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182 Stories To Learn About Product Design

by Learn RepoFebruary 18th, 2024
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Learn everything you need to know about Product Design via these 182 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Product Design via these 182 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

HackerNoon's product design stories, cover a unique selection of instances where user needs and business goals interact at the will of Product designers. Useful tips, emerging technology and witty circumvents are also explored.

1. Mastering Micro-Copy With ChatGPT

Writing good copy is hard. Using ChatGPT to write good copy can be hard too, but with a few tricks you can get some amazing results.

2. The Developer’s Guide to Completing Projects on Time

Become a better developer by learning how to properly collaborate in a team environment and turn their strengths into your success.

3. Dark UI: Advantages and Use Cases

The dark UI feature that you have witnessed recently in Android and iOS apps is a good thing; large number of studies have shed some light on the benefits of a dark background.

4. How to Design a Flexible Database Model

Handling these business changes at a data store level can be a nightmare for software engineers if the design of the underlying model does not account for adapt

5. My 45-min Product Design Interview Experience

What is Product Design interview, how it differs from system design interview, and how to pass it successfully.

6. Proven Methods for Finding UX Research Participants

Cutting down on time, effort & money it takes to recruit research participants via quick & scrappy techniques, leveraging relationships & using automation.

7. How to Solve Product Design Questions|The Great PM Interview

A comprehensive guide to Product Manager Interview questions asked in top Product companies (Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram). How to design a product ?

8. Top 10 Principles of Good Web Design

Have you heard about the best trending 10 principles of good web design? Worth reading the blog. Please comment your thoughts

9. Are People Willing to Pay for Your Product? Here's How to Find Out

The first step in validating a product idea is not to build a MVP.

10. A Brief Guide to the Laws of UX for Product Managers

The Laws of UX categorized under heuristics help us understand the cognitive and behavioral ways that humans generally interact with products. Let’s delve in!

11. Design Battle: Visual Design vs Functional Design

Sometimes, designers get confused on which design styles to apply to their work. It all depends on what the work is for and who the target audience is.

12. Meet Lottie — The Open-Source File That Is Changing Animation As We Know It

Meet Lottie — the most revolutionary motion design solution of all time. Animation is a proven effective way to grab customers’ attention.

13. Principles of Product Management [NEW BOOK]

In 2019, I decided to write a book to help new and aspiring product managers land a PM job and launch their careers. My Book, Principles of Product Management, is Now Available!

14. How to Create a Habit Tracker in Notion

Why Even Track Your Habits?

15. Minimum Usable Product

16. How to Build and Validate a Startup Idea with a Landing Page MVP [In Less Than Two Hours]

The toolkit to help you build MVP with $0 capital and 0 code

17. The Basic UX Design Tradeoffs for Navigation Menus

Navigation menus are one of the most-viewed and most-clicked-on pieces of interface. Let’s look at some principles of nav design that will help our users have a better experience.

18. Using a Spreadsheet to Build a Mobile App (in 3 hours)

As a product builder↗️, I built micro tools to solve my own problems. For example: article tool, portfolio tracker, SaaS tracker, habit tracker, and finance tracker

19. Mobile App Heatmaps: A Powerful Weapon (And How to Use Them)

Mobile App Heatmaps: What they are and why they matter. UXCam mobile app heatmaps are one of the most powerful tools for mobile apps.

20. Seven UX Lessons from Apple's Big Sur Update

The largest tech company in the world recently launched new software.

21. 5 Common UX Myths That You Should Know

22. The Product Signals of Distributed Computing

What “distributed computing” means to me from a design-thinking, exponential-thinking, and systems-thinking fashion.

23. Why is a Product Owner Needed (PO)?

This article explains the day-to-day responsibilities and the skills required to be a successful Product Owner in a SaaS tech company.

24. Year in Review 2020: Profitable Side Project, Startup MVPs and more

My process in building things that can invent opportunities for our business and career

25. Website Design or its Copy: Which Should Come First?

A design-first approach or a copy-first approach may seem the easier choice. But the winning combo is a process of design+copy.

26. How You Can Land a PM Job Without Previous Experience in Project Management

(Image Credits:

27. How to Build a Food Delivery Marketplace MVP in Three Hours

Here’s the toolkit to build a food delivery marketplace startup. I love to do fast prototyping in 24 hours. Here’s my toolkit to build a food delivery marketplace idea under 3 hours.

28. Gamification in UX Design: Designing for an Intention

In this article we will know how we can use gamification and take to the next level in strategic design enhancement for motivating users.

29. Become a UX Wizard With These Simple Tips for Beginner Designers

Taking the first step towards something new is never easy.

30. The 3-Step Process to Hiring a Software Engineer For Your Startup

The standard coding interview gauges coding prowess the same way an IQ test gauges intelligence. Basically, barely at all.

31. Feature, Not Bug: The Terrible Rationale Behind Web3's Product Design

Let's attempt to look through the rationale behind terrible web3 product design.

32. Product Management: The Johari Window Connection

Ever heard about Johari Window? Psychologists Joseph and Harrington, in 1955, came up with this term when trying to help people become self-aware. While I would not want to get into too many details about it, here is just a simple explanation in case you haven’t heard about it.

33. Decoding Brand Entropy

A brief understanding of brand entropy a disorder your competitor can take advantage of

34. No, No-Code Will NOT Kill Code, Ever. Period.

In this article, I'm going to share my experience in creating healthy online businesses using no-code tools. If you consider using no-code as a part of your company tech stack, this article is for you.

35. 5 Lessons Learned During Online Grocery Product Development

Online grocery services are steadily gaining in popularity. Recent statistics show that 22 percent of American shoppers buy groceries online at least once a wee

36. Industrial Design: Why Do Product Shapes Change Over Time?

A look at how product shapes have been influenced, over time, by consumer experience and revenue.

37. Debunking the Myths Around No-Code Technology

No-code tools have become a key enabler of the digital transformation age, allowing people without specialized skills to create apps and websites.

38. A Self-Learner’s Guide to Combating UX Research & Design Misinformation

UX education is saturated and it has become increasingly difficult to filter out the bad sources. Here’s how we can fix that.

39. Improving SaaS activation rates, step by step tutorial. 42% to 76%!

A few months after launching my SaaS I realised I have a problem.

40. Hey, Someone Left You a Note! It’s an Annotation

The annotation feature is a note of explanation or a comment added to a portion i.e. a text or phrase in your article.

41. Building a Successful Product: Why User Experience Matters

What your customer will remember is how they felt while using the product, not how unique/different it was.

42. Maximizing Product Success: The Role of Hypothesis Testing, Prototyping, and MVPs

Learn how to test hypotheses and create prototypes and MVPs to ensure the success of your product. Find out how methods like RAT and MVP can help product manage

43. How to Use A/B Testing for Product Design Improvement

This guide defines that approach, and how you can use A/B testing for product design improvement.

44. How To Hire A Developer For Your MVP In 2020

You have an exciting new app idea, so let's make it happen! Hiring a developer can be a difficult task for someone with a non-technical background, especially if they have no plan with which to form their ideas into reality.

45. Who is a Product and UI/UX Designer? What is Their Role and Importance

Hi, today I would like to tell you what the difference is between outwardly very similar professions. they have similarities, but in essence they are completely

46. A Curiosity About Software Product Development & It’s Future!

The software product is for selling to customers, but the software is only for organizational purposes.

47. How to Grow a Business and a Digital Product [Founder Interview]

Find here answers to the key questions often asked by novice entrepreneurs and product developers. The bare truth about entrepreneurship, a bitter taste of failures, the sweetness of triumphs, and first-hand experience - everything is blended here into a cocktail of product design and development insights.

48. Preference Management for Notifications for Product Managers

In this article, we’ll cover what notification preferences are and which ones you should include in your app. Read tips for advanced options you could build.

49. Seven Deadly Sins You Can Make in Mobile App Design

There are too many examples when an app brings more annoyance than value. We’ve picked four of them and figured out the design sins they committed.

50. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Product Builders

Note: This article is part of my toolkit newsletters↗️ where I share resources about building things. Join me :)

51. Compare Twitter Social Graphs with Vennly

Search Vennly to see the intersection of any 2 Twitter social graphs.

52. Finding my Side Hustle [Part 2]

Photo by Nosiuol on Unsplash

53. Design with Code Revolution: UXPin + Storybook Integration

From now on, designers can bring production-ready and fully interactive components from Storybook to UXPin editor and design with them right away.

54. Build an eCommerce Mobile App using Google Sheets, Stripe And Glide

Last week, one of my Product2kit customers who bought a no-code template asked if I can create a template for eCommerce use cases. I took his idea and came up with this online sneaker store. Here’s my app building process:

55. Exploring the Best React Design Patterns in 2021

There is no denying the immense popularity and practicality of React. In this article, we take a look at a few of the important React design patterns.

56. Software Has Taken Away The Human Element: Let’s Get It Back

When you’re collaborating with your team, you don’t care about files. You care about the people. So why do companies put so much effort into developing tools and systems when they should be designing for interactions and relationships?

57. Defeating Hydra: The Growing Problem of Complexity in Web Development

Why web development is stupidly complicated, and why the solutions are stupidly simple

58. UX Takeaways From An Indian Food Delivery App That Serves 1.4 Million Orders Everyday

“Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible,” ― Don Norman

59. Agile ethics. EthicsOps. Ethics OS. Minimal Ethical Product

60. Scoping Out The Elements Involved In Effective Product Management

Product management has seen a lot of takers in the last few years. This field is so varied and versatile that putting bounds to it is a daunting task. Nevertheless, based on my experience and knowledge gained from the circles of product community; I have listed down different fundamental elements of product management.

61. Stop “Running” your Design Sprints: Prioritizing Results Over Process

5 tips on how to run result-focused design sprints from a designer at Meta & Google. Take your design sprints to another level.

62. Mozilla Spring MVP Lab

TLDR: Apply to be a part of the Mozilla Spring MVP Lab at

63. UX Design: 6 Things I Want to Share with My Junior Designer Self

6 tips for new grad and junior UX designers from a Staff Product Designer at Meta and Google.

64. 7 Key Product Lessons I Learned Interviewing Successful Entrepreneurs

In today’s digital world, consumers are more discerning than ever.

65. First-Hand Experience of Applying Nielsen's Usability Heuritics in Design

Normal Nielsen's 10 heuristics can be abstract and hard to apply. Here is how we applied the “Match Between System and the Real World” principle.

66. Is There Really a Hierarchy in Design?

Designers should stop using the ‘Hierarchy of Design’ concept as the representation of design characteristics as a pyramid is inaccurate and misleading

67. How I Build a Personal Website With Monetization (And Without Coding)

These are 10 no-coding tools for building, marketing & monetizing a personal website. Here we discuss different business models, marketing strategies, and more.

68. How To Track All Your Side Projects in 1 Notion Template

Note: This article is part of my toolkit newsletters↗️ where I share resources about building things. Join me :)

69. Inside Graphic Design: A Look at Alepo's Rebranding for the 5G Era

Digital enablement and core network solutions provider Alepo has unveiled its modernized logo and updated branding.

70. How I Built (and Sold) an AI-Powered Gift Idea Generator

Building and selling an AI-powered gift idea generator that makes the process of gift-giving enjoyable.

71. Why Do Product Managers and Product Designers Need Each Other?

Teammates, not opponents. That’s how product managers and product designers are expected to work in product teams.

72. UX Portfolio-Building Tips that Don't Get Old

5 UX portfolio tips from Meta & ex-Google designer. Upgrade your design portfolio and get the job you want.

73. I Built An Online Subscription Tracker App in Coda—Here's The Template

Simple app to manage your online subscriptions in one place.

74. Prototyping: Expeditious Way to Make Money From Startup Idea

Learn how you can expeditiously and economically test startup ideas through prototyping. Explore different tools for prototyping your product.

75. An Impossible Timeline: Can Seven Apple Trees Grow an Apple for One Month?

76. Leading Product Designer Lidong Liu Proves Core Of Brilliant Design Is Intelligence Made Visible

Lidong Liu is an experienced product designer who has combined the talent of a natural eye with a deep understanding of technology.

77. Ethical Design for Growth Marketing in Digital Commerce

Why is ethical design crucial in the digital world? How will it supplement the growth marketing avenues? How do customers trust the brands? Here's how.

78. First Impressions Matter: How to Design a Product Page Effectively

Design the best product page for your eCommerce store to attract more customers to your website and make sales.

79. How to Start Applying Psychology in Product Design

The best designs exist to help users complete their tasks smoothly and efficiently, and they do so discreetly while remaining completely inconspicuous.

80. UX and Product Design Notes with Noonies Nominee, Jordan Bowman

An interview with Jordan Bowman, Product Designer and Co-Creator of UX Tools; and 6x 2021 Noonies Nominee for Design Thinking, Product Design, UI; UX and more.

81. The Best Way to Optimize Your Notification Logic with Automations

Tailored notifications are essential for a positive user experience. Learn how automation tools make it easy to customize user notifications.

82. User Segmentation: Do’s and Dont’s

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what you should do and shouldn’t when it comes to user segmentation.

83. Common Mistakes Startup Owners Should Avoid When Designing a Product: Founder Interview

What are common startup design mistakes and how to avoid them to achieve the best performance? Sergey Krasotin, an experienced entrepreneur, outlines some.

84. A Guide To Industrial Design For Mechanical Engineers. Is The Transition Worth It?

Industrial design’s popularity has skyrocketed lately. Let's figure it out and try to understand what its captivation and relevance are.

85. What is Design Debt and Why is it Important?

Design debt is a common yet rarely discussed problem startups face in iterative and incremental software development. Learn what it is, where it comes from, and why it is so important to prevent it.

86. Your New HackerNoon Profile Shines Bright Like a Diamond

87. You Can’t Be a Good Web3 Designer Without Real Interest in Web3

My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain.

Short answer — it’s risky, but it can also work depending on how you do it in terms of UX.

89. The Most Important Stages of SaaS Application Design

While every startup has their journey, SaaS application designing and development has their SDLC. Here's what you need to learn about them.

90. How to WOW Users With Intuitive UX Design

70% of online businesses fail because of bad usability. The solution to this challenge is an approach known as Intuitive UX Design

91. Some FAQs on the Best Programming Language for Graphics

What’s the best programming language for graphics is an excellent question. It’s always curious to discover which languages graphic designers prefer.

92. How to Lead Your Product (Part 1)

How to be a product leader: the difference between product leadership and product management

93. How To Make Marvelous Microcopy: 7 Surefire Tips

Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface. Try doing an audit on your UI with these tips to see how it stands up.

94. How To Solve the Problem With Key Metrics In a B2B Product

To learn how B2B companies solve the problem with key metrics in a product, I caught up with Yuri Brankovsky who has worked in multiple digital products.

95. Devs: Write Some Code for Yourself and Earn Cash

A case study for all software developers to earn with side hustle by using their skills to earn extra cash

96. Finding the Right Development Tool and Platform for a Vehicle HMI

The key challenges and crossroads for selecting a platform and UI Development tool for an Automotive HMI system.

97. Amazon, Google, Samsung, and Nike are All Facing the Internal Innovation Chasm

While serious resources can be spent on creative vision, rarely is anyone given the tools to properly test an idea in-market quickly at high fidelity.

98. UI/UX Errors: Don’t Blame the User, Re-Evaluate Your Design Strategy Instead

The solution is to redesign the product in such a way that it prevents errors from occurring in the first place.

99. Top UI/UX Practices to Help Your Mobile Application Retain Users

This article takes a deep dive into the top UI/UX practices that will help your mobile app succeed in App and Play stores.

100. Microsoft: A Worthy Competitor Or A Killer Of Startups?

An investigation into what Microsoft's new Designer app means for other startup products, especially Canva because of how it can effect product advertising.

101. Feature Flags for Product Managers: Give Yourself Options for Handling Risk

As a product person, have you ever witnessed large, complex releases result in outages or rollbacks?

Have you wanted to make configuration changes in productio

102. Lessons learned from my 4 years in Software Development & Product Designing.

Photo credits : Simon Abrams on Unsplash

web design is moving into the future, with advanced techniques like retro revolution, fewer images, and Memphis design.

104. Marketing Centric Idea Evaluation Process for Startups

How to select the right business idea? A vital guide for the product designers and startup founders

105. UX Design Patterns: Hacks For Better Transparency And Feedback In FinTech Apps

What are the problems regarding transparency and feedback in FinTech applications? Which UX design patterns can be used to address them? Find out!

106. The Role of Microinteractions in Improving User Experience

It's always said that the little things make more significant differences! The case with user experience is also not different. Every user comes across with microinteractions in our daily lives in some form or the other. It may be in the form of time on the phone's alarm to notifications for new emails in your inbox!

107. Create Humorous and Emotion-Driven Designs To Appeal Gen-Z

The new age call for new age measures. It is time to create designs that are approved by Gen-Z because like it or not, they are the future!

108. UX Research Methods: How to Uncover Valuable Insight about your Users

Over the years, I've found a collection of highly-efficient UX research methods that I rely on when I have little time or money.

109. The Importance of User Experience in Product Differentiation

A good user design helps create an experience that exceeds customers’ expectations and makes sure that your company is always remembered.

110. The Tips and Tricks for Building UX in Fintech

When it comes to user convenience, understanding consumer habits is as important as the market your app operates in. The ability to combine simple gestures with user-friendly interface results in a solution that appears simple and comprehensive. Mirroring of the physical actions into digital ones is one of the ways to do it.

111. Introduction to Design Systems for UX/UI Designers

For junior designers - those who have just started studying UX / UI design systems and those who have been working in this field for up to 1-2 years. The main goal of this article is to introduce you to the basic components of system design, to give you a basic introduction to this concept and to revise the material by demonstrating several examples of design systems that are already used by large companies.

112. Now You Can Use GitHub Issues to Track Customer Feedback

If you need a simple issue tracker for your app I'd recommend looking into using Github issues via the API, at least until it stops working for you!

113. 5 Fun Ways Designers Can Help Product Teams Be More User-centric

Product designers and researchers are the voices of the users. Check out the 5 fun and inclusive ways to help product teams build more user empathy.

114. 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Rebranding

Whether you’re a solopreneur trading on your personal reputation or the head of a conventional business, your branding has a huge impact on your professional success. It informs how you’re perceived: if you’re sending a message that doesn’t resonate, or simply failing to do anything memorable, then you’re likely to be considered mediocre or overlooked entirely. Instead of just trying to make the best of your underperforming brand, though, you can start moving in a positive direction by committing to a rebrand.

115. AB Testing For Digital Products

An overview of AB testing during the design of digital products like UX, digital marketing advertisements and software development.

116. Add Depth to Your Web Design Using CSS Shadow Generators

117. 10 Things To Do Right Away Before Starting Your Product Journey

We all have different roles to fulfill during a product’s journey. Some of us are heavily invested on the sales and marketing side while others consider the technical decisions as their day to day job. While segregation of work is important as well as useful for founders, there are  a lot of things that all founders need to learn to make sure they are ahead on the curve as they take continuous decisions for the product and its growth. Here are 10 things to do right away as you start your product journey.

118. Top 21 Chrome Extensions for Designers and Developers in 2023

Explore a list of 21 functional Chrome extensions.

119. 4 Strategic Design Practices to Future-Proof Your Startup in 2022

Apply these simple strategies to promote longevity and build success for your startup

120. Redesigning consumer email & tinkering with spam

I got bored and drew a new Gmail client that magically solves all of the problems that our email clients have with such style and grace. eXmail.

121. How to Combine Design Thinking & Business Thinking in Product Development

Long-life living for only getting profit has not much sense. Life and work have more meaning when you do something, not only to get paid but also to bring value to others. Similarly, products created for "making money" become part of the mass-consumerist machine. Nothing special. They are quickly forgotten. They are, and they are not. They live for a while and bring very temporary value.

122. Should Designers do Product Management?

If designers should know how their product may be engineered, they should also know how it may be productized.

123. UX Is Not Flows

It's safe to say all products are after the best User Experience.

124. The Future of Protein

Have you ever tasted a veggie burger? Are you a vegan? You have a vegan friend, should you turn vegan? Did you ever thought about stop eating meat? Are you aware of animal slaughtering?

125. Does Your Product Keep its Promise?

The JTBD framework introduced me to the idea that customers don’t “buy” products. Instead they “hire” products or services to help them overcome an obstacle and better their lives. Products that deliver on this promise of upgrading the customers’ lives are loved whereas the ones failing to do so are dumped.

126. How We Redesigned WellSpeak App And Win A Design Award

WellSpeak team shares insights on how to design a mobile application for free and win the nomination “best of apps design 2020 in Ukraine”

127. Does Software Need to Solve Problems?

“What is the problem your software is solving?”

128. A Guide to Bidirectional Scrolling in Responsive Designs

Incessant scrolling while using an application is perceived as a flaw on both mobile and desktop. To address this concern, a shift to horizontal scrolling of elements is in trend now.

The ultimate design digest with fresh news, trends overview, and the best cases from the Awesomic team. Find out what was popular in March and check out memes!

130. 12 Product Design Principles While Working in Small Startups

If you are aware of the values of carrying out the Product Design Process, then you are halfway through the success!

131. 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Product Development

Technology has become a commodity. With enough resources we can build anything — from neural networks to a live-action “Cats” movie. The real question is, does anyone need it?

132. Virtual Sampling: Reducing Waste in Design & Product Development

Virtual sampling has become an applicable alternative for brands to utilize in their production process. A brand like Hugo Boss are adopting this.

133. The Discovery Phase of a Project: A Practical Guide

We often get the itch of wanting to turn it into a functional app right away. But diving into development without the so-called discovery phase might be fatal.

134. How to Design Products For Happiness in 2022

Learn how to design products with happiness in mind by using focus and specificity in order to make the process for both your customers and your team smooth.

135. Miro and Zoom are Winning (and 5 More Takeaways from 2020's UX Tools Survey)

Over 4,000 designers responded to Taylor Palmer's annual UX Tools survey. Here are some takeaways from the results.

136. Product Manager Tips from 2020 for a Better 2021

“Difficulty is what wakes up the genius” has become my mantra of 2020 (thanks Nassim Taleb). If that's true then what follows should be pure gold: a collection of my best ideas for a challenging year.

137. UX Design 101: Understanding User Flows and How to Create Them

The ability to create and think in user flows is one of the most important skills in a UX designer's toolkit.

138. Making a Product Design Great for Business [A How To Guide]

In the first seconds of use, one application might seem more convenient because it’s easy to navigate and zoom, as well as to satisfy the user’s needs and solve their problem quickly. While comparing to another application that might look fancy and colorful but at the same time will confuse or even worse — distract the user. And of course, it will bring zero-value to them.

139. Design Thinking as a Practice for Business Innovation & Breakthrough

There's no denying that Design Thinking is the way of the future. Applying this approach to a strategy and Innovation, brands can completely satisfy the needs of customers. To stay on the top, they should realize the significance of design for product success rates and have a clear understanding of a Design Thinking method.

140. A Critical UX Review of Trello's New Features

Trello recently launched new features and a business version. This could only mean one thing. It's time for a design review.

141. Delete the Disconnect Between Designers and Developers with Merge

Look how it is to integrate a React-based library into Merge to design with code on a day-to-day basis. All that without designers learning how to code!

142. Nice Tech Newsletters

Subscribe to something today you'll thank yourself for tomorrow.

143. I Used A 3D Printer To Make My Own Glasses For Under $2

How you can custom-design new frames in under 1 hour. Not only were these frames 3D printed, but they were custom-designed by the wearer and cost under $2.

Learn to build a B2B online marketplace startup without code

145. 11 Cognitive Biases Useful in Product Design

Key biases, heuristics and cognitive effects that can be used for designing products.

146. User Experience Vs. User Interface: Understanding the Difference

When it comes to designing applications, modern businesses that want to be competitive realize the need to provide exemplary user experience, while also regarding user experience as the ultimate factor for success.

The best logos come across as simple and effortless. This is a difficult concept to wrap your head around when creating your first logo. In fact the number one issue I have had with most of my clients is their urge to overdo the design. Look at the logos of the world’s most successful brands like Nike, Twitter, or Apple. They are extremely simple and recognizable which is why I spend a good part of my time stressing this point to my clients.

148. 7 Best Product Design Tools Every Team Should Consider

Yes, we've finally reached a point where design is such a huge piece of a product's creation and maintenance that a whole paraphernalia of software will definitely be an essential asset to your projects. Each program will fill different needs and facilitate the best and most efficient work deliveries, be it structure, visual design, illustrations, interactions or animations.

149. Lessons in Addictive Product Design, Sourced while Surfing

Have you ever high-fived the universe? If not, let me introduce you to surfing.

In this blog, you will learn about the Graphic design trends as we move forward in the year 2021.

151. Graphic Designer Tips: How to Communicate With Your Clients

Client-oriented approach tips that help to build smooth and productive communication with clients.

152. How to Reduce Future Product Risk in the Early Design Phase

If you are constructing a building, a blueprint of the building is mandatory before laying the foundation. It forms the basis for estimating the resources required, the number of construction workers, the time it will take to complete the construction and a direction that will guide the civil engineers. The same methodology also applies to digital products.

153. I Built a “Personal FAQ” Directory on How to Get Into Product/Tech

As a product builder, I built micro tools to solve my own problems. For example: article tool, event app, meal box app, finance tracker, SaaS tracker, and habit tracker.

154. Your Creativity is More Valuable Than The Tools You Use

Using a design tool isn’t a skill. It’s just good practice to display them in your portfolio to depict how strong you’re with the tool.

155. The Unexpected Success of Pivoting Your Best Asset

CTRL SHIFT tells the stories of an industry pro who pivoted in an exemplary way.

156. How to Design for User Retention That Works

Tips on how to create enjoyable and habit-forming UX/UI design in every digital product.

157. "Worry Later. Try First," says Product Designer Agnieszka Zimolag

“In these unprecedented times…” The Humans of Hacker Noon design unprecedented products, and contribute to the internet in unprecedented ways. One such human is Agnieszka Zimolag from the US - interviewed here following a 2020 Noonie Nomination for contributions to the subject of Product Design.

158. The PM's Guide to Identifying & Segmenting Product Users

User segmentation or Customer segmentation is key to product discovery. Product Managers build segments before they start working on product development.

159. How Did Pocket Create a Habit Forming Product?

A simple analyses of Pocket app using the infamous Hook Framework

160. Looking for a New Smartphone Led Me to Create a Platform That Aims to Reverse the Product-Market Fit

We have hundreds of brands producing the same things and no one catering for any other needs, be it in terms of size, keyboard, or other characteristics.

161. Ways To Increase The Conversion Rate On Landing Page

To get the highest possible conversion rate surely have tweaked your landing page, your ads are laser targeted and your bids are competitive. All the time in which you have stayed profitable your competitors would surely be thinking and figuring out the ways to improve, enhance and build trustworthy relations with their clients that could be yours, and it all happened in front of your eyes because their impression was better than yours and we all know that the first impression is the last impression. But still, there's some time in which you could increase the conversion rate on your landing page. To make it work we first had to discuss the ways to separate the fact from fiction.

162. How to Lead Free, Remote Usability Tests in 4 Simple Steps

Are you intimidated by usability testing? Don’t know where to start? Feel like it’s too time consuming or expensive? Usability testing doesn’t need to be a fully-fledged psych experiment with a formal lab, big team, and lots of time and money. In the real world, it can (and often should) be much lighter and faster than that.

163. How to Develop Sound Product Principles via No-Code Methods

A little guide about how to develop sound product principles by being flexible in your methods, plus an example.

164. Leave The Demographics Out of Your Design User Personas

User personas can be problematic. Is there a way to turn them into a useful resource? Update them regularly, involve your team in the creation process and more.

165. Using Interaction Techniques in UX to Influence The Design Of Your Project

A Click Is Still a Click — Interaction Techniques in UX. How different interaction types influence user experience.

166. Devised for Design: Top FIGMA Plugins

Figma has been top of its game since its launch in 2016. Here's a list of our team's 12 most used plugins.

167. A Guide to Hunt a UX Designer of your Dreams

Customers come to your site for the product, but they always stay because of the experience. On average, 8 in 10 customers are willing to pay more for better customer experience. So, who makes customer experience 'better' on your site?

168. Why Can’t Designers Promote Themselves?

Most job titles are inherently clear. You know what they do. You have a good idea of their value. One of the exceptions here is the title of designer. I've previously tried to explain what I do to my parents without any real success. What they have held onto after all these lengthy explanations is that I work with 'computers'.

169. 5 Essential Bootstrap CSS Components and How to Improve Their Design

Bootstrap CSS has some flaws that can easily be fixed with a little design know how and out of the box Bootstrap classes

170. Stone Soup and Super Power 🦸‍♂️

I recently read The Pragmatic Programmer — By Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas. The book introduced me to the Stone Soup story which is as follows.

171. Codeless Product Demos is the Key to Closing Deals for the Sales Team in 2021

This article talks about product demo and why codeless product demo creation is critical for sales teams to get leads.

172. What Is Heuristic Evaluation and Why Do You Need It: Template Provided

What is heuristic evaluation exactly and does your product really need it? Let’s find out.

In this article, we'll take a deeper dive into the seven graphic design trends that are set to dominate in 2023.

174. How Does User Experience Leave A Footprint On Your Business?

Everything boils down to customer experience today. Whether it is a mobile application or a website, there is absolutely no way you can turn a blind eye to UX and UI.

175. How Good UX Designers Can Rescue Your Startup

The biggest mistakes startup founders are making and real reasons why compromising on UX is detrimental to the success of your business.

176. RCA for Tech Managers : How to approach a Product Issue

Root Cause Analysis for Managers

177. The Industrial Shift Towards In-House Prototyping and Design via Additive Manufacturing

The adaption of 3D Printing has allowed for innovation in manufacturing that renders several benefits that I will get to in this article.

Additive manufacturin

178. How We Tried To Fight Ecommerce Fraud at JunctionX Singapore Hackathon

It has been a while since I’ve been to a hackathon. I always love that hackathon as an avenue to build something quickly within the 48-hour time constraint, the opportunity to sharpen my design skills, and network with fellow hackers. So when my colleague posted on Slack about JunctionX Singapore, I signed up!

179. #Busted: 10 Laughable Myths About Product Designers

Product designers get the worst of it; they are either confused with other specialists, or simply misunderstood.

180. Designing Electronics To Avoid Electrostatic Discharge

Electronics can be easily damaged by electrostatic discharge from things as small as a light touch in the right conditions though designs can avoid it.

181. Secrets Of The Design Process You Wish You Knew Before

The UX industry puts a lot of emphasis on processes. But is that the best way to think fundamentally about design?

182. 4 Reasons Why People Love Web Design And You Should Love It Too

It's so important how web UI is designed because people perceive images better and quicker than words. Luckily, most of the IT heads understand the value of an eye-catching UI, but few of them realize the real power of it. Actually, web design does much more than you used to think.

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