual machine in Hyper-V, so when server is virtualized, all references with USB bus and USB devices connected to it are gone.

18. 5 Popular Hacker Hardware Tools in 2022

A look at some of the hardware tools that hackers use to access and corrupt your computer.

19. Jitter Clicking: A Strategic Mouse-Clicking Strategy

Jitter Clicking is a strategic mouse-clicking strategy that helps you achieve your desired results.

20. Policing the Metaverse

It seems the world’s boys in blue have seen the great potential of the metaverse and would like to be part of it.

21. The Keep Truckin ELD: cool and cost-effective

ELD, Electronic Logging Device is an integral part of every truck. The ELD device is aimed at creating a safe and efficient environment for truck drivers. The ELD device is a component of all commercial trucks. It helps to maintain an easy logging and tracking of location, engine diagnostics, and driver activity. The ELD help both the drivers and the business by improving the efficiency and maintain accurate records.

22. Mac for Dummies: 5 Useful MacOS Tips for Beginners

Not always the default settings make everyday work with the operating system as convenient and efficient as possible. In this article, we’ve compiled 30 helpful macOS setup tips that can be useful for both novice and experienced Mac users.

Steve Jobs spent a considerable part of his life making Macs as easy to use as possible - but many of the really useful “tricks” remained unobvious.

23. Finally, I' m Not Coding on a 5-Year-Old Chromebook Anymore

Recently I got a nice computer, but before I was using a very old Chromebook. I talk about my experiences trying to set up a coding environment.

24. Keep Your Gaming Mouse in Top Shape: Maintenance and Care Tips

In this blog, I’ll discuss some tips and tricks to take proper care of your gaming mouse to ensure that it remains in good condition.

25. How To Recover Lost Wi-Fi Password

Most users, having entered the key to the wireless network on the router, remember about it when they need to connect a new device. In this article, we will examine in detail where to find the Wi-Fi password and, if necessary, change it.

26. What the New CHIP Standard Means for Smart Home Startups

When most people hear the word “chip” in the context of a smart home, they immediately imagine the microchips at the heart of their smart devices. But whereas chips power the brains of an individual smart device, CHIP will power the brains of an entire smart home. CHIP will offer huge conveniences to consumers, but its openness may make it harder for hardware startups to build ecosystems and defend against inexpensive knock-offs.

27. 5 Best Power Strips for Gaming in 2022

We’ve lined up the best power strips for gaming in 2021 to help you build an epic gaming setup and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience

28. Everyday Use of Internet Of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) is the inter-connectivity of computing devices that are embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. It is simply defined as an extension of internet connectivity introduced into physical devices and everyday objects. These physical devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

29. Running Chromecast on Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is a laptop product owned by Microsoft and in this story, I will guide you on How to Chromecast Microsoft Surface.

30. I Made The 'Best' Hacking PC Under a Ball-Busting Tight Budget

To me, hacking is a subset of testing and tweaking things by looking at them from a different point of view.

31. DIY Wi-Fi Sensor — No Programming or Soldering Required

This project combines two ideas: no-code/low-code software platform and a quick, robust prototyping system that requires no soldering.

32. Nextion + Arduino Multilanguage UI

The Nextion editor does not have full support for string arrays, so I had to think about how to implement language selection and store "language packs" in a con

33. LIBS Spectrometers: Everything You Need to Know

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) is an analytical technique for determining the chemical composition of materials using a high-focused laser.

34. Finding the Perfect Keyboard Size

Have you been trying to find your perfect keyboard layout? We've got the answers!

35. Technology and the 21st Century Artist: The Search for a New Aesthetic

This article discusses how advancements in technology can influence art aesthetics.

36. Steam Deck Overheating: What You Need to Know

If your Steam Deck is overheating, there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. Check out this article to learn more.

37. The Basics of The Firmware Development Process

Firmware development is a necessary process in creating a new device and an embedded system. All the features and functionality of a device depend on its firmware. In simple words, firmware lies between software and hardware parts. So, it helps run software on a device and makes hardware perform required functions without involving users.

38. Angry Miao's Cyberblade vs. Apple Airpods: Battle of the Buds

Can the Cyblerblade futuristic earbuds inspired by the video game Horizon Zero Dawn compete with Apple Airpods?

39. Dear Tim Cook, Apple Should Support Open Systems

Apple used to feel like something more innovative. Now it seems like lots have changed. When you look at the history of Apple, it went from pioneers like Wozniak promoting an Open-Architecture design to Apple suing independent electronic repair shops. Now I don't want to reminisce about old history, but a lot needs to be said about open systems, the right to repair, and innovation.

40. Resolving Canon Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Canon printers may sometimes get weariness in their components and parts featured in them.

41. A Look Ahead at Printer Technology: 2020 Edition

A lot of predictions for 2020 have been made. Where’s our world going towards? Technology is ever evolving. We get new smart phones every year, our kitchens become smarter. And don’t forget out home and office appliances. Printing technology is also evolving. Let’s take a look at what 2020 will bring for our text on paper needs.

42. How Computer Recycling is Going to Save Your City

E-waste makes up more than half of our toxic waste and it’s going to take all of us working together to make sure that the environmental impact is diminished.

43. A Guide to Serial Terminal Servers: Secure Remote Access to a Serial Port

A Serial Terminal Server is a software or hardware solution designed to make a non-networked serial-based peripheral connect to the network through itself.

44. Bolstering Trends in the Music Industry Due to Bluetooth Speakers

What does a group of university students and a fun picnic on the terrace have in common? Bluetooth speakers. I’m pretty sure you never saw this coming, but Bluetooth speakers have gained such a humongous amount of popularity in the past half a decade that even the technology giants, and business invicti never saw this coming. In a social situation when youngsters have a tendency for falling into the booby-trap of a huge inferiority and superiority complex, and at a time and place where people are scanned on the basis of their choices in music, cinema, books, clothes. This superiority complex has almost given a huge profit margin when it comes to the music industry.

45. Keyboard Layouts and Their Place in the Web

How come QWERTY became the most popular keyboard, despite the fact that it might be not the most comfortable to use?

46. Setting Up a Dedicated Database Server on Raspberry Pi

Learn how to set up a MariaDB database server on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 8 GB of RAM that you can connect to your local network through WiFi or Ethernet

47. Embedded System Cross-Development With Ubuntu Core

There are fundamental differences between developing general-purpose software applications and making software for embedded systems. Embedded systems software generally runs on resource-constrained hardware, in contrast to general-purpose server or client applications that run on more capable hardware.

48. Here’s What CES 2020 Looked Like to the Experts at Digital Trends

Photo by Ameer Basheer on Unsplash

If you’ve been to CES, you know it’s like a sprawling, exhausting rumpus room for tech geeks. You probably saw things you didn’t even believe were possible. And you probably went home overstimulated and mind-blown. But how does the technology extravaganza look to someone who knows tech inside and out, someone who keeps up with each new product as they’re released and developed?

49. Nearly 25% of HackerNoon Readers to Opt for AMD GPUs Next

AMD is likely going to be the next GPU of choice for nearly a quarter of HackerNoon readers that participated in a recent poll conducted on our website.

50. It’s Time to Go Beyond the TV in CTV

There is no doubt that the explosive growth of connected television (CTV) has been exciting, but the speed at which it has grown has resulted in problems.

51. Lowering the Barrier of Entry to Zero Knowledge Proofs

Next Generation Semiconductors: Designing accelerators for advanced cryptography

52. 9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2022

Asus, Angry Miao, and Turtle Beach produce some of the best gaming earbuds available on the market today.

53. Parameters of Carbon Film Resistors

Carbon film resistors are a type of film resistor. It uses high-temperature vacuum coating technology to closely attach carbon to the surface of the ceramic rod to form a carbon film. Then appropriate joints are added for cutting, and the surface is coated with epoxy resin for sealing protection. The surface is often painted with green protective paint.

54. Make Arduino Voice-Controlled Appliances with HC-05 Bluetooth Module

55. macOS Ventura's New Privacy and Security Features

56. How Quantum Dots Technology Driving Advancements in LCD and OLED Display Quality

In the competitive display market, developers are in a constant race to elevate the user sensory experience – sight being the most important and discerning of the human senses. As a result, manufacturers thrive by adopting innovative technologies that improve display quality. However, prior to adoption, new technologies must prove their reliability and adherence to the stringent manufacturing requirements of the industry.

57. All You Need To Know About Computer Hardware

PC equipment alludes to the physical segments that make up a PC framework.

58. Raspberry Pi 4b mSata-SSD vs MicroSD

I just wanted to see if it was faster... And.... It is.

59. How Much Technology Is Too Much for You? 7 Tips to Help You Decide

The use of technology has become an integral part of modern life. While it can have both positive and negative effects. So how much is too much?

60. Using Cloud-ZK for Developing ZKP Acceleration in the Cloud

Cloud-ZK: A Toolkit for developing ZKP acceleration in the cloud

61. Using FPGA in the Near Future: Trends and Predictions

The FPGA market continues to boom. According to the global forecast, over the next few years, its CAGR will be at an average of 8.6%. But the most interesting are new appliances of the tech, which are sometimes more akin to science fiction than to real life.

62. Why the Apple Watch Outsells the Entire Swiss Watch Industry

The Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019. Now let this reality sink in: five years ago, technology watchers said the Apple Watch was a flop and a disappointment.

63. 5 Best GPUs for Crypto Mining

Which is the best GPU in 2021? If you are going to buy a powerful graphics card for gaming or cryptocurrency mining, here are our top picks from Nvidia and AMD.

64. The Reason Why the Best Smartphones Still Need Protection

You know the familiar feeling of a smartphone slipping through your fingers and those few milliseconds when you realize it’s too late to catch it — it’s going to hit the ground. Oh no, you don’t want to pay it to get it repaired. Or worse, replaced. Your heart jolts and your stomach twists in anticipation as you watch it smack against the floor.

65. Deconstructing Arm Server CPU Architecture

Here is what to know about Arm server's recent CPU architecture updates and why they're important for 5G, AI and security.

66. WTF is Power Supply Unit?

The Power Supply Unit is the bit of equipment that changes over the force gave from the outlet into usable force for the numerous parts inside the PC case.

67. How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards come in various sizes and layouts, each with benefits and drawbacks.

68. 4 Best Data Recovery Tools For SD cards, USB Drives, and Hard Drives

Oh no! I lost all my vacation pictures. What do I do now? Is it possible to recover all the deleted files from the SD card? Will I ever get to see my photos from the vacation again?

69. Circuit Boards: Motherboards, System Boards And Mainboards

The motherboard serves to interface the entirety of the pieces of a PC together. The CPU, memory, hard drives, and different ports and extension cards all interface with the motherboard legitimately or through links.

70. World’s First Indoor Drone Combats COVID-19 And Delivers 99% Disinfection Rate

The Aertos drones are able to fly stably indoors without external reference like GPS

71. Asking ChatGPT to Recommend a Graphic Card

ChatGPT is a new AI-driven chatbot that can answer some questions and even write a paragraph of essays.

72. Why Hardware Will Be Sexy to Mainstream VC (in 5 Slides)

If you're a software engineer looking to become a founder, consider hardware. There's a shift coming.

73. Curved TVs: What You Need To Know Before You Buy It

Following quite a while of “bubble” formed CRTs, trailed by both Plasma and LED/LCD level boards, a few TVs have a splashy bended look.

74. Why Foldable Phones are NOT the Next Big Thing

I was convinced that folding phones were going to be the next big thing. Now, a bit over a month into using one myself, I’m not so sure anymore.

75. A Water-Cooling Upgrade That Can Give Bitcoin Miners Their Power Back

In typical open and transparent fashion Bitcoin mining sales and service company Meta-Luban does another public test of their water-cooling systems...

76. Everything You Need to Know About Multithreading: Sequential Consistency Concept [Part 1]

You probably have heard of the idea of out-of-order execution, and that it breaks some common-sense assumptions about writing programs, and software has to insert barriers to make things right. That was a baffling concept to me at least when I heard of it. At the very least, why would the hardware want to execute out of order only to have the software correct the behavior back? What's the point? Is the software taking care of all the quirks for me? And if not, where's the catch?

77. What's the difference between 74HC595 and 74HC164?

Hey guys, if you are an electronic DIY lover, you will always find a lot of similar or interchangeable components, which have subtle differences in the specs or features, therefore lead to the wrong application, 74HC595 and its similar components is an example I'm going to mention today.

78. A Needle in a Haystack: How Wi-Fi RTT Takes Indoor Positioning to the Next Level

Hello! We are developers from the Navigine company. We decided to test the Wi-Fi RTT technology and share the results with you.

79. Hyper Converged Infrastructure: 'All the Eyes in One Basket'

Hyper-converged infrastructure or HCI is a virtual approach to conventional hardware systems.

80. Connecting to Schlage's New WiFi Locks Is Not Easy

I like Schlage’s smartlocks, and have used them for years. Built by a company with a long history of making reasonably secure, reliable locks, I’ve used several of their Z-Wave locks over the years, but Z-Wave is…Z-Wave. Proprietary until recently, a PIA to troubleshoot, and while the technology held a lot of promise on paper, in reality it’s been the cause for many a swear word to erupt from my mouth (I realize this is partially due to the controllers I’ve used over the years).

81. How to Configure a Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

I picked up the new Raspberry Pi High Quality camera last week. It’s pretty impressive. In this article, I’ll show you some ways to interact with this camera and do some cool stuff with it.

82. How I Built a Houseplant Alerting System with ksqlDB on Apache Kafka

Learn how I built an IoT data pipeline, powering real-time alerts that notified me to water my houseplants using a Raspberry Pi, Apache Kafka, and ksqlDB.

83. 6 Factors Designers Should Consider When Choosing an Apple Laptop

Apple laptops are designed to carry out tasks while dealing with large and multi-layer files.

84. Building a Brushed DC Motor Controller: An Overview

A DC motor has some advantages, and one of them is the simplicity of its control system. Learn more about its working principles and get some helpful tips.

85. Product is the King: How Ukrainian Engineers Are Creating Home Security Products

5 years ago, Ajax Systems were making 4,000 devices per month. 2 years ago, 30,000. Now we make 250,000. Our Kyiv team has managed to create competitive security systems, which are successfully sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. Global trade fairs recognize Ajax devices as the best on the European market.

86. How To Build a GPS Tracker From Scratch Using Arduino

Combining 3 Arduino boards to create a GPS tracker & data logger.

87. Servo Motor Basics And Working Principle

Although both motors brush and brush-less function based on the equivalent interest to induce torque, each of them focuses on distinct techniques and procedures to achieve the desired outcomes.

88. The Critical Link Between Software and Hardware Teams in Product Development

Software and hardware teams rely on each other. If they can learn from each other then benefits will be felt throughout an entire organization.

89. BitBanged Serial Peripheral Interface in Go on Raspberry Pi [Explained]

I’m going to focus mostly on some design decisions and also how I went about writing an SPI interface using Go on a Raspberry Pi. I assume my readers have a basic understanding of what a Raspberry Pi is, and how basic electronics work. If not, read on anyway and I will be sure to include some valuable resources below.

90. Introducing Stark Drones: Propelling into the Future

The purpose of this article isn't investment advice. It isn't to sell a product. However, it is to sell a vision. I am writing about my startup known as Stark Drones that is working on some quite innovative technologies. In the age of copycat products and the whole Silicon Valley bugs, comes some startups wanting to build truly disruptive technologies.

91. Building 28-Core Raspberry Pi Cluster from Scratch: Release The Kraken

This is the second installment of my 'How I built' trilogy detailing the build process of all 3 of my clusters. Read the first here.

92. How a DNS Firewall Can Improve Networking Security for Your Business

Business is driven by the well-calculated balance between spending and earning, and even the most successful companies are in a constant search for ways to cut costs. But what’s often a “nice to have”  for larger companies can be a matter of survival for startups and small family businesses, who are usually only able to spend money on the essentials.

93. The all-new 2021 12.9" iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2021 (12.9-inch) is faster than any tablet ever, armed with the super-fast M1 processor from the latest Macs,

94. The Digital Restoration of Our Lives

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is key to getting the global economy, and our lives, back on track

95. Statistics of Damaged Mobile Phones in the UK

According to the latest research, the British People have spent more than £680m each year just to have their phones’ screens fixed. From a poll of 2,000 users of mobile phones, the study showed that 53% have paid around £30 or more just to have their phones fixed last year alone. With around 42.7 million mobile phone users in the UK alone, the numbers can add up to a huge amount.

96. 16/32/64 Bit Assembly Programs

Ok so before we move on and jump into writing and running 64 bit programs (because all programs today are 64bit these days no? j.k.) let's have a look how to compile a simple program for each of those architectures. This knowledge should also help you better understand how to start a nano VM and "debug" problems that might arise.

97. The Cyberboard Terminal from Angry Miao: Where Art Meets Technology

The Cyberboard is a series of futuristic and artistic Bluetooth mechanical keyboards designed and produced by Angry Miao.

98. How I Created Music Without Using Any Musical Instrument

Let’s review the possibilities of this Virtual Guitar Experiment with Manus VR Prime One Haptic gloves.

99. How One Company Is Using Analytics and Tech to Reduce JUUL Usage

What started as a less harmful alternative to smoking has become one of the biggest health crises in the United States; vaping. Despite the decades of anti-smoking campaigns pushed by public health groups, vaping became increasingly popular. According to a Gallup survey, nearly 8 percent of Americans vaped, and almost one in five 18 to 29-year-olds reported vaping regularly.

100. IoT Home Irrigation System Using Losant and Particle Photon

Water your plants, get alarms, and analyze the data

101. Port Forwarding for Noobs

Port forwarding is used to enable a router to use a specific port to communicate with certain devices on a network. Learn more about how it is set up here.

102. 8 Amazing Camera Drones For Extraordinary Photos


103. Hardware Upgrades At Home: Hacking Nintendo Joy-Con Controller

Surgically implanting a 3D-Touch Capacitive Trackpad in place of the original Analog Joystick.

[104. Is Your Product Ready for Certification: Highlights of Electronics

Certification in the US and EU]( A company must prove that its products comply with the local government regulations by going through a certification procedure.

105. Technologies That has Changed Our Lives

Man-made technologies have now changed the lives of a Man to an extreme extent. We have made progress very quickly in the last 3-4 decades. It has taken us so far that many of us nowadays cannot imagine a single day without checking our smartphones now.

106. Major Reasons Why You Have Wi-Fi Dead Zones

In the event that you have certain rooms or regions in your home where the Wi-Fi signal is moderate or nearly non-existent, you may have a Wi-Fi no man’s land. Does it take everlastingly to stack a page on the PC in your room? Is it practically difficult to watch Netflix in the cellar? No man’s lands and moderate zones can cause your gushing sticks, PCs, and savvy home gadgets to run ineffectively, conflictingly, or in some cases, not under any condition.

107. Everything You Need to Know About Refurbished Computers via TechSoup

Explore the details of refurbished computers from TechSoup

108. Self-Isolation and Electricity: 3 Problems That May Arise

Quarantine has drastically affected our routine. Companies have switched to remote work, employees have no choice but to work from home and get used to a new rhythm of life. Now as never before we all rely on uninterrupted Internet access. Sudden power outages reduce our productivity and affect the work schedule.

109. Custom RFID and NFC Device Development: Theory and Practice

RFID and NFC technologies are incredibly commonplace in the modern world but what goes into making them? This is the theory and practice behind the technology.

110. What’s The Deal With Programming In Arduino

Arduino is an amazing platform to get into hardware development and programming. But there are a few things you need to know before you start.

111. Top 10 Electronic Design Companies You Should Know in 2022

Not all companies that sell great products can or wish to design devices on their own. Fortunately, businesses can choose from plenty of electronics design companies located in different countries. Many of them work internationally, offering hardware and software development, as well as other services.

112. 10 Promising Hardware Startups to Follow in 2020

Software is not the only tech thriving right now. Many hardware startups are making great strides in innovation and design to provide solutions for some of our most pressing issues. From food and air quality testing to an advanced action camera that fits in the palm of your hand, these ten hardware startups are ones to watch in 2020.

113. What’s The Deal With Programming In Arduino

Arduino is an amazing platform to get into hardware development and programming. But there are a few things you need to know before you start.

114. 10 Security Products to Protect Your Smart Home

In your smart home, you must have equipped lots of smart devices that streamline your life. At first glance, it seems attractive that your smart home provides tons of benefits. But, have you thought about its security? Without securing your smart home, it is not possible to attain its benefits for the long-term. Therefore, you need to invest in certain decent quality security products that can protect your smart home. They are capable to save your time and money. They only focus on providing exceptional security to your smart home. Let’s take a look at these useful security products:

115. How to Transform a RaspberryPi Into a Universal Zigbee and Z-Wave Bridge

Home automation comes with plenty of potential to make our lives easier. But in order to succeed in its task, it often requires you to fill your house with bridges that can connect your smart devices to your Wi-Fi network. Unless you buy a smart device that communicates directly over Wi-Fi (like a TP-Link or Belkin smart plug), odds are that many of your favourite smart devices use either Bluetooth, Zigbee or Z-Wave to communicate. These protocols solve some of the issues of Wi-Fi when it comes to smart devices — like latency, centralised topology and relatively high power requirements — but they do require some physical hardware in between to do the smart protocol <-> Wi-Fi translation and make the devices actually controllable from a Wi-Fi-connected client.

116. Why We Need Radar Detectors

Radar detectors matter more than ever, but you wouldn’t know it from the poorly researched clickbait that was Doug Demuro’s recent article, “Radar Detectors Are Useless Now.”

117. Using Arduino To Build Your Own ‘Snake Game’

Oh, the magic of hardware

118. Using Arduino To Build Your Own ‘Snake Game’

Oh, the magic of hardware

119. Differences Between RFID and NFC Systems, their Applications, and Alternatives

RFID and NFC are similar communication methods that devices can use to interact with each other. However, there are differences in the systems and usage.

120. Something for Everyone: Holiday Gadget Gift Guide 2019

If you’re anything like me—a savvy shopper indelibly on the hunt for great techie gifts and gets that can be bought online with all of the comfort and convenience e-Tail affords—you can probably relate that finding unique, worthy and especially “ah-inducing” giftables can take a tremendous amount of time and effort. So in the spirit of easing and expediting your shopping escapades, here are a cross-section of holiday gadget gift picks across a multitude of categories that can all be purchased lickety-split with a few keystrokes.

121. What are the Best Options to Store Data and Keep it Safe Forever?

This article will go over the most effective, economical and long-lasting methods for storing our data.

122. x86 Handling Exceptions

In previous article we got our CPU into 64 bit mode and were able to run 64 bit programs. Our vCPU is already very useful but it doesn't deal well with issues like division by zero, page faults or other exceptional cases it might encounter.

123. How to Install Anthos Bare Metal on Intel NUCs: A Beginner's Guide

Anthos on Bare Metal allows you to spin up a cluster from as few as 2 Intel NUCs. It’s a relatively straightforward process.

124. Turn your old useless laptop screen into an external monitor

For far too long I possessed an old Dell Studio laptop. It served me well for a good 5 years with a number of service centre visits, battery and hard disk replacements, formats and OS upgrades. From the past few years I have ditched the old laptop for a Macbook. Yet still, I never bothered to dispose of it. After all it still works (slow af but works!). <em>What if there is an ‘emergency’ situation where I need to use this ancient piece of technology?</em> I tried selling it, but the act itself and the price I get for it is honestly not worth it. Giving it to someone for free feels like a punishment to the person (most smartphones have better specs). Disposing it off just doesn’t feel right (yeah right! That’s the middle class in me speaking. Also not very good for the environment).

125. Bluetooth 5: Differences and Advantages in Bluetooth Glasses

Bluetooth is a radio technology that is used for the Internet or transmission from smartphone to smartphone or even to speakers. It's latest version, 5 is here.

126. Differences Between RAM, ROM, And Flash Memory: All You Need To Know

ROM and RAM belong to the semiconductor memory. ROM is the abbreviation of read only memory, and RAM is the abbreviation of random access memory.

127. What You Should Know About OLED TVs

LCD TVs are unquestionably the most widely recognized TV accessible for buyers nowadays, and, with the end of plasma, most believe that LCD (LED/LCD) TVs are the main sort left. Nonetheless, that is really not the situation as another kind of TV is accessible that really has a few advantages over LCD — OLED.

128. How To Test Safety Capacitor

  1. Test of Fixed Safety Capacitors

129. The Evolution Of Firmware Development Tools In Avionics

Today, being a firmware developer can entail so many things; but that has not always been so. Engineers have now been able to do things that were thought impossible several years ago: bringing firmware tools to work in more sophisticated and more effective ways in avionics. Embedded firmware software provides a way for aircraft to be more functional, without having to deal with heavier hardware.

130. Oculus Quest Vs. Leap Motion: Hand Tracking Review and the Future of Leap Motion in VR

With the early release of Oculus Quest’s Hand tracking, there are bound to be some questions and curiosity. What’s new? It was already possible using Leap Motion? Is it better? Let’s review and find out.

131. How to customize your hacking set-up for the most affordable price

This article discusses the most affordable hacking setup at the least expensive price point possible. As a beginner, you don't need much of a really powerful PC

132. 5 Best Budget Gaming Laptops Under $800

The Acer Nitro 5, Dell G3 and Asus TUF FX505DT are some of the best budget gaming laptops under $800 available on the market today.

133. Introducing Free-To-Use IDE For Embedded Developers

RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1 is released with 7 New Features.

What is RT-Thread Studio IDE:

RT-Thread Studio is a one-stop development tool that has an easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which is built to make the IoT development more simple and efficient.

134. Top 10 Gaming Laptops with RTX 30 Series Graphics Cards

The Gigabyte, Strix, and ASUS ROG Zephyrus are some of the best gaming laptops with RTX 30 series graphics cards.

135. How I Created a Digital Guitar and Turned It Into a Business

This is a story about building a digital musical instrument from scratch that has gone too far.

136. Understanding Modern CPU Architecture(Part 2): Microarchitecture

Today we will delve into what the microarchitecture of the CPU is made up of.

137. Examining Your EMV Chip Cards

Now we are a few years into EMV mandates in the US, we all have one or more EMV chip cards in our wallet and have used them in stores.

138. Top Electronic Design Service Companies You Should Consider in 2020

As I can see, electronic design companies are far more undervalued by the media than the software ones. But the fact remains that the market is fairly large and continues to snowball in growth. According to the Grand View Research comprehensive report, the size of the electronic design services, combined with contract manufacturing, has reached almost $400 bln in 2018 and will grow by up to more than $650 bln by 2025.

139. Human Detection System Using RaspberryPi, Thermal Camera and Machine Learning

Triggering reliable events based on the presence of people has been the dream of many geeks and DIY automators for a while. Having your house to turn the lights on or off when you enter or exit your living room is an interesting application, for instance. Most of the solutions out there to solve these kinds of problems, even more high-end solutions like the Philips Hue sensors, detect motion, not actual people presence — which means that the lights will switch off once you lay on your couch like a sloth.

140. Why Students in Developing Nations Favor Software Over Hardware

Those living in developed nations may not have encountered this issue on the scale that developing nations have to deal with it. For some reason, a large majority of a country’s tech student population chooses to go for software rather than hardware.

141. The Top 6 Serial over Network utility

Attempting to connect a serial device to more than one computer would lead to a tangle of cables and is almost impossible without a serial over network solution

142. Building Cheap Raspberry Pi Cluster from Scratch

This is the first of the 'How I built' trilogy detailing the build process of all 3 of my clusters.

143. Trying Out the Pinebook Pro: a $200 ARM Laptop

The Pinebook Pro is a $200 laptop that runs a couple of ARM processors, and it promises a lot. Does it deliver? After what seemed like an eternity waiting, mine arrived here’s what I think.

144. The Evolution of Nvidia's Graphics Cards

This isn't going to cover every single graphics card used in the whole world as there are so many. But we are going to be covering the one company that almost run the whole production and lead the market with a storm. Side note for the Nvidia side the cards I have added are all the main board cards from Nvidia themselves and not custom boards like which MSI and Asus make.

145. Linux Desktops and Hardware Enablement - It’s Time for a Change

If you told me twenty years ago that Nvidia GPU's would still be a pain in the you-know-what to get working in Linux to this very day, I wouldn't believe you.

146. Clash of Chips: Apple's M1 Max vs. Intel's 12th Gen Core i9

Intel's new 12th-gen chip is a powerful processor and gives Apple's M1 good competition in the processor market.

147. DC-to-DC Converters: What are They and How do They Work?

DC-DC converters can be found in almost any modern electronics. The applications of DC-DC converters range from smartphones and laptops to industrial and military systems. From this article, you can learn about their common types, their advantages and drawbacks, how they work, where and why they are used, and what issues one can face when designing electronics with DC-DC power converters.

148. How to Build Custom Generators for State Machines Easily 🚀

State machines, as they are used today in software projects, are an effective way of developing software for a lot of different applications. They have been used in the embedded systems domain to model reactive systems for decades. Highly-sophisticated tools, like Mathworks Stateflow and YAKINDU Statechart Tools, help embedded systems engineers to model and simulate the behavior of their systems and generate high-quality code out of the statechart models.

149. How To Check What Motherboard I Have

The knowledge of the motherboard is essential for you as it helps you to decide whether you should upgrade your drivers or not. And to what extent you can update your drivers. Someone might suggest you look for the information on your computer system, but that is not understandable to all. We will help you in figuring out your query.

150. Do Airplanes Use Floppy Disks for Critical Updates Even in 2020?

Airplanes are a luxury for most people to own, let alone toy with — given all the national security regulations. This year's DEF CON, however, revealed a fascinating finding leaving many, including myself, surprised.

151. What is a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and How Does it Work?

A BESS is an energy storage system (ESS) that captures energy from different sources, accumulates this energy, and stores it in rechargeable batteries.

152. Open Source Firmware — Why should we support it?!

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

153. Physical Cybersecurity: Advanced Methods

Real stories of stolen personal data (such as the Marriott data breach that affected 500 million customers), and cautionary tales in movies and on TV, have helped create the image of the all-powerful hacker who can penetrate the most well-guarded online accounts.

154. Everything You Need to Run a Meetup from Home

Over the last couple months, I've created a pretty sweet setup for running meetups -- including the IBM Developer SF Meetup -- and the ForwardJS conference series from my home. Let me show you how!

155. Why Virtual Reality Is Gaining Popularity In Construction

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has significantly improved the Architect, Engineer and Construction (AEC) industry with data that saves time and money, reduces error and increases productivity. Although BIM is a powerful process for AEC professionals, it still lacks the ease of collaboration and coordination with stakeholders who are not equipped with in-depth knowledge of BIM software.

156. Should We Kick Hardware out of Blockchain?

You may think blockchain has little to do with hardware. After all, from Bitcoin to Etherum, blockchains are all software-defined. The hardware-based solution is usually more centralized.

157. What are the Mainstream Types of Laser Diodes?

  1. DFB-Laser Diode

158. 3 Life Savers During Covid Lockdown

A little different post than my side-project or coding-related stories. Don't worry it's not about the Chinese virus Covid19, at least not directly.

159. Time Travel Through 2010s Technology: Part 1

We are now close to the end of an important decade for technology, a decade that started without many of the innovations that today we consider part of the norm. Artificial intelligence at home, self-driving cars, wearable devices, supercomputers in our pockets… the 2010s not only changed the technology we use, but also how we communicate and think. Privacy has never been so critical as a selling point, and information bubbles have never been so polarizing. Today, we are at a turning point in the tech industry; it’s not clear what’s going to be the next revolutionary tech segment, or how companies are going to keep convincing customers to upgrade their various devices.

160. How I Created A Digital Guitar And Turned It Into a Business-Part 2

This is a story about building a digital musical instrument from scratch that has gone too far, developing it far beyond what it was originally intended to be.

161. How to Use MDK-ARM to Simulate a Hardware Module That Runs the RT-Thread RTOS


162. Seeking the “Apple” of Hardware Wallets [Interview]

Digital ownership is one of the core benefits that blockchain technology brings to the table. Giving people complete and autonomous control of their assets is a liberating concept, but in practice can create difficulties that many in crypto have become painfully well-aware of.

163. Circuit Design: Ways to Do It Correctly

Our universe is formed by gradually connecting the matter to form the galaxies and stars after the Big Bang explosion. These fully formed planets and stars are conjoint to create the universe in which the human exists. Similarly, in electronics, each component is linked together to make a circuit, which can establish a connection among the components without any resistance in between the process. The connection should form a closed loop that can keep the devices running.

164. How To Find a Perfect Phone

My teacher once told me in school, “Your shoe reflects a lot about your personality,” which seemed weird because our school forced us all to wear the same shoe.

[165. Research and Experimentation of

LoRa in Heavy Multipath]( Recently, we came across this great paper (link, free PDF) about modeling the impact of multipath on Semtech's LoRa modulation.  Specifically, it models Rayleigh flat fading, which is observed in urban and indoor use-cases.  We had just finished testing LoRaWAN vs. Haystack’s LoRa XR2 in an environment with heavy multipath interference (an airport parking garage).  The results were so one-sided that we wanted to find any research that might either validate our results or, potentially, shed light on something we were doing wrong in the experiment.  Fortunately, we found just the paper, and it corroborates perfectly with the experimental results we achieved.

166. Will ATX Continue to Dominate The Gaming Industry

For approximately 25 years now Advanced Technology Extended better known as ATX has dominated the Gaming Industry. In fact it has turned out to became the leader of the motherboard since replacing the Baby AT motherboard. ATX specifies the configuration and specification to improve the overall standardization of the motherboard.

167. 5 Commandments for Designing Award-Winning Hardware Products

Learn how to design an award-winning hardware product from Evgeniya - an experienced and tech-savvy Head of Design at Concepter, and winner of 3 RedDot wards.

168. How To Install Virtual Media On An iDrac Controller

The iDRAC is a Dell remote access controller. This controller allows for remote power cycling, and a virutal console with keyboard, video, and mouse. It also provides a number of ways to roll out an operating system or vmware.

169. 3D Technology: Explore to Know How It Benefited Businesses

Technology has drastically changed the landscape of every business sector these days. Most of the things are revolving around avoidance technology like big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and many others. And now, it seems that 3D technology is here to create a massive buzz in the world today. This modern technology promises to open and provide an end number of opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish their branches in advanced industries.

170. The Future Of Manufacturing And Automation

Innovation is a consistently advancing field, continually blending in new emphases and developments to make energizing new open doors for the present makers to rethink their tasks. In certain cases, new advances open the entryway for dynamic makers to discharge genuinely creative contributions of their own. In the present and future time innovation is going to assume a significant job in human life. Most of the present day students are doing various researches and trying to innovate any device that suite for everyone. As robots and machines are currently being presented in the industry, there are many innovations in progress. Also, these things have decreased human commitment in function, as a result, lessening slip-ups or blunders, which brings about better profitability and great quality work.

171. Why You Should Run Multiple Applications on the Same GPU (and Why it's so Difficult)

While GPUs are being used more and more, many users encounter the problem of not utilizing them properly.

172. Top Features of Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

Nokia was founded in 1865 in Tampere, Grand Duchy of Finland, Russian Empire. The founders are Fedrik Idestam, Leo Mechelin and Eduard polon. Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone companies in the world. Nokia serves all over the world. The headquarters of Nokia is in Espoo, Finland. Risto Siilasmaa is the current chairman of Nokia. Rajeev Suri is the current CEO.

173. Building BMS for a Stationary Home Energy Storage Solution

Learn different types of BMS arrangements and configurations for the custom hardware design of a BMS intended for a stationary home energy storage solution.

174. How To Run Your First Program in a Nano Virtual Machine

Most people associate a virtual machine (VM) with something slow and complex. Here I will show you two things - 1. VMs are not slow and 2. VMs can be super simple to use.

175. Wearable Tech Gadgets Can Boost Our Productivity

You’ll agree with me that prioritizing your tasks and events helps you to stay productive.

176. How Q-Reel Want to Revolutionize Electric Vehicle Charging

Game-changing technology offers EV consumers safe, effortless and hassle-free at-home electric vehicle charging via first-of-its-kind automation that’s paired with integrated app-based monitoring and control; Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Kia and other EV drivers to benefit from leading-edge solution making home charging safer, easier and more controllable than ever before

177. How Does A Remote Control Work?

For the last 3 years we have been working with IR signals every day. And all this time we learn something new. Let's find out how it works!

178. 17 Smart Tech Kitchen Products to Buy in 2020

With each passing day, technology keeps on getting smarter and intends to make human life easier. Even the basic things we use on a regular basis have turned advanced. Nowadays Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa have become common things in homes and commercial places. The kitchen now adopts some advanced gadgets to simplify the cooking process. Whether you want to prepare meals for a huge mass of people or just brew a cup of coffee, the smart tech kitchen products discussed below will help you a lot.

179. Using Arduino To Build Your Own ‘Snake Game’

Oh, the magic of hardware

180. PCB Testing Methods Overview

Why PCB testing is so important? What are PCB tests and who should carry them out? Which tests are more suitable for prototypes and which ones for mass production?

181. 8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Treblab WX8, Sony WF-C500, and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are some of the best wireless earbuds under $100 available on the market.

182. How Tablets Can Make Computing More Accessible for Everyone

It's easy for many to think of digital accessibility features as sort of an add-on, a set of features that live off to the side, there for only a small group of people. But that isn't the case. According to the CDC, 61 million Americans — and roughly one in four adults — live with a disability of some sort.

183. BitBanged SPI in Go [Explained]

I’m going to focus mostly on some design decisions and how I went about writing an SPI interface using Go on a Raspberry Pi. I assume my readers have a basic understanding of what a Raspberry Pi is, and how basic electronics work. If not, read on anyway and I will be sure to include some valuable resources below.

184. The High Cost of Any Mistake in Hardware Project

Hello everyone! In this article, we will consider common errors in the design of electronic devices and how to solve them. We will see how to calculate the cost of rolling back a batch of devices, get familiar with the main prototyping cycle.

185. A Parable of Pricing, Processors, and Memory

At PEAK6 Capital Management we operate a variety of different systems in support of our trading teams. As we improve and evolve these systems, we sometimes run into hurdles along the way that are not all that easy to diagnose. This is the story of one of these hurdles our systems and core team ran into that came about while updating our pricing system.

186. AVR Microcontroller Testing Procedures

In this article, my colleague Anton Kozlov tell us how to cover the main methods of simulation and firmware testing for AVR microcontrollers. Let's start!

187. Designing Electronics To Avoid Electrostatic Discharge

Electronics can be easily damaged by electrostatic discharge from things as small as a light touch in the right conditions though designs can avoid it.

188. An Introduction to High Speed Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

A high speed printed circuit board design provides the transmission of signals at high speeds. It's a device that transfers data at very high speeds.

189. How to Solve the Common Problems of Embedded Firmware

Firmware is an integral part of any embedded system. A device is more than a combination of components. Without instructions, the microcontrollers do not “know” how to manage the peripherals. But embedded firmware development is not an easy task. It involves not only coding but a lot of testing and debugging as well. Today, we are going to talk about the common challenges of embedded firmware programming and their solutions.

190. An Introduction to BLDC Motor Controllers

A brushless DC (BLDC) motor is one of the most popular electrical motors with a broad scope of applications.

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