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143 Stories To Learn About Career

by Learn RepoOctober 24th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Career via these 143 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Career via these 143 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. 8 Habits of Highly Productive People

The habits of highly productive people make them accomplish a lot. It's not magic, and you can improve your mentality by following these 8 habits.

2. 7 Tips that will Make You a Better Front End Developer

Being a front end developer is a challenging job. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, there are always ways you can improve and raise the quality of your work. You need to be willing to put in the time and effort to learn and improve the skill. Begin to build good habits like proper planning and even learning when to say no. Here are seven tips that will make you a better front end developer.

3. Software Engineer Performance Review are a Paradox

Performance reviews play a big role in the operation of the organization.

4. Must-have Soft Skills for a DevOps Engineer

Essential skills for DevOps Engineer to boost your career with no stress

5. Tech Layoffs: What do They Mean for Budding Developers?

So we're officially in a recession, and now the question is, "what does a recession mean to me as a brand-new developer?".

6. Digital Products - 10 Ways Developers Make Money Working from Home - E04

create courses and make money

7. What The Job Market Looks Like Now For Software Engineers

Software engineers seem to be in demand, but there are a lot of contradictory threads and information out there. Articles have even come out that question whether you really want to actually be a software engineer or whether you want to actually use your software engineering skills to create your own systems.

8. Becoming Consistent

Becoming Consistent

9. UX Design: 6 Things I Want to Share with My Junior Designer Self

6 tips for new grad and junior UX designers from a Staff Product Designer at Meta and Google.

10. Reinvent Yourself Using Technology: 4 Jobs You Can Do Online

Here are four basic ways to use technology to reinvent one's career during this tough pandemic. Pivot your career to make money online with freelancing and more

11. How to Review Pull Requests in 2022

Someone in my Virtual Coffee community asked about getting better at reviewing pull requests (PR) today, which prompted this post. Hopefully, you find something

12. Notion CRM template: How I use it to Grow My Career

How to build a CRM tool to grow professional relationships and your career

13. The State of Web3 Education

More people are coming to Web3 to set up shop and work. But, we need better Web3 education to make this easier, and reflect the ideals of the space.

14. 10 Ways Developers Can Make Money Coding

How developers increase their income cash flow

[15. I Live On the Internet: Interview With

Bin Nguyen, CEO of Chiheisen Technology](

16. My Experience of Moving up the Career Ladder in Software Engineering

Three of the most important learnings I had in my career so far going from Junior to Senior Software Engineer.

17. There's No Shortage of Drama in the NFT World with Contributor, Sam White

I find the NFT niche way more fascinating than other areas, because it’s so volatile. it’s massively disruptive, unregulated, and undefined.

18. Why Giving Developers The Freedom Of Choice Is Not Easy

It’s a fact that software developers are in great demand these days, to say the least… The growing need for building more tech products vs. well-trained resources is out of balance.

19. Meet the Writer: Sergey Prilutskiy is The Co-founder of Blockchain Company, MixBytes

Short interview with Sergey Prilutskiy, developer, researcher, security specialist, co-founder of MixBytes company, and Hackernoon author.

20. The Value of an Experienced PM

What are the attributes of a great Product Manager? That’s a question we recently asked ourselves at Zencity when we were looking to add another PM to the team. Some attributes are a part of a person’s character. Things like curiosity, sharp thinking and a relentless pursuit of truth. Those traits might be developed and enhanced, but for the most part — you either have them or not. Other attributes have to do with the knowledge the person obtained.

21. The 2022 State of Software Engineers Report

Hired released its 2022 State of Software Engineers, a report that analyzes key software engineering trends around demand, salaries, skills, and preferences.

22. Strategically Picking a Side Project

As my list of side projects grew ever larger, the list of abandoned, semifinished projects did so too.

23. The Steps that Helped me Land My First Job as a Software Developer

Are you low on confidence, nervous, feeling not prepared for the interview. There are a few things which will help you to overcome that.

24. The Secret for 10x Impact: Ask the Right Questions - Write Boring Software

Do you wonder how to have great business impact when writing software? Here is what I learned that profoundly changed how I approach software.

25. How to Prepare For a Mock Interview — Daniel Habib

Programming mock interviews can be time consuming and intimidating - here's how to make sure you didn't just waste your time

26. Time To Give Back to the Dev Community

After eight years in software development, I decided it was time to contribute more to the developer community.

27. Lessons From My First Software Engineering Job

First steps from freelancing to leading large projects. Tips on getting the most out of your first job. Application process, mentoring, career, soft skills.

28. How to Work in Tech Without Technical Experience

Learn what are the best entry level IT jobs. I describe briefly what QA engineer, product owner, scrum master, UX/UI designer, CSM and technical writer do. It's

29. Getting Into Tech: 7 Golden Tips For a Career Change

If you are reading these tips on how to switch your job to IT, then below you will find some golden tips which I wish I had got at the start of my career back t

30. How to Kickstart Your Career in Web3

Many of you have thought about starting a career in web3, whether it's transitioning from web2 or without any experience at all.

31. 5 Things to Consider Before Joining a Startup

Thinking of changing your career by stepping into the startup scene? Here are a few things to consider before joining a risky early-stage venture.

32. How to Start a Career in Software Testing

Testing is indispensable. It's the lifeline of software. Quality is a thing that can uplift you from your competitors.

33. 10 Companies to Bet the Future of Your Career On

If you’re interested in great rewards, a career with a heavy tilt toward stock-based compensation could be right for you, depending on your risk tolerance.

34. The Benefits of Writing in English (as a Non-Native Speaker)

Writing for a blog is not about perfect grammar or fancy sentences. Here's why you should write in English (as a non-native English speaker).

35. Using the XR Double Diamond Process to Compare the Designer vs Developer Path

How to pick the right path in the XR career. Whether it's augmented, virtual or mixed reality - you'll have to choose whether to become a designer or developer.

36. What Leaders Can do to Encourage Learning and Development

An organization's success depends not only on current capabilities but on the team's ability to grow and adapt. And this is facilitated by its leaders.

37. 2021: Reviewing and Kaizen-ing My Programming and Writing Life

Writing this personal review on how my year went is kind of emotional. I have always procrastinated writing or avoided it the previous years

38. The Roadmap To Becoming A Great CTO: Skills, Strategy, and Rewards

What is the role of a CTO in small to mid-stage companies? How do you get the job and how do you do well in the role?

39. Become a Front-End Developer in 6 Months with These 4 Skills

Let me give you a simple roadmap to know where you are, and where you should go next. So here are 4 essential skills to become a frontend developer in 6 months.

40. You Can’t Be a Good Web3 Designer Without Real Interest in Web3

My name is Andrii Bondar. I'm a product designer working on the zkSync project, a layer 2 solution for scaling the Ethereum blockchain.

41. Assessing Personal Career and Progress

Taking a pause from something that we do in order to keep track of something that is needed some attention is very important.

42. How to Turn "0 Years of Experience" Into a Job in Tech

If you’re here, you want to land a technical role, but you’re not sure what to do next. Do you get a specific certification? What tools or software do you need to pick up? You want to know you can land an incredible job that pays well, allows you to learn, and stand among fellow techies. Yet, you’re uncertain right now and unsure if your technical skills are at the level companies want. The last thing you want is for a hiring manager to look at your resume and immediately toss it out. Even worse, he might laugh at how bad your technical skills are.

43. How Can Young People Get an Internship in IT Companies

It is unfortunate that in this current century, in order for one to effectively secure employment, having gone through internship programs is almost a requirement. This is because no company wishes to take the risk of employing a young graduate who has no hands-on experience in the specific field.

44. How to Increase Your Chances of Landing Interviews at Google

Every developer, designer or marketer thinks of getting a job at well-known and huge organizations like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Netflix, but it’s very hard to reach these companies for the interview even if you have all the skills. Today I’m sharing ways to land interviews at these organizations.

45. The Thing Most Developers Get Wrong On Interviews

As an interviewee your main priority is to help the interviewer visualize what kind of employee you'll be at their company, and how your previous experience and achievements makes you a great for the position.

46. Will Coding Bootcamp Guarantee You a Job?

image: Criterion Classified Ads / Media Innovation by Jota Julian Gutierrez

47. The 4 Mindsets of a Great Startup Engineer

For those looking to leap into the world of startups, here are the four essential mindsets that will make you a successful startup engineer.

48. I Became a Software Engineer in 3 Months - Here's How

I became a software engineer in 3 months and I believe you can too. The secret that helped me succeed is showing up every day and doing the work.

49. Choosing Your First Software Development Job: Factors to Consider

Getting into the field of software development is a smart career move. Many employers are looking for developers and often struggle to fill these roles. Not only that but salaries and benefits are extremely competitive in our tech-centric world.

50. The Road to Senior Engineer: Management Is Not Just for Managers

As programmers, there are numerous things we must manage each day in addition to code. The best programmers I know don’t just do a good job of writing code, the

51. Delivery Manager In Your Early 20s: The Secrets To Rapid Career Growth

In this article, Karyna Prykhodko, a Junior Delivery Manager at Innovecs, shared secrets and useful advices to rapid career growth.

52. How I Got a Job at Spotify via my GitHub Profile

How my GitHub profile got me a job at Spotify. It doesn't have to be a good profile, but having one can be a difference-maker.

53. Our Careers and Our Identity Capital

Identity capital is the accumulation of our personal assets, in other words, a culmination of things that make us who we are.

54. Tips to Consider for First Time Conference Speakers

I’m by no means an expert and would say I’m only really at the start of my “career” as a regular conference speaker. I’ve spoken at a handful of big events, including Dot York last October and The Lead Developer London in June 2019.

55. How to Deal with a Coworker Making More Money Than You

As many companies increase pay to attract new talent in an increasingly competitive Job market some workers are finding themselves left behind. What do they do?

56. What Does Total Compensation Really Mean?

It is common to think of compensation purely as salary – money you get paid for the work you do. But many people get compensated with more than just salary.

57. "Once you know the rules, you are free to break them"

Rules were not meant to be broken, but there's always a reason to walk on the wild side. Make sure you know how to decide when it is appropriate to do so.

58. Buying an iPhone Landed me my First Job as a Developer

Buying an iphone gave me a great idea, that resulted in my first job as a develop, here's how!

59. Comparing the Workplace Characteristics of IT Companies When Searching for an IT Job

Let’s try to systematize the difference between the companies that you can find on the job market.

60. 5 Tips for Negotiating Your Compensation

Getting paid what you are worth can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know your worth.

61. Web Designer vs Web Developer: What's the difference?

So many businesses make the same mistakes when they set out to develop or redevelop their websites. Overcome with the compelling need to do it all as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible, many companies take shortcuts which, sadly for them, ultimately costs them more in the long-run. Compromising on web design is one of those shortcuts that far too many individuals and businesses take, even though great web design ultimately leads to better performing websites and improved user experiences, as well as improved conversion rates. Well-designed websites create confidence that your business is trustworthy as well.

62. Mums in Tech: Career and Family Need not Follow XOR (Exclusive OR) Logic

Last Wednesday I’ve joined an event called Mums in Tech, how to balance work & family — Webinar + Virtual Networking, which was held by Women In Tech and hosted by Remo.

63. Interviewing Android Developers: View From the Other Side

Because we all want to work with the best people for the job!

64. Software Testing as a Job to Enter the Tech Space

Software testing is a tech job that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves.

65. What Makes You a Great Programmer on The Team?

Majority of software developers are aspired to be not only a competent professional but also a great one.

66. Diversity & Inclusion: 5 Best Practices Towards a Great Place to Work

Struggling with diversity and inclusion goals for your organizations? Here’re a few handy tips you can follow to achieve your goals...

67. What is Reverse Mentoring?

Reverse mentoring occurs when young people become mentors of executives to guide them on various topics of strategic and cultural relevance.

68. How I Built an Online Radio with Soundcloud and NextJS

69. Unlock Your Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The significance of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) has increased by much in technology in recent years. It has gone to a point where they are helping businesses gain an advantage over their competitors.

70. How to Decide Whether to Leave or Stay at Your Current Workplace During the Great Resignation

Use this checklist to see if your workspace is a good place to be, or if it's time to move on.

71. How to Get Your First Job as a Video Game Designer

How many of us have thought to ourselves “how cool would it be to become a game designer!” It might seem like a pipe dream at first, but with the right approach, it’s possible, even for someone in their 30s with a completely unrelated education or background.

72. Hiring Process And Onboarding Virtually During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a virtual standstill and has millions of us at home. COVID-19 also presents an unprecedented challenge for recruiters — interviewing new candidates, hiring and onboarding them. Keeping these challenges at bay, many companies have turned to virtual hiring as an alternative to traditional hiring.

73. How to Network Effectively and Enhance Your Career Growth

This article is about why networking is important to your success, and what you can do to improve your networking skills throughout the course of your career.

74. From Science to Soup: The Power of Transferable Skills

Discover how these top five skills can lead to new career opportunities.

75. 7 Ways To Make Your Software Engineering Resume Stand Out

Software engineering is an in-demand skill with lots of job opportunities. As more people enter the field, tempted by big salaries and the promise of job security, it is increasingly important to make sure that your resume stands out for those top-tier jobs. Here are a few tweaks you can make to your resume so that it ends up at the top of every hiring manager’s pile.

76. Productivity Guide: How to Be Less Busy and More Effective

In our hectic modern world, we believe that rushing from one task to the next and managing multiple priorities shows everyone that we are productive.

77. Tech Politics, Math, and Career

Baakt Launch

78. [Roundup] GitHub Buys Semmle, Vitalik's Time Machine Visit, and Condolences to the Facebook Engineer

Vitalik’s Time Machine Visit

79. Why You Should Chase Interesting Problems, Not Money

Feeling dissatisfied with your career? We grow up with the lie that money makes everything right. And it doesn't. Here's why.

80. 5 Benefits of Learning to Code That Transfer To Other Segments Of Your Life

This is a brief list of benefits I already feel even as a newbie, in all areas of my life, which started developing because of learning to code. I believe it will only get better with more experience. Here they are in a short list, and then a few words about each.

81. Ten Things I Wish I Knew at the Start of My IT Career

Following is a list of ten things that might sound so simple to many IT experts but weren’t so obvious at the start of their IT career.

82. The Exciting Journey Of Creating My First Portfolio📂🎉

For the last few months, I've been working on a personal portfolio. I've always believed that a separate portfolio is important for any dev since it connects you to future opportunities and it helps you to grow your network.

83. How Finding Your People Can Help You Achieve Your Big Dreams

Got Big Dreams? Find Your Ecosystem

84. Meet the Writer: Mikhail Kirilin Did 12 Hours of Research for His Latest Piece

My name is Mikhail Kirilin. For the past 7 years, I've been involved in PR, editorial, and communications in one way or another. I've been studying hedge funds.

85. Constantly Changing Technologies Can be Very Helpful for Your Programming Career

Constantly changing technologies may seem like something that would harm your career but taking the opportunity to branch out can be incredibly helpful.

86. How Useful are Certificates from Coursera, edX, and Udemy?

87. Take Your Software Engineering Career to the Next Level With These 4 Soft Skills

A good software engineer not only has good technical skills but also great soft skills. Having excellent soft skills will boost your career!

88. Real Feedback On My Portfolio That May Help You Improve Yours

Some months ago I posted an article about how I built my first personal portfolio. The feedback was pretty awesome and I got some great ideas.

89. 4 Best Free Professional Coding Resources to Try in 2022

Free coding resources allow you to try out professional tools and services. If you're a student, take this opportunity to get experienced!

90. How Software Developers Can Overcome Common Career Hurdles

It’s January, and most of you have probably enjoyed a break from work over the festive season. Less time coding and more time gaming or film watching. All that time with colleagues is replaced with family, friends and pets rather than coworkers. But it’s Monday, and the working week is back with a vengeance. Did you return to your job this week with feeling is enthusiasm or dread?

91. From Software Engineer to Product Manager: My First Month

I’ve just finished my first 30 days as a Product Manager moving from my previous Frontend Developer role in the Oberlo Growth team. I decided it’s also a good time to pause and reflect on all that has happened in my first month.

92. A Guide to Surviving in a Tech Company as a Non-Technical Staff

You have just started working in a prestigious tech company. But the problem is that you have 0% knowledge about tech. Here's how you can survive.

93. My Take on The Mass Layoff at Twitter HQ

Bad managment can fire you at an instant if they can pay for it

94. Why It’s a Good Idea for Developers to Work with Startups Instead of for Them

What if I told you, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds – to capture the advantages of working with a startup while mitigating the downsides?

95. The Hacker in the Second Renaissance

“It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating”, Oscar Wilde.

96. How to Transition From a Software Engineer to a Product Manager

It's all about testing and reading market responses.

97. How To Become a Senior Developer: Thinking one Level Ahead

The skills needed to get a promotion are quite different from those you need to land a job. Promotions require a different approach to your skills, value, and relationships in your organization. How does one strike a careful balance between passion, ambition, and talent that is needed to get your next promotion?

98. The "5 to 9 Product Manager"

What to look for when hiring Product Managers. What Product Managers can do to stand out from the crowd.

99. How a 1950s Career 'Theory' Blinds Us To Today's Realities of Work

The idea of a good career path or a career trajectory is deeply embedded in our beliefs about how work should be. While it would be amazing if this was a reality that people could count on, I believe that it is a product of a unique moment in history.

100. I Wish I Never Learned to Code

I write code for a living. You might say I’m a professional software engineer, but really software engineering is much more than just a profession — it’s a lifestyle. The hoodies, the ping pong, the endless snacks and soda… it’s all true. And yet, as rewarding as this field can be, I have a confession to make:

101. How I Train Myself For Google Internship Interview

I recently got an intern offer from Google for Summer 2020. I have been practicing LeetCode problems for more than two years. Other than the LC problems, I have used the educative courses to help me prepare the coding interviews.

102. My Developer Interview Experience at Lyft, Microsoft, Booking, Uber, JP Morgan, Amazon and Facebook

Yet another story of how an ordinary guy from the middle of nowhere in Russia managed to get multiple FAANG offers. This time, in Europe.

103. 7 Best Tech Career Paths of The Future

From technology and innovation to economies, the world has been experiencing a plethora of changes in recent times. Business, as usual, is no more an alternative for any industry. The traditional careers may or may not have their way into the future. With these rapid transitions, there are a lot of new career options that may rule the future.

104. How to Get a Developer Job with No Experience (Like I Did)

There's a lot that you can do to improve your chances of getting that first job in tech. Your programming skills are not the end of it. Without experience, you will need to take steps to convince employers that you deserve a chance. Here's how I did it.

105. Tips to Land a Job at a Top Tech Companies

Landing a job at at Google, Apple and other similar companies in the world can seem like an impossible task. Read this guide you can land an interview in tech!

106. Applying for Research Internships at IITs, IIMs, NITs, and Foreign Universities

Hi there!

107. Reflections of a Self-Taught Dev


108. What Is Impostor Syndrome?

Impostor syndrome is a psychological occurrence in which an individual doubts their skills or talents and has a fear of being exposed as a fraud.

109. My Damn Good Advice for Junior Developers

A client emailed me a while back and asked what advice I’d give to someone just starting out on their career.

110. Salesforce is More Than Just a CRM

People who know of my work in the Windows world sometimes ask me how I, a “real" programmer and former Microsoft MVP, could become so involved with Salesforce development.  I thought I’d write a different kind of article highlighting one of the Salesforce platform features that I find compelling—and that makes Salesforce, for me, a serious platform for software development. Instead of the usual "dry" technical article, I present to you a story - a work of fiction (except for the technology, which is all true).

111. 5 Steps in Programming to Keep You From Getting Stuck

Getting stuck in a programming problem is a very common thing.

112. How to Write a Python Script to Scale Your Data Science Job Applications

Are you struggling getting job interviews as a fresh graduate out of college? Here's my experience using an unconventional approach to get that interview.

113. How to Become a Web3 Writer: Simple Tips to Get Started

You can earn six figures as a Web3 writer. Here's how you can get started.

114. The Valley is Dead for Devs. Time to Move to Switzerland?

Silicon Valley is dead for Software Developers.

115. Why Designers Should Understand How Developers Work

As designers it’s easy to get annoyed with developers. Perhaps they can’t get the alignment of a button right; or that feature you deemed critical to your UX is just too far down the backlog for your comfort.

116. Why is there a Shortage of Developers in the World?

117. How to EFFECTIVELY Manage Young Product Managers

The ultimate guide on how to manage young PMs in your team. Includes Dos and Don’ts, examples and modus operandi using which I wish I was led/managed early on when I started as a PM. Also, young PMs could takeaway lessons from here on what to expect and ask from your managers.

118. Stop Fearing the Whiteboard: Conquer It!

It's time we stopped fearing, complaining, and arguing about whiteboard coding interviews.

119. 36 Questions Every Software Developer Should Ask Potential Employers

“Do you have any questions for us?” the interviewer asks. This is your chance to find out if the company if a good fit for YOU.

120. How To Break The “Senior Engineer” Career Ceiling

I have met many engineers whose career progression seemingly stops at “senior engineer”. It happens for many reasons:

121. A Guide to Remote Working as a Beginner

are you a freelancer or a remote employee or contractor working on a remote basis? if you’re any of this then this guide is for you.

122. If You Learn to Build Scalable Applications, You Can Change Your Career

What we're up to

123. In First-Person Experience: Why Should You Become a Linux Foundation Intern?

Last year, I was a mentee at the Hyperledger Summer Internship program, hosted by Hyperledger and the Linux Foundation.Here, I share with you some of the processes. A trick for applying is to build up some skills and to investigate the topic of the internship beforehand, if possible. Showing enthusiasm, and a sense of mission also helps. After applying, I got to know my mentor, David Huseby. Dave explained what he expected from the now realized blockchain course:Enterprise Blockchain Technologies ( program was nicely paced, with my course being delivered in four phases. You can check the progress here:

124. 5 Bad Habits Of Software Developers

There is no hard and fast rule as to how a programmer should program. So, there is nothing wrong if you have your own style of programming.

125. Happy 1-Year Podiversary, Hackers!

Wow, someone pinch me! One year of The HackerNoon Podcast already?!

126. Asking Questions Makes You Look Smarter

Junior developers are afraid of looking dumb. They think that seeming stupid will hinder their career progression. Nothing could be further from the truth.

127. 7 Hard Truths for New Software Developers

If you’re coming out of your education (whether that is self taught, a university degree, or bootcamp), it’s important to know that your expectations for your career in the tech workforce may not align with actual industry practice and culture.

128. 5 Things to Consider Before Interviewing at Fortinet

Working at Fortinet is a unique experience. Its one that can grow your career and pay you well, if you know what your getting into.

129. To UI Engineering and Back Again

This is going to be one of those once upon a time articles so buckle up and prepare for a story.

130. 4 Future-Proof IT Specialties for IT Workers of Today and Tomorrow

For more than thirty years now, the global IT sector has been growing. Rapid developments in a variety of technology fields have created whole new industries and revolutionized others. For those that became a part of the swelling ranks of IT workers, it's been a time of unprecedented career opportunities.

131. Why We Must (Dare to) Change Higher Education Now

My experience from speaking at a career event for Millennials.

132. 14 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Software Engineer

A Q&A for students with a Facebook software engineer

133. Ikigai: The Japanese Philosophy To Find Purpose

Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that means your reason for being. ‘Iki’ in Japanese means ‘life,’ and ‘gai’ describes value or worth.

134. Top 5 Concurrency Interview Questions for Software Engineers

(Some background: I’ve interviewed hundreds of candidates for software engineering jobs at Facebook and Microsoft. I’ve also failed several coding interviews myself when I wasn’t prepared.)

135. Why I Dropped Out of College in 2020 to Design My Own ML and AI Degree

Most people would think I was crazy for starting 2020 as a college dropout (sorry mom!), but I wish I made this decision sooner.

136. 5 Crucial Career Stages: From Looking For An Internship To Career Growth

Internships are held at the office of a company that already employs professionals in the field.

137. How To Know If You Are Ready For Internship?

Recently I just completed my 6-months internship at Digi-X. It was a great experience for me, I went from using XAMPP to setup a simple PHP website to knowing how to use Laravel and deploy it on AWS on top of NGINX web server.

138. 7 Years In Tech Leadership: What I've Learned

Being a CTO can be hard and frustrating, but also fun and satisfying. During my time in the last seven years as CTO, R&D manager, and software architect both at Walla!NEWS, Careerpage, and Appwrite, I have collected some insights that helped me do my jobs and achieve my company’s goals. For a long time, I have thought about sharing my ideas, and in this post, I will try my best to give away some of those insights based on my personal experiences.

139. Basics Behind Building Remote Team

Many remote team management theories offer the following model structure. It starts with:

140. 10 Skills You Need For Your Post-Pandemic Career

Ever since the pandemic began, and workforces went home for what turned out to be a long period of remote work (which has yet to fully end), we’ve been asking ourselves a lot of questions about the future of work. How are we adapting to this new environment? Do we need new skills? Will technology help us or hurt us over the long term? Is it OK to prioritise a healthier work-life balance when the world seems to be ending? What careers will be on the ascent when this is over, and which ones should be avoided?

141. Top 7 Courses to Become a Software Architect or Solution Architect

Every Programmer wants to grow in their career, but it’s not easy, and if you don’t pay attention to your job, you will likely stay in the same position for many years. The growth in the initial few years is generally fast. Still, once you reach the barrier of 5 years, you need to decide which direction you want to move like — people management, product management, or software architecture.

142. 35 of the Best Dev Channels and Content Creators on Youtube

Here I've compiled a list of personal favorite devs on YouTube. I've added a couple of lines on each channel too for reference. Enjoy!

143. Adopt a DevOps Culture Before Looking for DevOps Engineers

Job specs for DevOps engineer jobs often mention a vast variety of duties and responsibilities. Are they hiring for a single role or a whole team?

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