15 Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers Organically in 2020by@sandeep-mehta
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15 Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers Organically in 2020

by Sandeep MehtaApril 10th, 2020
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YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging, sharing & marketing. With billions of visitors every day, there is a large potential audience for every uploaded video. This article is going to be the life-turning article for all the aspirant youtube creators out there to get more subscribers to your channel. 15 ways to increase YouTube traffic: Maintain quality and not quantity. Create consistent and frequent videos. Use eye-catching YouTube thumbnails for each video instead of one being randomly generated.

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Want to watch a video? What better than YouTube. Video content is the leading way in the content marketing scene. YouTube is currently the leading platform for video blogging, sharing & marketing. With billions of visitors every day, there is a large potential audience for every uploaded video. A great way to start achieving your goals is to convert these visitors to subscribers.

In this modern era, right from a studious nerd to a happy soul YouTube has become their daily routine. So being a part of this online community is not just fun but also a way of life profession. Now a youtube creator is a trendy job. This article is going to be the life-turning article for all the aspirant youtube creators out there to get more subscribers to your channel.

Here are some quick tips to increase YouTube traffic…

1. Maintain quality and not quantity

Always and always publish and upload the right and relevant content. Yes, it is ideal to have a longer content but remember one shorter but the super quality piece is far better than five mediocre ones. Research and survey on what your viewers are interested in. Know what your viewers want in the video. If your viewers find your content valuable, there is a higher chance that they are willing to subscribe to your page for future reference.

2. Create consistent and frequent videos

Whether you’ve been active on YouTube or just getting started, it is very important that you post regularly. The more your viewers see you, the more it will help you to build a long-term viewership. Dedicate a day or days every week for posting. Inculcate a habit in your viewers to watch your content on that particular day. Using catchy phrases for your days are always helpful (for example, Thank God it’s FRIDAY). (Read Here)

To view this video click here.

3. Have a plan and a goal and show personality

Know how you want your channel to look like and plan what is your channel going to be about. Then structure your video. Always be original and yourself. Be confident about your script or moves. You can always start by releasing a trailer to build curiosity in your viewers. Take a look at your successful competitors, and identify how you can incorporate their key takeaways in your videos.

4. Use eye-catching YouTube thumbnails

We all judge the book by it’s cover. Therefore, creating a custom video thumbnail for each video instead of one being randomly generated. Though it’s a pretty minor factor, your thumbnail creates the first opportunity to stand out. Shooting short films or images for your thumbnail sounds like a good and fruitful investment.

5. Ask your audience!

The key to massive social media traffic is to get as many people as possible to share your posts through their social media channels. The simplest and easiest way is that at the end of each post, make a statement like “If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to subscribe & share.” Another trick is to append your channel link with “?sub_confirmation=1” after

6. Making your watermark as a subscribe button 

All the YouTube creators might know that all will be having the chance to add their watermark. In general, people make the name of their channel or the logo of their company as a watermark. But it is so clever to use a subscribe button as a watermark because it enables your loyal viewers to subscribe to your channel without any pause or additional effort.

7. TOP formula 

This is basically a three-step process. T stands Target Audience. In the first 10 seconds of any of your videos, you must give a brief of the purpose of the channel and what kind of content will be posted on your channel. So some people who need that kind of stuff will definitely subscribe thinking that they have finally found a perfect channel to them.

O stands for Origin Story. It is very essential as it not just gives a brief idea about yourself but also the story might get connected to your viewer.

P stands for Pitch to subscribe. As this will give a trigger out to the viewers who are unsure whether to subscribe or not.

This top formula, when implemented in your trailer video of your channel, will definitely drag in all the random viewers to your loyal subscribers (Read More).

8. Leaving no comment alone 

Make sure that you reply to as many comments as possible though they are negative as interacting with the viewers will definitely leave a positive vibe for them to subscribe to your channel.

9. Giving out heart 

It is not much energy to be used. It is even easier than giving a reply. So giving a heart out to your viewer’s comment will definitely make your viewer elated of your reaction thereby turning him from a loyal viewer to your subscriber.

10. Make your Winner video as a trailer to your channel 

The trailer for your channel is what a random viewer sees in your channel when he enters for the first time. So placing your most viewed and best video of all like the trailer will immediately make the random viewers like your content and subscribe to your channel. (Read Here)

To check this video visit here

11. Positioning your channel 

This is basically a one-liner tagline that you give to your channel. The main theme of this one-liner is to provide a brief idea about your channel and it’s a type of content for the viewers. Whenever a random user searches for something related to your one-liner then youtube will place your video in the suggested videos. This will definitely boost up new viewers to convert into your subscribers.

12. Use the next video with a subscribe button 

Using the next video at the end of your video will increase the chances of people watching more than one video. This will definitely increase the subscribers count. Adding your most viewed and best video as your next video will create a great positive impact on the viewer.

Adding a subscriber button after the next video for 5–10 seconds will definitely provide that trigger for the users to identify you more and even subscribe to your channel.

13. Focus on Quality approach 

There is a general notion in people that posting more videos frequently will increase the viewers and subscribers. This is a wrong notion. YouTube posts 300 hours of videos for every one minute. So rather than focusing on posting many videos frequently it is advisable to post videos with strong and impressive content. This will draw more attention from people than posting numerous videos.

14. Grabbing the attention 

While your video adding something on the screen or doing something that is more than usual will definitely grab the audience attention. This indeed helps a lot in the growth of subscribers count.

15. About section 

The about section of your channel contains the description. So in this section, you must first write the one-liner of your channel followed up by things that your channel shows. Then write about how your channel is unique from other channels. In the end, give a friendly conclusion saying some friendly sentence with a subscribes your finishing note to finish your sentence.

Along with these key techniques to increase the subscriber’s traffic, remember to edit your videos with the best tools and techs. Seek help from a professional. Optimise your video description. To get your subscribers on your videos, cover the SEOs first. You can seek the famous YouTube influencers to promote you and your videos. Consider collaborating with fellow YouTube bloggers to reach out to similar users in your field and ask them out for an opportunity to work together on something interesting. You can host “giveaways” on your channel like the first 1000 subscribers get something exciting. Run ads on YouTube. And lastly, promote your channel on YouTube and your existing social media platforms.

Keep experimenting and exploring!