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14 Proven Tips to Create and Maintain a Perfect Career Page for Your Organization

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Your company’s career page is the foundation of your every recruitment strategy. It’s the most important recruiting channel you have. Are you looking for ideas for creating a perfect career page, or you’re just looking to improve your existing one?

In this article, you’ll find 14 easy-to-implement tips to create a career page:

1. Make It Easy to Find

Access to your career page should be either on the top navigation bar or in the bottom navigation menu.

Candidates should be able to find your career page with one click. Your beautiful career page won’t attract the candidates if they can’t find it at all.

A Taleo study found that 73% of multinational websites had their careers pages just one click away from the homepage.

Here is a best practice example found on Springworks’ career page:


2. Company Description

Your career page must have a company description. This should be short, sweet, and give a clear intro about your company. Explain who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

Make sure you explain your company’s mission and vision to your prospects in an understandable manner and conversational language.

Here is a best practice example found on Hubspot’s career page:


3. Showcase Core Company Values

Your company values are the foundation, core, lifeblood, fuel, and heart of your company culture. Don’t miss out on showing them on your career page. 

What does your organization believe in? Stating your core values on your career page can make all the difference. 

Here is a best practice example found on Springworks’ career page:


4. Team Photos

Candidates want to see real people behind the brand. So, it’s a great idea to upload existing employees’ photos on your career page. 

Help your candidates see that it is fun and pleasant to work with you. Add a smiling team photo where candidates see the pillars of strength behind your brand.

Here is a best practice example found on Hotjar’s career page:


5. Office Outing / Event Photos

Office outings or event pics show your company culture and fun environment. This way, when candidates look at your career page, they will find an incentive to be a part of your company. 

These photographs tell your candidates that it will be a joyful experience to work for you, as you value them in many ways.

Here is a best practice example found on Springworks’ career page:


6. Employee Testimonials

As a company, you might have everything good to say about yourself. But why would people believe you? But, when your employees talk about their experience working with your company, the message is heard differently. For this reason, you must share employee testimonials on your career page.

Here is a best practice example found on Porto Montenegro’ career page:


7. Showcase Employee Benefits

How do you provide value to your employees? What are the perks of being associated with your brand? 

Candidates want to know what employee benefits and incentives you offer. Be it family leave, student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement, healthcare plans, gym memberships, sponsored holidays, or more. Bring all that you do for your employees to the first page.

Here is a best practice example found on Salesforce’s career page:


8. Company Awards and Achievements

Where do you stand as an organization? Are you an industry leader and have won awards for performing well? 

Don’t shy, show all the awards and certificates you have achieved on your career page. This will attract the right candidates who want to work in leading and excelling organizations. You can share if you have been listed as the ‘Best place to work,’ “Best Employer,’ or simply your shining rating from Glassdoor.

Here is a best practice example found on Slalom’s career page:


9. Keep Your Page Up-to-Date

One of the biggest mistakes that employers make is letting their career page become out of date. Keep updating all the active openings.

If you do not update it, you might send out a negative message. You might also lose people interested in your company’s position just because it wasn’t updated on the career page.

Here is a best practice example found on Springworks’ career page:


10. Make Your Career Page Mobile Friendly

Be it browsing websites or hunting for jobs, smartphones are turning into everyone’s favorite for all kinds of tasks. So, you must make your career page mobile-friendly. Make your page easy to read on mobile.

Here is a best practice example found on Meraki’s career page:


11. Short Application Form

The application form or process on your career page must be simple and short. Most of the candidates back out from applying to a job just because of a lengthy application form. 

The best practice is to ask for only the required details and then ask for more information upon shortlisting or an interview.

Here is a best practice example found on Prezi’s career page:


12. Put Share Buttons

Candidates might find positions in which their friends might be interested. When you add a share option, people can directly share new openings on social media or personally with someone. This gives you access to ultimately a larger pool of talented individuals.

Here is a best practice example found on Springworks’ career page:


13. Clear Job Descriptions

You can’t create a successful career page without compelling job descriptions.

A job description tells what you expect from the candidates and whether they would make the right fit in your organization. 

They are not a simple list of responsibilities and duties! Instead, they are an opportunity for you to be creative and stand out from the crowd.

Here is a best practice example found on Hootsuite’s career page:


14. Measure the Performance of Your Career Page

Don’t forget to monitor and track your career page just like any other website page.

You can start with these metrics:

  • Monthly Traffic
  • Conversion rate
  • Job alerts signups
  • Referral traffic

The data you collect here will translate to great, actionable insights.

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