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148 Stories To Learn About Web

by Learn RepoJune 14th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Web via these 148 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Web via these 148 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How the Financial Times Struck a Balance Between Free and Paid Content, and How NYT Iterated on It

Martin Nisenholtz is the former CEO of New York Times Digital and former SVP of Digital Operations at New York Times.

2. A Workaround to Flutter Web SEO Issue

You like Flutter, but then you know that Flutter is not well optimized and has some problems with SEO. I've figured a workaround to this issue.

3. Using a React 16 Portal to do something cool

React 16 is here, and one of the more interesting additions is ‘Portals’.

4. Disabling My Favicon: How and Why

It turns out that disabling a Favicon is surprisingly easy and eve a good idea when you don't really want to deal with the hassle of another part of a website

5. The “Connection Not Private” Warning Explained

Each time you visit a website, your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) first checks for the existence of one of two digital certificates

6. An Essential Guide to Binary Representation of Floating-Point Numbers

Have you ever wondered how computers store the floating-point numbers like 3.1415 (𝝿) or in the memory which consists of a bunch of ones and zeroes?

7. Here's Why I Migrated From Chrome to The Brave Browser

Chrome has been my goto for almost a decade now. I’m the kind of person who finds it stupid to cover the webcam (unless I have a sticky note full of credentials on my fridge), so I guess its quite clear already that I’m not so high on privacy concerns but what bothered me the most was how much information Google was extracting from me.

8. 15 Essential GitHub Repos for Web Developers in 2021

Using Github Repositories can be a helpful tool to learn coding. Here are 15 Most Valuable GitHub Repos for Web Devs in 2021 and what you can learn from them.

9. You Are Not Worth Tracking, Sorry

I do not track you. I don't have to, and I don't care to.

10. Creating and validating a reactive form to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and creating and validating a reactive form.

11. Decentralized web / dWeb - what is it?

envisioning a web that revolves around the user, not the server and not the Blockchain

12. React Internals: Basic Concepts and Notes

An introductory lesson to React internals based on React Fiber.

13. Making a Greener Web With Demand-Responsive Design

The concept of demand-responsive design builds off of the concept of responsive design.

14. Checking if a Value is a Number in Javascript with isNaN()

In Javascript, we have numerous ways to check if something is or is not a number.

15. Making User Activity on Your Website CO2 Neutral

Enrex continually looks for innovative methods in applying offsetting services in digital industries.

16. Dispelling the Myths: A Look at the Truth Behind Misconceptions About the Dark Web

Learn about the truth behind common myths about the darkvweb and get a better understanding of this mysterious part of the internet.

17. Anemoia and the Birth of New Words From Tumblr

Writer John Koenig created a Tumblr blog called The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

18. The Secret Trick For Mobile Viewports

How to make handling the viewport on mobile less awful, correctly fill the viewport, and get correct specific viewport sizes.

19. An Introduction to Backend Architecture

Front-end seems to be one of the most popular developers’ niche over the last years. Front-enders create the front view of the web application. The code consists of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Three of them create the magic we all experience on the internet. But there is much more than a web application that needs to work. The back-end is the other side of the applications that we don’t see, but the experience.

20. Decoding the Three Dots (…) Or Spread Operator in Javascript

The spread operator, spread syntax or 3 dots (...), is a type of syntax in Javascript that is used by both function calls and arrays/objects.

21. How to Set Up SSH Login Notifications with IP geolocation

Server admins commonly use SSH to login to Linux servers. It is also good to setup SSH notification with IP geolocation for better security.

22. 10 Best Web Dev Tools of 2021

Top 10 Web Dev Tools in 2021

23. 7 Optimization Recommendations for JavaScript Developers

In this article, I'll share 7 optimization tips that every JavaScript developer should know.

24. Why You Should Use Python for Web Development

Python is one of the most powerful and dominant languages in web development. check more here about why to use Python for Web Development.

25. Dealing With ICANN: My Experience

Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi talks about his experience dealing with ICANN.

26. The Internet is Broken, But The Metaverse and Web 3.0 Could be the Solution

What is the major issue with the internet today, and how can Web 3.0 fix it?

27. Use Twig + Timber To Build Better WordPress Themes

Learn about Twig and Timber web development, and how the Hounder team uses these tools to create stunning custom themes in word press.

28. What Will Happen to the Internet as We Enter Web3?

The entire internet as we know it will change, and it all starts with some of the protocols we can already see. So, what kind of change can we expect with Web3?

29. TypeScript Interfaces and Types: A Comparison

Let's take a look at how Typescript Interfaces and types differ.

30. WTF is Web3?

Web3 is just the continued evolution of the internet. It takes the ideals of Web1, the creative and social elements of Web2, and adds decentralization.

31. Authentication Using the Auth0 to a React Application

Application example built with React with authentication using the Auth0 service.

32. How to Get Started Using the EyeDropper API with JavaScript

With the new EyeDropper API in Chromium, websites can let visitors pick colors from anywhere on their screen

33. The Website Accessibility Checklist

Cheatsheet to make your web app more accessible with little effort

34. The Great Comeback Of HTML Widgets

Do you remind those web widgets all websites have been using in the 90s? Guess what, they're coming back.

35. Building 'The Builder' - The Road from Commit to Production in 13s

How we built "The Builder": the challenges we faced and how to build a modern, reliable, and quick continuous integration and deployment system.

36. Understanding Nullish Coalescing (or ??) in Javascript

The nullish coalescing operator is useful in situations where something can be returned as either null or undefined, and helps us tighten up our code.

37. Web3 vs the Traditional Web: A Look at Web3's Benefits

A look at Web3 and the traditional web

38. Decentralized Web (DeWeb Tokens) 101 – The next big thing?

Over the last years, but especially the last months, DeFi (Decentralized Finance) emerged to a popular and highly hyped niche within the crypto space.

39. What Is Web4? Is It Centralized or Decentralized?

Web4 is a term that is used to refer to the next generation of the internet. It is also known as the “more” decentralized web.

40. Meet the Writer: HackerNoon's Contributor Nikita Starichenko, SWE at Snap Inc.

From Engineering to Surfing!

41. CSS Grid Layout: How It Works

What is the "Grid" in CSS? How can I use "Grid" in CSS? Read this article by Nima Owji to learn how to use grid layout in CSS!

42. Building a Composable Fiat Chain With Interoperable Blockchain Offering

Pendulum CTO Torsten Stuber discusses a new type of decentralised payment system that aims to replace the current system of bank-to-bank transfers.

43. Building a Simple HTTP Client Using Proxygen

Build an HTTP client using proxygen.

44. What is the Difference Between Encryption, Hashing and Salting?

There are several security concepts and techniques, but each one has its purpose and I will introduce their concepts and practices in this article.

45. Embracing Offline-First Technology

Along the way, after getting smartphones and voice-controlled assistants, we've lost the plot. Perhaps embracing offline-first technology will help us find it.

46. A Blockchain Answer to Moxie’s ‘Impressions of Web3’

While critics have argued that Web3 is currently undermined by too much centralization, at least one blockchain platform promises end-to-end decentralization.

47. How to Protect Your WordPress Site Against DDoS Attacks

A DDoS attack is a very common cyber-attack. In this article, you will learn about how to prevent it from happening to your WordPress website.

48. How Can I Use Selenium to Automate Shadow DOM Elements?

In this blog, we highlighted the automation of the shadow DOM elements using the selenium web driver.

49. Adding the map TomTom component to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the map component using the @tomtom-international/web-sdk-maps library.

50. Why localStorage Still Crashes Your Website in 2023

How to deal with the Browser SecurityError: The operation is insecure or localStorage is not defined.

51. How to Apply Web Scraping in Marketing

Both large and small businesses rely more and more on web crawling to boost their marketing efforts.

52. Here's What I Made: Chat Progressive Web Application

Check out this chat progressive web app made with React Firebase and NodeJS it has push notifications , you send audios images or texts and a lot more features.

53. 5 Reasons Why Your Website's Visitors Do NOT Convert as Much As You'd Like

As all aspects of life continue to evolve fully into the digital age, businesses have come to the realization that owning an online presence is a prerequisite for their brands to remain relevant. However, some businesspersons, while trying to adopt this online approach, they make critical mistakes that backfire on their brands, both online and offline.

54. Coding By Hands vs. Visual Website Builder

It is a web developer’s dream to get clients who understand development requirements. As a web developer you might be fluent in CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and of course, HTML. Hand coding skill is what makes a web developer indispensable.

55. DeFi is Evolving Cryptocurrency into a Unity

Evolution of Cryptocurrency and DeFi to Web 3.0

56. Creating a New Website? I Have Nuttertools for You

With this website, you get to run performance, lighthouse, core web vitals, visual comparison, and traceroute tests on your website.

57. Top 9 Tips to Improve React Performance

These 9 tips will help you improve the performance of your React code so that you can make the most out of your software and maximize what you are capable of.

58. Radix Releases UX and UI Alpha Sneak Peek of its Web3 Wallet

Radix, the smart contract platform for asset-oriented DeFi, has released alpha images of its Web3 wallet, which aims to provide a wonderful user experience.

59. JavaScript Maps: Everything You Need to Know

You might be using Javascript plain old objects right now when a map may be a better solution to your problem.

60. HTTP Made Easy: Understanding the Web Client-Server Communication

If you are anywhere related to web development, understanding the concepts of HTTP plays a vital role. So let us understand more about HTTP and its concepts in brief.

61. Web Scraping For Fun: With 'requests-html'

Web Scraping for fun: With 'requests-html'

62. Asked for a Parka, Got an “Error 429: Too Many Requests”

Anti-bot techniques are getting life harder for web scrapers. In this post we'll see how Kasada protects a website and how a misconfiguration of it can be used

63. Top 5 TypeScript Performance Tips

Hi everyone! Today I want to talk about fast TS compilation. There are a lot of tips and tricks about TypeScript code style. But not about compiler performance.

64. Top Lesser Known HTML 5 & CSS 3 Tips and Best Practices

There is a lot of information about different HTML/CSS features. I want to tell you about equally useful, but less popular tips for you work!

65. How to Remove the Last Element of a JavaScript Array

One of the most frequent operations we perform on an array is removing the last element. There are a few different ways to do this - but one of the most common

66. How To Build an Absurdly Backwards Compatible Website

Let’s face it: the internet is broken.

67. Conditional Rendering in Vue

v-if and v-show are two ways to conditionally render content in Vue.

68. A Closer Look at Immediately Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE) in JavaScript

Immediately invoked function expressions, or IIFE, are functions that are run as soon as you define the function.

69. Top 10 CSS Performance Tips

Hi everyone! There are a lot of tips and tricks about CSS styling. But not in this article. Today I want to talk about how to use CSS more efficiently and make

70. Is Web 3 Really the Future of the Web or Just Another Buzzword?

Is Web 3.0 really the future of the the internet and how is it different from the two previous generations of the internet? How did it change since the past?

71. An Overview of Cyber Insurance for MSPs

Cyber insurance is a type of insurance policy designed to protect businesses and individuals against losses resulting from cyber attacks and data breaches.

72. What Exactly Pimpandhost Internet Archive Wayback Do For You

Suppose you need a document very bad to make sure that all the documents that you have or all that you need for an important job is all there, to make sure that you don't have to worry about it at all, but here's the catch, the file or the document that you need is not online, it is old and has been lodged in an offline mode, that is in the back of some room docketed and numbered.

73. Some HTML, CSS Little Secrets In One Article

There are many different guides and guidelines on the Internet. I tried to go through all of them and put together a little cheat sheet.

74. Undoing a Git Pull

75. You’ll Need to Use a Proxy Server, Sooner or Later

Why in large web scraping projects there's the need of proxy servers? Here a brief explanation of what they are and how they work and their differences.

76. The Story of How I Got My First Job in IT with Perseverance and a Plan

It’s hard to believe, but after two and a half years of studying and about two years of meaningful job search, I finally got my first job in IT.

77. Legends of Blockchain Gaming Come Together for the 1st Annual GAM3 Awards

The GAM3 Awards seek to become the Grammys of web3 gaming, and have been created by a consortium of the industry's biggest companies and influencers.

78. DINO (Decentralized In Name Only) Vs. True Decentralization

comparing centralization, partial (in name only) decentralization and true decentralization / the problems with blockchains / the single point of failure...

79. In the 90s, Web 1.0 was Running on a Fully Decentralized Infrastructure

How Ethereum’s composability created the most innovative ecosystem to date.

80. Developing Web Apps on Product Hunt with Nima Owji, 2021 Noonies Nominee

Hey Everybody! I’m Nima Owji. I’m a web developer and app researcher.

81. What's the Link Between Web Automation and Web Proxies?

Web automation and web scraping are quite popular among people out there. That’s mainly because people tend to use web scraping and other similar automation technologies to grab information they want from the internet. The internet can be considered as one of the biggest sources of information. If we can use that wisely, we will be able to scrape lots of important facts. However, it is important for us to use appropriate methodologies to get the most out of web scraping. That’s where proxies come into play.

82. How to Build a Slack Clone with React, Firebase, and CometChat

In this tutorial, we will be combining the full power of React, Firebase, and CometChat to build a slack clone that will leave you mind-blown.

83. What Are Redis Hashes

Redis hashes are a type of record stored in a Redis database. They are little like JSON objects and store data as key-value pairs.

84. How to Navigate Between Views in Vue with Vue Router

After creating an application in Vue, you'll often want it to consist of multiple views or pages.

85. Top 12 Lesser Known Tips for JavaScript Best Practices

There is a lot of information about different JS features. I want to tell you about equally useful, but less popular tips for working with this language!

86. Learning How To Code The Old Fashioned Way

There are a ton of articles written to help new programmers build their skills and succeed in a fast-changing and high-paying industry. The ability to learn new and complex things quickly is key to succeeding in the tech industry, which is always changing at a fast pace. One day the language or framework that you are using will go out of style and eventually you’ll need to pick up a new skill set.

87. Chatbot Examples - Which Are the Best Chatbots on the Web?

Even if you don’t have a chatbox on your website, you have definitely encountered one before. Facebook, eBay, Domino’s Pizza, and Universal Studios are some of the big names that have their own chatbots.

88. The Role of Front-End Development in Website Design

A bad front-end development will affect your business, as well as your customer base. The first impression of a website is key.

89. The Difference Between Web Apps and Websites

In 1999, the conversation around the web focused on its power as a new media.

90. Light My Web Exploration Fire

Like-minded people created their own communities, rather than joining one that already exists.

91. A Review of Arrays in Javascript

Arrays in Javascript are a simple, one-dimensional way to store simple sets of data. Arrays are non-unique, which means they can store duplicates (unlike sets).

92. How To Get The Most Out Of OpenGL With C++ And WASM


93. The Web’s Closed Hell Future and The Hope of A New Decentralized Internet

The net can be thought of as a gigantic battlefield. Today there are a few impenetrable forts (to which everyone is invited so long as they play by the rules and give up certain freedoms), thousands upon thousands of skirmishes in lawless plains, and millions of scattered corpses across a charred wasteland.

94. HashKey Capital's Deng Chao Talks About Market Developments and the Future of Web3 in 2023

Deng Chao, a representative of HashKey Group, a blockchain-focused investment firm, discusses the market developments in the web3 space in 2022.

95. Using Atom Text Editor As IDE

Let's set up your computer so it's ready to code.

96. Explaining The Role of Cryptography During COVID-19 [A DIY Guide]

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a funny title. It starts with how, whereas when you read it you probably wondered why.

97. Accessibility Tools and Resources for Designers and Developers

Today we’ll talk about accessibility.

98. Top 7 Web3 Marketing Agencies

Presently, the tech industry is seen to have dominated the global market with different developments from Web2 to Web3 in terms of its version and services.

99. How to Build a 1997

The web was fairly new, and digital publishing was far from the norm.A lot of information about the early web was being distributed through books.

100. The Monetization Model for A Decentralized Web/dWeb [Deep Dive]

This is a second article in the ‘Decentralized web / dWeb’ series. To get an idea on what the dWeb is please check — this article.

101. How To Create A Simple Twitter Bot Using Node.js

In this tutorial, we'll go over creating a simple Twitter bot that uses the Today in History API and tweet what happened today in history.

102. Adding the Material UI CSS framework to a React Application

Application example built with React and adding the Material UI CSS framework using the @mui/material library.

103. Understanding the Magic of 'this' in JavaScript

It's something used all the time in Javascript, but often what it refers to is a mystery. Let's look at how this works in Javascript in different contexts.

104. Benefits of Magento Ecommerce in the Times of Coronavirus

The entire globe has been engulfed by the pandemic of Covid-19 and the worldwide economy has undergone a metamorphic phase where due to the need of quarantine, ecommerce businesses are benefiting and earning revenue like never before.

105. Trends in Web and Network Cybersecurity

Today, cyber-attacks are a growing concern for many businesses, organizations, institutions, and everybody who uses the internet to provide or get services. As criminals devise new ways to compromise the traditional and modern security solutions, it is becoming more challenging protecting web and network systems.

106. JavaScript Loops: for/forEach/for.. in/for.. of Explained

There are quite a few ways in Javascript to loop through an array of items or any other iterable item in Javascript. You may have seen them:

107. Web 1.0 to Web4: A Brief History of The Evolution of Internet Technologies

The Internet has come a long way from Web 1.0 to Web 4.0

108. Top 5 Headaches for Web3 Developers

The developer experience for Web3 is rife with inconveniences, including bloatedness, lack of protocol standardization, limited support for other platforms, and many more.

109. How To Build Your First Website For A Client - Workflow and Tools

So you want to earn money by making websites? Five years ago, I was in your shoes searching for an article like this one.

110. 11 things I learned reading the flexbox spec

I’ve always found flexbox pretty easy to work with — a breath of fresh air after years of floating and clearfixing.

111. The Features and Benefits of AngularJS for Web Application Development

If you are looking for a structural framework for dynamic applications, AngularJS is the ideal choice.

112. An Intro to Web3 and Why You Should Give a Damn

With blockchain, Web3 users get more freedom, privacy and access to the same social services without fear of their data being used without their permission.

113. Web Scraping and the Battle for Open Internet

A few years ago, Cambridge Analytica made netizens concerned regarding the gathering of their online data. At that time, affected or interested users had little knowledge of how big the big-data industry actually was.

114. Why Would Google Be Against the URL??

Google wants to change a major part of web browsing by killing the URL, in parts though. After their first step was successful, here’s what they plan for the second step.

115. Vue Amsterdam 2022: Part V - Reusable Widgets That Work!

How to build accessible reusable widgets and reusable components with the help of ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application)

116. How to Stop an Active Process on a Port

It is common in Node.js and other languages to run a script on a certain port. These are steps to take to stop an active process on a port.

117. How to put a div in the center using Flexbox

How to put a div in the center using Flexbox? My name is Nima Owji and I want to show you how to put a div in the center using Flexbox.

118. Web 3.0: Decentralizing the Internet

Web 3.0 opens a new future where users and distributed machines can interact with data, value, and even other counterparties via peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties. Therefore, Web 3.0 is considered a new generation of the world wide web to increase user utility and the number of online applications in exploiting the power of the current decentralized network.

119. Adding the ESLint to an Angular Application

Application example built with Angular 14 and adding the ESLint using @angular-eslint/schematics library.

120. 12-Step Checklist for Releasing a Website

Releasing a website is a stressful and important moment. And you want to make sure everything is ready.

121. The Web Scraping Anti-Detect Anti-Bot Matrix: A Guide

Web scraping tools and framework comparison to bypass the most common anti-bot solutions like Cloudflare, Perimeterx, Datadome, Kasada and F5

122. How to Create a COVID Vaccine Slot Availability Notifier Using Python

Coronavirus cases are increasing day by day. It’s very important to get vaccinated. so I tried to create an automated notifier to tell me when a lost opened up.

123. Why Don't More People Use Brave?

When Brave came out, my world didn’t change. I figured there was no reason to change browsers in a post Internet Explorer world. After all, Google already controls most of my information, why on earth would I want to introduce something new into our almost exclusive relationship.

124. Keyboard Layouts and Their Place in the Web

How come QWERTY became the most popular keyboard, despite the fact that it might be not the most comfortable to use?

125. An Intro to Web Design and UI/UX Trends in 2023

The trend of brutalism, which breaks the rules and catches people's attention, allows for the addition of interesting elements like screaming fonts.

126. There Are Web Products Everywhere You Turn

Brian Mayer launched a website which listed reservations for sale to popular restaurants in San Francisco.

127. Spatial Web Demands a New Protocol - Part 2 - HSTP

HSTP bridges all Smart Technologies including all data and entities within each space, to facilitate a truly augmented technological experience.

128. Removing that ugly :focus ring (and keeping it too)

Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

129. Tips For A Successful Concurrent Requests With Async/Await And Promise.all

Let's talk about concurrency, async/await, promise.all, and lightning web components

130. 15 HTML element methods you’ve potentially never heard of

Note to self: write an intro that eases the reader into the article, rather than just jump right in.

131. What's the Best Way to Download Files— Torrent or File-Sharing?

Often there are disputes on the Internet about how best to download files — with a torrent tracker or through a file-sharing site. A torrent tracker is a simple site with user registration and a directory of links (torrents), structured according to the content of files. Torrents contain information about the file, users’ posts about it, and the address for downloading. There is a page of requests where you can ask to put certain information on the network.

132. How You Can Combat Misinformation on the Internet

Actions individuals can take to fight against the recent trend of misinformation and protect themselves on the internet.

133. Wicked Cool Experience: Nostalgic and Fun Wicked Coolkit

Feel like learning something new? Want to experience Web 1.0 again? You definitely want to test-drive the Wicked Coolkit.

134. How I Made a Ten Line Ruby Script to Get My 1st Jab

Use a Ruby script to get the jab in India

135. Validating a User Phone Number With SMS on Auth0 Using ZENVIA

Application example using Angular where a simple WEB application will be implemented to validate the user phone by SMS in the authentication.

136. An Interview with the Creator of JSON Douglas Crockford

We had a nice chat with Douglas Crockford, a well-known American computer programmer who was involved in the development of the JavaScript language.

137. Building A Twitter Bot With Node.js - Part 2: Deploying to Server and Schedule Tweets

In part 1, we learned how to create a simple Twitter bot with Node.js. In this article, we will go over how to deploy the bot and schedule tweets

138. What Is Web3? - Is Web3 Really Web3?

Web3 refers to the third generation of the World Wide Web. How is web3 relevant to you? Is web3 real?

139. Authentication using the Amazon Cognito to an Angular application

Application example built with Angular 14 with authentication using the Amazon Cognito service.

140. What is Web 3.0 and Why Do We Need It? (Podcast Transcript)

What is Web 3.0 and why should you care? 🤨 Amy Tom talks to Jaro Šatkevic, Head of Product at Mysterium Network, about the evolution of the web and Web 3.0.

141. The 100% correct way to split your chunks with Webpack

Working out the best way to serve up files to your users can be a tricky business. There’s so many different scenarios, different technologies, different terminology.

142. HTTP and Web Servers

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the language that web browsers and web servers speak to each other. Example, Request a web page or download a file or watch a video, it is HTTP that makes it possible.1 — Building Blocks Of HTTP

143. Using ChatGPT as an Educational Chatbot in a Next.js Frontend: A Guide

Let’s try our hand at building just such a frontend integration — a chat helper that can use OpenAI to answer a potential student’s questions...

144. How I Became a CTO with Noonies Nominee Sonny Alves Dias

As someone both in the crypto and the gaming industry, I believe that the most exciting technology of the present is Bitcoin because it has the power to change

145. SaaS Landing Page Optimization: 5 Hacks To Get More Conversions

Here are 5 hacks to help you optimize your SaaS landing page for more conversions. A landing page is a webpage that initiates a conversation and closes a deal.

146. 9 Types of Essential Tools for Every Web Developer

As the web gets more complex, the demands on developers grow in turn. These are 9 essential tools that every web developer should use in their processes.

147. How To Resize an Image Correctly in JavaScript

JavaScript implementation of so-called Seam Carving algorithm for the content-aware image resizing and objects removal. Dynamic programming approach is applied

148. From Web 1.0 to Web3: How the Internet Grew Over The Years

This is a written version of the talk I gave at WAQ19. Watch the video with English captions on YouTube.

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