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164 Stories To Learn About Nlp

by Learn RepoMay 22nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Nlp via these 164 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Nlp via these 164 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

nlp - Natural language processing. A branch of AI that helps computers understand text and words like humans.

1. NLP Datasets from HuggingFace: How to Access and Train Them

The Datasets library from hugging Face provides a very efficient way to load and process NLP datasets from raw files or in-memory data. These NLP datasets have been shared by different research and practitioner communities across the world.

2. 10 Best Reddit Datasets for NLP and Other ML Projects

In this post, I wanted to share a Reddit dataset list that gained a lot of traction on social media when it was first posted.

3. How To Create a Python Data Engineering Project with a Pipeline Pattern

In this article, we cover how to use pipeline patterns in python data engineering projects. Create a functional pipeline, install fastcore, and other steps.

4. GPT-3 is Already Making Programmers' Lives Better and There's More to Come

GPT-3 was meant to understand and construct natural language. But as these tools prove, it's pretty good at programming languages, too.

5. How to Integrate Dialogflow Chatbot with AngularJS [Step-By-Step Guide]

There are numerous posts about developing a chatbot using Dialogflow. But creating chatbot isn’t enough. Connecting Dialogflow to the web interface is even more interesting and challenging. With Angular being a popular and emerging platform, here is our guide to integrate Dialogflow chatbot with Angular JS.

6. Using BERT Transformer with SpaCy3 to Train a Relation Extraction Model

A step-by-step guide on how to train a relation extraction classifier using Transformer and spaCy3.

7. How To Build and Deploy an NLP Model with FastAPI: Part 1

Learn how to build an NLP model and deploy it with a fast web framework for building APIs called FastAPI.

8. How to Perform Sentiment Analysis with Amazon Comprehend

How to analyze the sentiments from a text using AWS services like Amazon Comprehend, AWS IAM, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3.

9. A Brief Intro to the GPT-3 Algorithm

OpenAI GPT-3 is the most powerful language model. It has the capacity to generate paragraphs so naturally that they sound like a real human wrote them.

10. 7 AI-powered Chatbots

If you’re a millennial, you’ll know SmarterChild, the first-ever instant messaging bot with natural language comprehension ability. It was developed in 2000 and demonstrated exceptional wit, which most of today’s bot cannot. SmarterChild used to chat with about 2,50,000 humans every day with funny, sad, and sarcastic emotions. Today, we’ve traveled a distance with technologies like AI, ML, NLP, etc. and bots like Xiaocle have passed Turing tests of 10 minutes (i.e. users couldn’t identify that they’re talking to a bot for about 10 minutes).

11. A Deep Learning Overview: NLP vs CNN

Artificial Intelligence is a lot more than a tech buzzword these days. This technology has disrupted almost every industry within a decade. Every company wants to implement this cutting edge technology in its system to cut costs, save time, and make the overall process more efficient with automation.

12. 8 Companies Using Machine Learning in Cool Ways

When asked what advice he'd give to world leaders, Elon Musk replied, "Implement a protocol to control the development of Artificial Intelligence."

13. B2B Sales Is Broken. New Tech Can Help

Closing b2b deals is difficult. People are not buying aggressive selling techniques. Existing sales softwares aren't helping. New tech can help.

14. Natural Language Inference and NLP

How it can give us something we hitherforto though cobblers: a computer-you-can-ask-anything!

15. Train a NER Transformer Model with Just a Few Lines of Code via spaCy 3

Transformer models have become by far the state of the art in NLP technology, with applications ranging from NER, Text Classification, and Question Answering

16. Various Optimisation Techniques and their Impact on Generation of Word Embeddings

Welcome to the third part of the five series tutorials on Machine Learning and its applications. Check out Dataturks, a data annotations tool to make your ML life simpler and smoother.

17. Deploying Twitter Bot to Heroku

Most of us are familiar with Twitter. But we are not much familiar that we can automate the activities like status posting, retweeting, liking, commenting and so on. So,here I'll show you how we can automate some of the activities like getting the twitter data,posting the status and retweeting with Node.js and a npm package called Twit.

18. How to Fine Tune a 🤗 (Hugging Face) Transformer Model

How to fine-tune a Hugging Face Transformer model for Sequence Classification

19. NLP Tutorial: Creating Question Answering System using BERT + SQuAD on Colab TPU

Open sourced by Google Research team, pre-trained models of BERT achieved wide popularity amongst NLP enthusiasts for all the right reasons! It is one of the best Natural Language Processing pre-trained models with superior NLP capabilities. It can be used for language classification, question & answering, next word prediction, tokenization, etc.

20. How to use NLP to SQL API?

Data is useless without the ability to easily get and act on it. The success of future enterprises will combine sophisticated information collection with better user experience, and the Natural Language User Interface comprises much of this user experience.

21. How to Build Basic Chatbot Without Coding and Deploy to Websites

Build best automated AI chat bot using Google Dialog flow

22. Can GPT-3 Finish Writing My Zombie Novel?

My biggest worry (and excitement) is that AI will progress enough to become more creative than humans.

23. Document-Term Matrix in NLP: Count and TF-IDF Scores Explained

In NLP, Document-Term Matrix (DTM) is a matrix representation of the text corpus. The TF-IDF score is widely used to populate the DTM.

24. Building a Trivia App for Google Assistant

Using a Template to Create a Trivia Voice App for The Office

25. A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s AI Transcoder

Just over a week, most of you would have heard that Facebooks AI research team (FAIR) developed a neural transcompiler, that converts code from high level programming language like C++, Python, Java, Cobol into another language using ‘unsupervised translation’ . The traditional approach had been to tokenize the source language and convert it into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) which the transcompiler would use to translate to the target language of choice, based on handwritten rules that define the translations, such that abstract or the context is not lost.

26. Get The Most Out Of Everything You Read  Using Python

Imagine reading something, and never losing track of that information.

27. How To Build and Deploy an NLP Model with FastAPI: Part 2

Learn how to build an NLP model and deploy it with a fast web framework for building APIs called FastAPI.

28. How To Compare Documents Similarity using Python and NLP Techniques

In this post we are going to build a web application which will compare the similarity between two documents. We will learn the very basics of natural language processing (NLP) which is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the interaction between computers and humans using the natural language.

29. Everything You Need to Know About Google BERT

Google BERT will help you to kickstart your NLP journey by showing you how the transformer’s encoder and decoder work.

30. How to Use Fuzzy Query Matches in Elasticsearch

Typo is something that often happens and can reduce user’s experience, fortunately, Elasticsearch can handle it easily with Fuzzy Query.

31. How to Build a Multi-label NLP Classifier from Scratch

Attacking Toxic Comments Kaggle Competition Using

32. How to Talk to ChatGPT: An Intro to Prompt Engineering

Prompting is pretty much the only skill you now require to be a master of these new large and powerful generative models such as ChatGPT.

33. ICDAR 2021 Competition: Detecting Tables Using Image Recognition

To participate go to:

34. Using the LDA Algorithm for Websites

Have you ever had to find unique topics in a set of documents? If you have, then you’ve probably worked with Latent Dirichlet Allocation (or LDA).

35. The Essential Guide to Data Augmentation in NLP

There are many tasks in NLP from text classification to question answering, but whatever you do the amount of data you have to train your model impacts the model performance heavily.

36. Getting Started with Natural Language Processing: US Airline Sentiment Analysis

By: and Niko Laskaris, customer facing data scientist,

37. ChatGPT Explained in 5 Minutes

ChatGPT has taken over Twitter and pretty much the whole internet, thanks to its power and the meme potential it provides.

38. [Reviewed] 6 Conversational Feedback Tools

Chatbots for surveys, surveybots, conversational surveys, feedback chatbots, conversational survey tools, AI survey tools, chatbot questionnaires. The list of names goes on and on. But how do they compare and which one is the best performer?

39. Mueller Report for Nerds! Spark meets NLP with TensorFlow and BERT (Part 1)

Photo by Michael on Unsplash

40. A Complete(ish) Guide to Python Tools You Can Use To Analyse Text Data

Exploratory data analysis is one of the most important parts of any machine learning workflow and Natural Language Processing is no different.

41. Learning AI if You Suck at Math — P7 — The Magic of Natural Language Processing

After discovering the amazing power of convolutional neural networks for image recognition in part five of this series, I decided to dive head first into Natural language Processing or NLP. (If you missed the earlier articles, be sure to check them out: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.)

42. Going Beyond Word Clouds: Using Thematic Clustering to Understand Your Customers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is too far evolved to still be relying on basic, word cloud analysis for your survey data

43. What to do When Reviewing Academic Papers

Academic paper reviews is a necessary civic duty for researchers in all fields, humanities, science, engineering or anything in between.

44. How to Scrape NLP Datasets From Youtube

Too lazy to scrape nlp data yourself? In this post, I’ll show you a quick way to scrape NLP datasets using Youtube and Python.

45. 6 Chatbot Mistakes that Scare Your Customers Away

Six unforgivable mistakes that scare off your customers and prospects? The Smart Tribune team answers you.

46. On Raising $17M to Build AI Based Personal Assistants for Salespeople

An interview with the founder of Winn.AI, a mixture of Alex and Salesforce that aims to help b2b sales with its advanced machine learning capabilities

47. GPT-4 Explained: ChatGPT's Big Brother is Here to Disrupt Everything

If you thought ChatGPT was good, just wait until you try GPT-4.

48. How Web3 Is Shaping the Future of Marketing

How Web3 Is Shaping the Future of Marketing

49. An Introduction to 4 Types of Audio Classification

Audio classification is the process of listening to and analyzing audio recordings. Also known as sound classification, this process is at the heart of a variety of modern AI technology including virtual assistants, automatic speech recognition, and text-to-speech applications. You can also find it in predictive maintenance, smart home security systems, and multimedia indexing and retrieval.

50. A Brief Into to NLP in the Media & Communication Industry

In this write-up, we will understand the role of NLP in the media industry, its impact, and how it will help to clear out the issues hampering growth.

51. How DigiSkills AI Chatbot helped 10K students enroll for the program

DigiSkills Training Program is Pakistan’s first Online Training Program that offers free-of-cost training courses. The platform was created to train the youth with in-demand digital skills such as content marketing, graphic designing, Creatives and SEO, etc.

52. 10 Free Resources to Become a Health Data Scientist

Becoming a health data scientist can be challenging but rewarding; it merges statistical analysis with other tools to gain insights from healthcare data.

53. Subtitles for Living: AR's Role in Language Translation

AR shines when our relationship with technology becomes more intuitive and in 2022, emerging AR capabilities are taking language translation a step further.

54. Chatbots Are NOT a Replacement for Human Agents: Here’s Why

Nothing excites business owners more than the opportunities to cut cost. So it’s no surprise that in the era of chatbots, many customer service organizations are jumping at the opportunity to show human agents the door.

55. How Effective is ChatGPT in Customer Support, Lead Generation, and Data Analytics?

Find out how to integrate Chat GPT into an app or a website. Business and technical ChatGPT use cases explained for product owners to benefit from GPT models.

56. Natural Language Processing and How it Could Improve Employee Engagement

Internal communication and employee engagement are key when it comes to the smooth functioning of an organization and building a reputation, especially in today’s age when more and more people are opting to work remotely and teams are scattered across the world.

57. Ways To Overcome Linguistic Barriers with Language Technologies

COVID-19 has impacted every other industry and has made people adopt newer norms. The traditional translation industry is no different. Several disruptions have been introduced to keep things moving, thanks to Big data and machine translation technologies that have enabled the world to do business as usual.

58. How Advanced Analytics Can Improve the Public Sector

Advanced analytic models can identify and predict negative outcomes such as health and safety challenges or compliance risks that would be overlooked by manual.

59. This Entire Article Was Written by ChatGPT's Grandfather

As a historical reference, here is what ChatGPT’s grandfather, GPT2 was able to produce all the way back in 2020. It’ll be interesting to compare it to what Cha

60. Covert Google Voice Into Your Own Private Bouncer Or Receptionist

In the event that you don’t have a Google Voice telephone number yet, you’re passing up a great opportunity. Google Voice has some extraordinary highlights that can help ensure your security. Also, you can keep your Google Voice telephone number forever, or for in any event insofar as Google is eager to have it.

61. Harnessing Metaverse Technology to Build Your Brand Application

Let’s talk about what technologies are used in metaverse development and how businesses can create their own metaverse applications.

62. 10 Best Hugging Face Datasets for Building NLP Models

Hugging Face offers solutions and tools for developers and researchers. This article looks at the Best Hugging Face Datasets for Building NLP Models.

63. How AI Has Changed Natural Language Processing

How natural language processing has been revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence and how this is currently affecting businesses.

64. Technologies Behind No-code & Low-Code Solutions and How to Build Your Own

Let’s find out how no-code / low-code platforms are built and what it takes to create your own solution. We’ll focus on the development approaches, architecture

65. Language Modeling - A Look at the Most Common Pre-Training Tasks

This article is about putting all the popular pre-training tasks used in various language modelling tasks at a glance.

66. What Can Recurrent Neural Networks in NLP Do?

Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) have played a major role in sequence modeling in Natural Language Processing (NLP) . Let’s see what are the pros and cons of RNN

67. 6 Best APIs for Topic Detection in 2022

This article examines the best APIs on the market for performing Topic Detection in 2022.

68. Fine-Tuning RoBERTa for Topic Classification

Learn how to fine tune a RoBERTa topic classification model in python with the hugging face transformers and libraries.

69. An Intro to MedPaLM: ChatGPT's Healthcare-Focused "Cousin"

ChatGPT for healthcare? Learn everything you need to know about MedPaLM, a new LLM developed by Google specifically for medical and clinical applications.

70. AI for Noobs: How Amazon Alexa Works

How Amazon Alexa AI processes and implements commands.

[71. New Way for Business Optimisation is Out Now:

Rake System and Their Success Story]( The Rake system understands and manages client requests related to company services. Regardless of the requests: text, voice - Rake’s chatbots understand and process all of them using artificial intelligence. The chatbot has been designed for W5Golf, and is the company that provides customer experience optimisation solutions and helps develop customer experience strategies that deliver results. The company’s solution helps to strengthen relationships with your customers by providing a system that optimises relevant engagements and improved services.

72. Meet Lettria: Our Place in the AI Revolution Begins with NLP

While natural language processing has received tons of attention in the field of AI, generative AI is also making great strides.

73. 8 Factors to Consider When Building an AI App for Android or iOS

Creating an app with AI for Android and iOS can be a challenging but rewarding task. Step-by-step guide on how to create an app with AI.

74. 10 Best Python Machine Learning Tutorials

The Python ecosystem has a large number of libraries and tools that support machine learning, such as NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, TensorFlow, and scikit-learn.

75. "AI Can’t 'Think” Like Us Independently," - says Machine Learning Engineer Mani Sarkar

In our new blog series, we’re interviewing data scientists and machine learning engineers about their career paths, areas of interest and thoughts on the future of AI. We kick off this week with a 20-year veteran and jack-of-all-trades when it comes to machine learning and data science: Mani Sarkar. Mani is a strategic machine learning engineer based in London, UK, who believes in getting beyond the theoretical and applying AI to real-world problems.

76. The Usefulness Of Data Science In Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies are not new to the data and its usage, but with the advancement in technology, Data science in law enforcement has become a need.

77. What Is Conversational AI: Principles and Examples

In this article, we will take the time to explain what conversational AI is: principles and examples to have a better idea of ​​how you can implement it.

78. Sea of Transformation: Chatbots in The Logistics Industry

The usage of the new age customer support technology bots, popularly known as Chatbots is on the rise. Researches show that more than 80% of the customer communication that is done on websites or mobile apps are done through chatbots. Chatbots are highly valuable for the companies because they can work round the clock, are easy to use and do not make any kind of errors.

79. Bots + Legaltech = Meet AILIRA

Ailira ( the ”artificially intelligent legal information research assistant”, is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing. The chatbot has been designed to understand and process sophisticated technical legal questions & search quickly. Ailira was created by Adrian Cartland, the founder of Cartland Tech and the law firm without lawyers.

80. ChatGPT Answered 50,000 Trivia Questions - Here's How It Did

I made ChatGPT answer 50,000 trivia questions. Find out what happens


Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to AI method of communicating with intelligent systems using a natural language such as English.

82. My Experiments With AI Poetry And Some Random Thoughts

I have become a ‘covidiot’ nowadays. I’m stuck in the home since last one and half months since COVID-19 outbreak. There is hardly any physical activity and I’m spending the longest era of my life without underwear since my adulthood.

83. How to Streamline the Landlord-Tenant Relationship Through Conversational AI

According to Mashivor, 50% of tenants move out because they are not happy with their landlord. The landlord-tenant relationship is more often than not a contentious one. It features two sides with similar intentions but entirely different priorities. Both parties are interested in peaceful, fluid, and uneventful correspondence and both are wary of being cheated, ill-treated, and misinformed.

84. Cocktail Alchemy: Creating New Recipes With Transformers

Build a transformer model with natural language processing to create new cocktail recipes from a cocktail database.

85. Uber AI Labs Senior Research Scientist Talks TensorFlow 2.0 [Interview]

There’s no doubt that TensorFlow is one of the most popular machine learning libraries right now. However, newbie developers who want to experiment with TensorFlow often face difficulties in learning TensorFlow; the framework has a not unjustified reputation for having a steep learning curve that can make it hard for developers to get to grips with quickly.

86. What Patients Are Asking Our COVID-19 Virtual Assistant

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, in just one week (March 16–24), the number of Americans who view the coronavirus as a major threat to public health spiked by nearly 20%, from 47% to 66% — a figure that is growing exponentially.

87. AI & Its Impact Within a Homogenous Society

Sanksshep Mahendra insists that the frameworks of society aren’t moving quickly enough to keep pace with the ever-increasing rate of change AI has.

88. What is Natural Language Processing? A Brief Overview

Natural language processing (NLP) is a subfield of artificial intelligence. It is the ability to analyze and process a natural language.

89. Naive Sentiment Analysis Using R

Cleuton Sampaio, October 2019

90. No. You Still Cannot Have A Real Conversation With a Chatbot.

Chatbots do not really understand what you are saying and you cannot have a real conversation with a personal assistant like you can with another person.

91. 2 Years In The Life Of AI, ML, DL And Java - Part II

A follow-up post on the back of the post two-years ago with the title "Two Years In The Life Of AI, ML, DL And Java"

92. Foundation Models - A hidden revolution in enterprise Artificial Intelligence

An introductory article to bring a preliminary cognizance on the broadening prospects of foundation models in the AI industry.

93. 7 Must-Read Generative Models Papers from ICLR 2020

The International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) took place last week, and I had a pleasure to participate in it. ICLR is an event dedicated to research on all aspects of representation learning, commonly known as deep learning.

94. My Journey Into Predicting States Using Emoji Observations With Viterbi Algorithm

See the implementation of the Viterbi algorithm in Python

95. Sentiment Classification for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections Using Text Based Classifiers


96. Conferencing and The Art of 'Paper Blitzing'

There are soooo many papers in the field of machine learning, natural language processing nowadays. I’ll share the paper blitz method to "read them all".

97. NO! GPT-3 Will Not Steal Your Programming Job

TL;DR; GPT-3 will not take your programming job (Unless you are a terrible programmer, in which case you would have lost your job anyway)

98. A Subreddit Where Only AI Chatbots Can Post

There’s a subreddit with a called r/SubSimulator that took three years in the making and which is fully powered by bots

99. ChatGPT Offers 5 Multi-Million Dollar Business Ideas Built With ChatGPT

I wanted to ask ChatGPT about ideas worth millions of dollars. Here are the answers:

100. As AI Gets Better at Writing, There's Some Trouble on the Horizon

In the realm of AI development, there's perhaps no more important goal than to create systems that can truly master natural language processing (NLP). That's the key to making AI broadly useful, as it will need to interact with humans (who lack the programming skills to speak machine languages). On the path to NLP, it's fair to say that getting an AI to speak human languages is a prerequisite to getting them to understand what people are saying.

101. From Sustainable Agriculture to Programming - with Noonies Nominee Akis Loumpourdis

I am Akis Loumpourdis, a 2021 Noonies Nominee. This is a small interview to get to know me a bit better.

102. How I Built a Demo App to Listen to 5000+ Hours of Joe Rogan With the Help of AI

I’m consuming 5500+ hours of Joe Rogan with the help of AI

103. Thrilled to be Recognized as #1 Startup in Budapest

We’re really proud that we can be in a group of like-minded technologists and be acknowledged by them.

104. I Got Close to Winning an NLP Comp — With No Machine Learning Knowledge

Learn how to leverage software developer tools to beat the best in a Natural Language Processing competition on Kaggle, without using any Machine Learning.

105. Natural Language Processing Applications in HR Software

A company’s HR department holds a unique role that is entirely centered around the employees’ experience. Not only do these functions span over the length of the employee’s tenure, it even covers their involvement from the moment candidates are considered for the job.

106. Text Classification in iOS using tensorflowlite [A How-To Guide]

Text classification is task of categorising text according to its content. It is the fundamental problem in the field of Natural Language Processing(NLP). More general applications of text classifications are in email spam detection, sentiment analysis and topic labelling etc.

107. Natural Language Processing with Python: A Detailed Overview

A detailed overview of an AI subfield called Natural Language Processing or NLP and how to learn NLP.

108. Why Use Kubernetes for Distributed Inferences on Large AI/ML Datasets

This blog provides you with some strong rationale to use Kubernetes on large AI/ML datasets on which distributed inferences are performed. Loop in for more.

109. ChatGPT Writes The Great Gatsby Set in a Zombie Apocalypse

I told OpenAI's ChatGPT model to write The Great Gatsby, but with zombies. Here's what happened...

110. Vector Embedding 101: The Key to Semantic Search

As the amount of data continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, traditional keyword-based search will become less effective.

111. Russian Politicians Want To Take Back Alaska…and Other AI-Generated Jokes

A fun, quick summary of recent research around ML-generated humor and why everyone should be watching this space. Laugh, earthlings.

112. 8 of the Best AI Chatbots for 2023

Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, chatbots are becoming a practical tool in the business world. This is good news for many companies, as chatbots can increase engagement, revenue and ROI. The potential of artificial intelligence is there to be harnessed, and AI-powered chatbots are examples of the effective usage of the technology. However, choosing a chatbot can be overwhelming. Let's take a look at the most popular AI chatbots currently on the market.

113. Using Sentiment Analysis to Attain and Retain Customers

Analyzing customer sentiment allows businesses to look into how customers feel about their products & services.

114. Why Are We Training AI like Dogs Instead of Humans?

The fundamental problem of the modern AI is that it tries to create a sophisticated trained dog. This approach is a dead end and needs to be drastically changed

115. Building A Chatbot On Your Own Might Not Make As Much Sense As You Think

Over the past decade plus, chatbots have dominated the conversation (no pun intended) when it comes to digital engagement. You’ve undoubtedly had experiences interacting with them, some helpful while others underwhelming, and perhaps even fiddled around with building one on your own.

116. Tell If Your SMS is Spam


117. Natural Language Processing: Explaining BERT to Business People

<TLDR> BERT is certainly a significant step forward in the context of NLP. Business activities such as topic detection and sentiment analysis will be much easier to create and execute, and the results much more accurate. But how did you get to BERT, and how exactly does the model work? Why is it so powerful? Last but not least, what benefits it can bring to the business, and our decision to integrate it into the sandsiv+ Customer Experience platform.</TLDR>

118. A Comparison of GPT-3 and Existing Conversational AI Solutions

Earlier this year, Elon Musk-backed artificial intelligence laboratory, OpenAI, released its latest, much anticipated autoregressive language model, the Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3). Emerging to much fanfare and slated as the usherer of a new age of artificial intelligence, the number of articles, blog posts, and news pieces about this language model, perhaps match only the number of parameters the GPT-3 learned; 175 billion (Ok, this may be an exaggeration, but you get my point).

119. How Machine Generated Virtual Assistants can 10x Your Productivity in 2022

AI assistant technology is in many ways similar to a traditional chatbot but integrates next-generation machine learning, AR/VR and data science.

120. 5 Things I Learned from Google’s New ML-Powered Recorder App

There are tons of audio recording apps in the app store, but you know things will be a bit different if Google developed a brand new one. Google recently released a new ‘Recorder’ app that is powered by its state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithm that can transcribe what it hears with impressive precision in real-time. This is not the first time Google tried to bless its product with some AI ‘superpower’. Some of their prior attempts failed (I’m talking to you Google Clips!) and some had quite formidable success, for example, Google’s Pixel phone camera app.

121. Unsupervised Data Augmentation

More data we have, better performance we can achieve. However, it is very too luxury to annotate large amount of training data. Therefore, proper data augmentation is useful to boost up your model performance. Authors of Unsupervised Data Augmentation (Xie et al., 2019) proposed Unsupervised Data Augmentation (UDA) assistants us to build a better model by leveraging several data augmentation methods.

122. 8 Open-source NLP Tools You Should Try

The write-up is about various free open-source NLP tools available in the market which any developer can use as per the requirement.

123. How the Conversational AI Analytics will transform the business?

124. Evidence That AI Will Soon Pass the Turing Test (or maybe it already has)

You might be wondering if machines are a threat to the world we live in, or if they’re just another tool in our quest to improve ourselves. If you think that AI is just another tool, you might be surprised to hear that some of the biggest names in technology have a clear concern for it. As Mark Ralston wrote, “The great fear of machine intelligence is that it may take over our jobs, our economies, and our governments”.

125. How To Be A Fantastic Data Scientist: An Expert Shares His Secrets

In the latest episode of our podcast, Machine Learning that Works, I had a great pleasure to talk to Gabriel Preda, a Lead Data Scientist at Endava and a Kaggle Grandmaster.

126. How Machine Learning is changing Financial Services in 2020

An Introduction to Machine Learning for Finance.

127. Mental Health Basics: Diagnosis, Treatment, Tech Tools

Last year I found I had ADD.

128. Improving AllenNLP’s Method of Replacing Coreferences

We’ve decided to consider AllenNLP as our main model, and utilize Huggingface as more of a reference while using it mostly as a refinement to AllenNLP output.

129. Customer Service Automation: What It Is And How To Find Balance

Customer service automation is not a new thing in business. Many brands have successfully implemented automation to streamline the processes and save costs. However, there are still many questions on how to balance automation with a human touch and worries about sounding robotic and impersonal.

130. Exploring T5 Model : Text to Text Transfer Transformer Model

Recent years have seen a plethora of pre-trained models such as ULMFiT, BERT, GPT, etc being open-sourced to the NLP community. Given the size of such humungous models, it's nearly impossible to train such networks from scratch considering the amount of data and computation that is required. This is where a new learning paradigm "Transfer Learning" kicks in. Transfer learning is a research problem in machine learning that focuses on storing knowledge gained while solving one problem and applying it to a different but related problem.

131. Using Explainable AI in Decision-Making Applications

Here we explore the essence of explainability in AI and analyzing how applies to decision support systems in healthcare, finance, and other different industries

132. TMNT: Translation Memory and Neural Translation

As we advance the state of machine translation, translation memory has its place in todays’ translation tech stack that benefits MT users and human translators.

133. Analyzing Twitter Conversations with the New Twitter V2 API

Getting actionable insights around a topic using the new Twitter API v2 endpoint

134. How a recommendation system Web App was Built

How to create, build and deploy every component behind a Bike recommendation system

135. Content-Based Recommender Using Natural Language Processing (NLP)

A guide to build a movie recommender model based on content-based NLP: When we provide ratings for products and services on the internet, all the preferences we express and data we share (explicitly or not), are used to generate recommendations by recommender systems. The most common examples are that of Amazon, Google and Netflix.

136. AI Dungeon: An AI-Generated Adventure Game by Nick Walton

The original AI Dungeon was made just over a year ago, the result of a curious gamer, a hackathon, and the GPT-2 text transformer. Fast forward to the present day, and AI Dungeon has expanded into a unique example of creative AI technology. The game now boasts 1.5 million players, multiple genres for stories, and even multiplayer adventures.

137. Unconventional Sentiment Analysis: BERT vs. Catboost

Unconventional sentiment analysis with CatBoost. The result is comparable to BERT SOTA.

138. How AI is Making it Easier to Spread Fake News

Is Bitcoin the revolution against unequal economic systems, or a scam and money laundry mechanism? Will artificial intelligence (AI) improve and boost humankind, or terminate our species? These questions present incompatible scenarios, but you will find supporters for all of them. They cannot be all right, so who’s wrong then?

139. TextStyleBrush Translates Text in Images While Emulating the Font

This new Facebook AI model can translate or edit the text in an image, while maintaining the same font and design as the original.

140. To be Relevant or not to be: a Search Story about Precision and Recall

With the amount of data created growing exponentially each year and forecasted to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020 and more than 175 zettabytes by 2025, the importance of discovering and understanding this data will continue to be, even more than before, a decisive and competitive differentiator for many companies.

141. Chatbots Are Breaking Bad with Messed Up Responses

This almost maniacal obsession with possessing an all knowing chatbot is sweeping across industries and geographies.

142. Top 6 Applications of Natural Language Processing in Healthcare

For many healthcare providers, the industry is shaping up to be more of a shifting quandary of regulatory issues, financial turmoil, and unforeseeable eruptions of resentment from practitioners on the edge of revolt. The industry is now taking the opportunity to scale up their big data defenses and develop the technological infrastructure required to meet the imminent challenges.

143. The Art of Transformers: How AI Intuitively Summarizes Business Papers Using NLP

“I don’t want a full paper, just give me a concise summary of it”. Who hasn't found themselves in this situation, at least once? Sound familiar?

144. The Basics Of Natural Language Processing in 10 Minutes

Do you also want to learn NLP as Quick as Possible ? Perhaps you are here because you also want to learn natural language processing as quickly as possible, like me.

145. To be Relevant or not to be: a Search Story about Precision and Recall

With the amount of data created growing exponentially each year and forecasted to reach 59 zettabytes in 2020 and more than 175 zettabytes by 2025, the importance of discovering and understanding this data will continue to be, even more than before, a decisive and competitive differentiator for many companies.

146. 15 Must-read Machine Learning Articles for Data Scientists

As always, the fields of deep learning and natural language processing are as busy as ever. Despite many industries being hindered by the quarantine restrictions in many countries, the machine learning industry continues to move forward.

147. Your Guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Everything we express (either verbally or in written) carries huge amounts of information. The topic we choose, our tone, our selection of words, everything adds some type of information that can be interpreted and value extracted from it. In theory, we can understand and even predict human behaviour using that information.

148. What Soggy Breadsticks Taught Us About Service and Social Listening

Breadsticks, of all things, were the reason for a huge backlash at the famous Olive Garden chain of restaurants both from customers and employees.

149. CTDS: 1 Year anniversary | Kaggle Contest | CTDS.News Launch

In the Birthday AMA Episode, Sanyam Bhutani had shared a small series of "exciting updates" coming to CTDS.Show:

150. ChatGPD Doesn't Exist: It's ChatGPT

ChatGPD is one of the most common misspellings of the viral language model developed by Open AI. The correct term is ChatGPT.

151. First Talos, Now GPT-3: A Deep Dive

The island Crete in Greek mythology is strongly associated with the ancient Greek gods. It is the backdrop to many famous Greek myths, my favourite being Talos.

152. Positional Embedding: The Secret behind the Accuracy of Transformer Neural Networks

An article explaining the intuition behind the “positional embedding” in transformer models from the renowned research paper - “Attention Is All You Need”.

153. Understanding Conversational AI: As Chat Enabled Customer Service

Technological innovations are necessary to cope up with the customer demands. Customers nowadays use multiple channels to access the services from a business. Thus, they expect multiple channel customer service from companies.

154. What is OpenAI's Whisper Model?

Have you ever dreamed of a good transcription tool that would accurately understand what you say and write it down? Not like the automatic YouTube translation tools… I mean, they are good but far from perfect. Just try it out and turn the feature on for the video, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

155. Meet SOPHIA: A Clinical Decision Support System Built with Open Source Technologies

A Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) provides the doctor with a tool that eases their work, and increases the value of the time spent with the patient.

156. Blockchain-Verified Sentiment

The explosion of content on the world wide web, social media and chat networks greatly increased the interest in sentiment analysis from a growing number and variety of interested parties.

157. Embeddings in Machine Learning: Everything You Need to Know

Here's a deep dive into the history of machine learning embeddings, common uses, and current infrastructure solutions, including the vector database.

158. 'El transformador ilustrado' una traducción al español

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159. Galactica is an AI Model Trained on 120 Billion Parameters

On November 15th, MetaAI and Papers with Code announced the release of Galactica, a game-changer, open-source large language model trained on scientific knowledge with 120 billion parameters.

160. 3 Years After Forking Sphinx: A Brief Report on Manticore Search

In May 2017 we made a fork of Sphinxsearch 2.3.2, which we called Manticore Search. Below you will find a brief report on Manticore Search as a fork of Sphinx and our achievements since then.

161. Text Embedding Explained: How AI Understands Words

Large language models are a specific type of machine learning-based algorithm that understand and can generate language

162. When Did Beyoncé Start Becoming Popular? - Tackling One of the Most Common Problems in NLP: Q/A

Hello! Today I’d like to explain how to solve one of the most troublesome tasks in NLP — question answering.

163. How to Play Chess Using a GPT-2 Model

OpenAI’s transformer-based language model GPT-2 definitely lives up to the hype. Following the natural evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI), this generative language model drew a lot of attention by engaging in interviews and appearing in the online text adventure game AI Dungeon.

164. Scale Vision Transformers (ViT) Beyond Hugging Face

Speed up state-of-the-art ViT models in Hugging Face 🤗 up to 2300% (25x times faster ) with Databricks, Nvidia, and Spark NLP 🚀

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