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44 Stories To Learn About Electronics

by Learn RepoAugust 5th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Electronics via these 44 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Electronics via these 44 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. 5 Best Power Strips for Gaming in 2022

We’ve lined up the best power strips for gaming in 2021 to help you build an epic gaming setup and ensure an uninterrupted gaming experience

2. Intro to Amplifier Comparator Circuits: LM311, LM393, LM2903 and LM2901

The comparator is a circuit that makes use of operational amplifiers with power functions, here gives some typical examples that you can use to analyse them

3. What's the difference between 74HC595 and 74HC164?

Hey guys, if you are an electronic DIY lover, you will always find a lot of similar or interchangeable components, which have subtle differences in the specs or features, therefore lead to the wrong application, 74HC595 and its similar components is an example I'm going to mention today.

4. The Cyber Risks of Electric Vehicles

With the increase in the popularity of electric vehicles, it is essential to be aware of the potential cyber security risks associated with using them.

5. Difference Between ECC and Non-ECC RAM

Error-Correcting Code (ecc), protects your system from potential crashes and inadvertent changes. So how about it be a ram server? Worth or not?

6. How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards come in various sizes and layouts, each with benefits and drawbacks.

7. Meet the Writer: Danielle Gruber, Lover of Brains & Student of Engineering

My name's Danielle and I'm an electrical engineering major with a passion for neuroscience.

8. How to Connect Your Soundbar to External Components

It only takes a few minutes to connect your soundbar to your TV and get it running. But what if you want to set it up for another device, such as a gaming console or a Blu-ray player? Here, we go through the details such as the cables you need and settings you may have to change in your TV’s menu.

9. How to Build a Circuit: Breadboards for Beginners

When learning how to build a circuit, the breadboard is one of the most basic components. A breadboard is a rectangular plastic board with many small jacks.

10. How Computer Recycling is Going to Save Your City

E-waste makes up more than half of our toxic waste and it’s going to take all of us working together to make sure that the environmental impact is diminished.

11. My Path to Becoming a Software Developer

My story begins way back in the 2004–2005 school year at Rio Linda High School. I was taking two advanced placement (AP) classes: calculus and physics. I had phenomenal teachers: Mr. Bautista and Mr. Gavrilov. I’m pretty sure they could teach calculus and physics to a cat, Schrodinger's cat, that is.

12. A Guide to Making a BLE-Enabled Smart Bulb with STM32

The aim of this project is to control different home appliances using a web browser or smartphone.

13. 2n3904 Circuit: Multisim's BJT Circuit Simulation and Analysis

2n3904 Circuit: Multisim's BJT Circuit Simulation and Analysis

14. Parameters of Carbon Film Resistors

Carbon film resistors are a type of film resistor. It uses high-temperature vacuum coating technology to closely attach carbon to the surface of the ceramic rod to form a carbon film. Then appropriate joints are added for cutting, and the surface is coated with epoxy resin for sealing protection. The surface is often painted with green protective paint.

15. How to Use a BLE Module — A RN4020 Guide

When it comes to connecting any electronic project, choices you have will depends on how far you want your gadgets to connect and the source of your energy.

16. How To Test Safety Capacitor

  1. Test of Fixed Safety Capacitors

17. Comparing the Top 5 CAD Software for Electronics Design Development

Every electronics design starts with Schematics and PCB design development. This is a core aspect in a building a new electronics product. There are a lot of special CAD software that help engineers automate this process and perform it faster. However, all these CAD programs are not the same since they have various tools, interfaces, and give developers different capabilities.

18. How I Created A Digital Guitar And Turned It Into a Business-Part 2

This is a story about building a digital musical instrument from scratch that has gone too far, developing it far beyond what it was originally intended to be.

19. Samsung to Continue Expansion Plans, R&D Investments Despite Decline in Demand

Samsung is planning to expand its business overseas despite losses in operations. It also aims at introducing AI-tech-supported smart devices in the future.

20. Arduino UNO Board: Under The Hood

This article gives you a complete description of the very famous Arduino UNO board. The article discusses the hardware technicalities and programming of the board. If you are a beginner then, you may find this article very useful.

21. Trends Shaping the Future of Electronics Manufacturing

We discuss the seven most popular trends you need to remember over the past year.

22. 8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

In the world of audio devices, wireless earbuds are a relatively recent invention. Thankfully, they’re not so recent that you can’t find them for a low price today. There are some great wireless options out there for a price no greater than $50 USD. Unfortunately, this cheap price point comes with caveats. Poorly-made earbuds and off-brand trash are all sadly common when trying to find the cheapest buds out there. There’s still a good number of buds that are actually pretty good, meaning it isn’t impossible for enthusiasts to easily check out 8 of the best wireless earbuds under $50.

23. Print Media is NOT Dead

A look at the best options for your small business printer needs.

24. Top 10 Electronic Design Companies You Should Know in 2022

Not all companies that sell great products can or wish to design devices on their own. Fortunately, businesses can choose from plenty of electronics design companies located in different countries. Many of them work internationally, offering hardware and software development, as well as other services.

25. Turn your old useless laptop screen into an external monitor

For far too long I possessed an old Dell Studio laptop. It served me well for a good 5 years with a number of service centre visits, battery and hard disk replacements, formats and OS upgrades. From the past few years I have ditched the old laptop for a Macbook. Yet still, I never bothered to dispose of it. After all it still works (slow af but works!). <em>What if there is an ‘emergency’ situation where I need to use this ancient piece of technology?</em> I tried selling it, but the act itself and the price I get for it is honestly not worth it. Giving it to someone for free feels like a punishment to the person (most smartphones have better specs). Disposing it off just doesn’t feel right (yeah right! That’s the middle class in me speaking. Also not very good for the environment).

26. What Is GaN Technology and Its Place in Power Electronics

Power electronics is a basis for systems, devices, and gadgets applicable for a wide range of industries.

27. 8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $100

Treblab WX8, Sony WF-C500, and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 are some of the best wireless earbuds under $100 available on the market.

[28. Is Your Product Ready for Certification: Highlights of Electronics

Certification in the US and EU]( A company must prove that its products comply with the local government regulations by going through a certification procedure.

29. The Key Differences Between Consumer and Industrial Hardware Development

The term “industrial electronics” refers to any electrical equipment or system used for manufacturing goods or participating in this process indirectly.

30. 9 Best Gaming Earbuds in 2022

Asus, Angry Miao, and Turtle Beach produce some of the best gaming earbuds available on the market today.

31. Custom RFID and NFC Device Development: Theory and Practice

RFID and NFC technologies are incredibly commonplace in the modern world but what goes into making them? This is the theory and practice behind the technology.

32. The Basics of The Firmware Development Process

Firmware development is a necessary process in creating a new device and an embedded system. All the features and functionality of a device depend on its firmware. In simple words, firmware lies between software and hardware parts. So, it helps run software on a device and makes hardware perform required functions without involving users.

33. Top Electronic Design Service Companies You Should Consider in 2020

As I can see, electronic design companies are far more undervalued by the media than the software ones. But the fact remains that the market is fairly large and continues to snowball in growth. According to the Grand View Research comprehensive report, the size of the electronic design services, combined with contract manufacturing, has reached almost $400 bln in 2018 and will grow by up to more than $650 bln by 2025.

34. Elimo Impetus: a tiny S3 OSHW, FOSS System-on-Module

In case you missed our latest update, Elimo Engineering designed a small, powerful Linux System-on-Module, designed for low cost and fast system integration. It’s FOSS and OSHW and sports all of the following:

35. How I Defeated the Cobo Vault Pro’s Self-Destruct Mechanism

This article provides an analysis and detailed teardown of the Cobo Vault Pro hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

36. How I Created a Digital Guitar and Turned It Into a Business

This is a story about building a digital musical instrument from scratch that has gone too far.

37. IoT Home Irrigation System Using Losant and Particle Photon

Water your plants, get alarms, and analyze the data

38. What Makes Electronics Prototyping so Important for Successful Product Development

Electronic product design and development begins with prototyping. Certain prototypes can be very similar to your final product, but they are always experimental in nature because electronics prototyping involves testing new concepts, ideas, and solutions. Although there’s a mishap risk, skipping this phase of electronic product development may lead to undesired expenditures. Businesses that don’t specialize in electronic hardware design often hire electronic prototype companies, such as Integra Sources. In this article, we will talk about the importance of prototyping and common prototyping phases.

39. An Introduction to BLDC Motor Controllers

A brushless DC (BLDC) motor is one of the most popular electrical motors with a broad scope of applications.

40. Designing Electronics To Avoid Electrostatic Discharge

Electronics can be easily damaged by electrostatic discharge from things as small as a light touch in the right conditions though designs can avoid it.

41. Because Science Turns Electronic Waste Into Art

Amanda Preske, the founder of Because Science turns electronic waste into art.

42. DC-to-DC Converters: What are They and How do They Work?

DC-DC converters can be found in almost any modern electronics. The applications of DC-DC converters range from smartphones and laptops to industrial and military systems. From this article, you can learn about their common types, their advantages and drawbacks, how they work, where and why they are used, and what issues one can face when designing electronics with DC-DC power converters.

43. An Introduction to High Speed Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

A high speed printed circuit board design provides the transmission of signals at high speeds. It's a device that transfers data at very high speeds.

44. How to Interface the 8051 MCU with an LCD Display

Learn how to interface the 8051 microcontroller with a 16x2 LCD using Assembly!

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