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17 Crypto Twitter gurus you must follow

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There’s no lack of choice available when it comes to getting cryptocurrency news. Everyone from Bloomberg to CNN is covering the story, and there seems to be new sites established every day. The downside to these mainstream sites is that many journalists are not traders or influencers, so they can’t give you the insights you crave when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

To get the best insights into Bitcoin, and the cryptocurrency market in general, it’s best to use Twitter. Many of the most influential figures in the crypto game are heavy users of this social media platform, and they will willingly share their opinions. This is why we’re sharing our best list of crypto influencers to follow.

The only thing to keep in mind is that many of the influencers below have a positive, bullish stance towards the blockchain and cryptocurrencies in general, so don’t expect wholly unbiased opinions. But the good news is that all of them know what they’re talking about, and you’ll get information as it happens, instead of waiting to read about it days or even weeks later.

Here is our list of choices, in no particular order:

1. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the founder of Ethereum, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. Because of this he’s considered as one of the most influential figures in cryptocurrencies and is famed for his insightful commentary on the future of blockchain and digital currencies.

2. Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has spent the last five years of his life understanding cryptocurrencies on a deep level, and from every angle. He is known for his concise and compelling explanations, and predictions for the future, as well as being a famed speaker, trader, and author. His Twitter feed is a must-follow for anyone who’s interested in learning from the best in the industry.

3. Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is the original developer of smart contracts for distributed technology. Smart contracts are designed to self-execute automatically and exist on the blockchain to perform a range of functions like confirming transactions. Smart contracts are used liberally on Ethereum and other distributed networks. Nick Szabo is also rumored to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

4. Jimmy Song

With his cowboy hat, Jimmy is considered to be a Bitcoin code developer, and recently he had joined Blockchain Capital fund. We had the privilege to host Jimmy for an interesting interview on CryptoPotato.

5. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is the CEO of Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, based in the United States. Armstrong is an account for any Coinbase user to follow and has tweeted some insightful predictions in the past. Armstrong once advised traders to stop buying so much bitcoin in the midst of its rally to its all-time high at USD 19,000 — which later proved to be true. Armstrong mostly tweets about the performance of Coinbase and the development of cryptocurrency exchanges.

6. Venture Coinist

Venture Coinist is the Twitter account of Luke Martin, a blockchain startup advisor, and investor. Martin covers news and provides level-headed advice for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So, if you’re struggling in the fight against FOMO on ICOs or need encouragement to hold on when the charts are dipping, Venture Coinist can give you the inspiration you need to stay on track.

7. CryptoHustle

CryptoHustle is a full-time cryptocurrency trader and is well-known for his transactional analysis skills, and tongue in cheek commentary. While other traders publish graph after graph charting their predictions for the latest coins and ICOs, CryptoHustle reveals the lighter side of trading and the sometimes ridiculous nature of the crypto market as a whole.

8. Bitcoin Benny

Bitcoin Benny offers original perspectives and solid advice on the world of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Benny is also a trader who’s famed for posting news, reviews, and opinion videos on his website. He has a straightforward style and sticks to the facts without overloading you with details.

9. IOHK_Charles

IOHK_Charles is the Twitter handle of Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, a company that designs and builds blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for institutions and businesses. Charles Hoskinson also founded the Cardano blockchain project and was formerly Ethereum’s CEO. Thanks to his extensive experience, Hoskinson knows the industry inside out and out, which allows him to share his unique insights on blockchain technology.

10. Udi Wertheimer

Udi Wertheimer is a Bitcoin programmer with vast experience and knowledge of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. You will never see him talking on behalf of the current structure of ICOs, but following his tweets will keep you up to date with his opinion on what’s on the daily crypto headlines.

11. Crypto Yoda

Crypto Yoda has some great technical and fundamental analysis skills and has even been featured on the news outlet CNBC. What people like about him is that he does not shill any specific coins, and just reacts to the market and makes good calls. He is also a cryptocurrency writer with an extensive following. You should follow Crypto Yoda if you want to brush up on your technical and fundamental analysis skills.

12. ZeusZissou

With the pumps, dumps, FOMO, and vapourware of the cryptocurrency world, it can be hard to keep things in perspective. Often this means riding out the market’s highs and lows, and holding onto your bags when times are tough. Zeus Zissou is a cryptocurrency connoisseur who handles all of that and more and is great to follow for market insights, technical analysis, educational links and more.

13. Crypto Medici

Crypto Medici is known for his philosophical approach to investing. Unlike other traders, he does not solely rely on looking at charts and technical analysis for making decisions. Instead, he understands that the market is driven by human behavior, which is what he bases his trades on. Some may consider Crypto Medici more of an investor than a speculator, but he is still well worth following for some valuable tips.

14. Coin_Shark

Coin_Shark, or Mr. ฿ackwards as he is sometimes called, specializes in investment opinions and weeding out unscrupulous coins and ICOs. He shares both sides on his twitter account, combined with interesting news in ICOs and altcoin events.

15. Crypto_Skipper

When you use Twitter for getting your crypto news, half of your time will be spent searching to find something worth your attention, the other half trying to read charts and perform technical analysis. Crypto Skipper can help you with both, and his daily altcoins chart tweets come with a sweet dose of analysis. Crypto Skipper will help you understand the market trends and make sound predictions.

16. CollinCrypto

CollinCrypto is a full-time cryptocurrency trader, Bitcoin angel investor, super affiliate and ICO advisor. His unique skills and experience give him the authority to speak on some subjects relating to cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain in general and is a great resource to learn from.

17. CryptoCobain

CryptoCobain is yet another full-time trader, famous for his polarizing and sometimes hilarious predictions in the cryptocurrency market. His tweets will help lighten up your news feed with comedy and light-hearted commentary.

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