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113 Stories To Learn About Stock Market

by Learn RepoJuly 22nd, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Stock Market via these 113 free HackerNoon stories.

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Let's learn about Stock Market via these 113 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. How Buffett Is Hedging Against The Endless Pandemic

Where would you invest in an endless world of the pandemic?

2. Tokenized Stock Representing Amazon on DeFiChain Splits on a 20-for-1 Basis

DeFiChain based dAMZN splits similar to Amazon stock following its stock split.

3. I Never Understood the Hype About Warren Buffet

Interview with Martin Fiedler about his projects, crypto and investing.

4. How Can Machine Learning Predict the Stock Market?

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it. Form self-driving cars to weather predictions. Now it's taking on the stock market. Here's how.

5. How Much Stock do Robinhood Employees Receive?

Robinhood’s “one-time” adjustment grants new hires additional stock over the next 24 months to help employees “break even”

6. Why Did Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer Stocks Drop by 60% in 6 Months?

The “pillars” of our freelance industry have collapsed spectacularly!

7. You Can Track Stock Market Data From Your Terminal

As a developer, I love working with the terminal. The plain, simple, and in my opinion the best way to interact with the computer (also it makes you look geeky)

8. Dot-Com Bubble 2.0: How Did We Get Here?

An in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about current tech events. Especially Layoffs and loss of valuation.

9. How to Earn During a Bearish Market

Even a bearish market moves in cycles that’s why earning is possible for those who know how to do it. Top strategies of how to earn when bears rule.

10. The Markets Are Out of Order. How To #BreakTheCycle

Last week’s markets were a whirlwind making history for not one, but two crashes now called Black Monday (2020) and Black Thursday (2020). On each of these days, market-wide curbs, also called trading circuit breakers, kicked in to prevent panic selling and rapid market decline when the markets dropped more than 7% after the opening bell.

11. How GoPro Became a Victim of Bad Business Strategy

Do you remember the times when you couldn't imagine a day without your GoPro camera? Well, I certainly do. So, what went wrong and why?

12. Cannabis Industry on The Rise: How Guys Are Making Profit?

Recently, there have been updates concerning the use and sale of cannabis within Canada and the US. These changes have facilitated the growth and expansion of the cannabis industry. Many of these changes are observed by the public since they can be traded on the stock market.

13. What is Driving the Institutional Interest in Cryptocurrency Investment?

This year has been a defining one for a number of reasons. The world has faced a global pandemic, and the traditional markets and economies around the planet have had to try and deal with this unprecedented event. It has also been a year that looks set for greater interest in cryptocurrency investment.

14. How to Correctly Locate The RSI Support and Resistance levels of Traded Entities

RSI or Relative Strength Index is one of the most common indicators when charting financial assets. In short the RSI shall give an indication whether an asset is overbought or oversold.

15. Private Equity in Your Pocket: How Digitization Changed VC Investment Market

With further simplification of access to the VC market, people will start massively investing in new technologies and shape the image of tomorrow.

16. Tokenized Stocks: Coming To An Exchange Near You

A long, long time ago (depending on your historical outlook), in a stock market far, far away (depending on where you're currently reading this), risk-seeking Dutchmen congregated in coffee shops (something like that) to trade little pieces of paper, which, in theory, allowed them to reap the profits of voyages to unknown lands where new commodities would be discovered (like sugar and stuff like that). These little pieces of paper would come to be known as stocks (aka stonks).

17. The GameStop Incident is Only The Beginning

Be it QAnon, Game stop, or T-Series the underlying forces are the same. They are driven by the followers of a belief, a belief initially led by a few with some

18. What Does Apple’s Stock Split Mean? 

A stock split is not a new thing. Hundreds if not thousands of companies have appealed to it to keep the price in the desired trading range and, theoretically, to make the stock more affordable. One of the most recent examples was Apple, announcing the division of its share price by four. It will be achieved by giving three additional shares to each investor.

19. The Crazy Rise of Crazy Eddie: How an Electronics Store in the 80s Tricked Investors

Eddie Antar is one of the most remarkable people who has fooled investors. With his "Crazy Eddie" stores, he has earned more than $60 million. But got in prison

20. Fintechs and the Stock-Based Loan Market

Today, companies that use stock-based lending to finance their businesses generally borrow at higher costs than if they used traditional debt financing.

21. What Stocks Do You Currently Hold? [Investor Interview Template]

What Stocks have you most recently purchased? And why? Pro Tip: You can add this stocks as a disclosure on your HackerNoon about page.

22. I'm just a regular chap that got into Bitcoin and went down the rabbit hole…

A couple of years into crypto…

23. Retail Trading Tech Trends, the Positive Impacts, and More

Pluto is democratizing finance and aims to shift power from Wall Street back into the hands of retail investors.

24. How to Become a Private Home Trader and 10 Tips to Help You Get There

Trading is a booming sector that today attracts many people. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed as a trader.

25. Here's Why The Global Economy Is Entering A Downturn

Is the US Economy in a recession? Depends on whom you talk to. While there have been two-quarters of contraction in economic activity, the Biden Admin is loath

26. 3 Most Undervalued Chinese Stocks

The Chinese stock market is not a place for the faint of heart but that does not mean that you should ignore it.

27. The 19th-Century Dot-Com Bubble: How a Scotsman Sold a Fake Country

In the 1820s, money-hungry Gregor MacGregor proclaimed himself ruler of land he did not own and named it Poyais. He invented a flag, coat of arms, banknotes...

28. Fintech-Populism: Using Technology to Level the Financial Playing Field

The solution to investing inequality is simply to build trading algorithms for the people.

29. SEMRush IPO Puts Digital Marketing in the Spotlight

As of last month, SEMRush, a (SaaS) company that specializes in aiding businesses with online visibility management and content marketing, has gone public.

30. Generation z Becomes Financially Independent - Investment Behavior

GenZ place a higher premium on a firm's stated goals. In this article, we’ll discuss how Gen Z investors invest their money and what are their specifics.

31. Don't Buy Another Stock Without Reading These 16 Tips

Don't buy another stock without reading these 16 tips: Here are 16 tips when looking at when a stock.

32. MillenniumIT: A Poem

We have now established the market's opened income.

33. Bitcoin vs. 'Safe' Investments: Risk is Everywhere

When every other investment carries more risk and less yield than ever before, is bitcoin really such a bad bet?

34. Bourbon Makers Face a Major Problem: Tariffs

Kentucky distilleries are expected to pay more than $33 million in aging-barrel taxes in 2021 alone. That figure is 140% higher than it was 10 years ago.

35. Meme Stocks: What Do they Mean for The Stock Market?

Diving into the story of Reddit-induced surge of GameStop’s stocks, how it impacted the economy, and how should investors treat these types of stocks.

36. Australian Share Market Today all Ordinaries

Some of you must have a range of indices being published on the bulletin and newspapers to help investors in making decisions. While some still cannot wrap their heads around the strange list of numbers that are being read on TV. Whatever the category of people you belong, it is important to understand what it is, how it works and how vital it is for your investment and management decisions. Thus, Ezzat Daniel Nesseim is here to walk you through what the Australian share market All ordinaries is all about. Read on!

37. 4 Simple Ways to Diversify Your Income and Make More Money Online

Four ways you can make money from home by following your passions, using the internet and your imagination. Free or cheap real estate strategy?

38. Trading Range: Finding Your Next Runners

Ask traders how they find the next breakout move, the next runner that’s going to skyrocket to +2000% profit. They’ll likely spout a bunch of technical indicators, screeners, Bollinger Bands, RSI, Stochastic Indicators… the list could go on. Before we even get to these tools, we first need to understand what the stock is breaking out from. So without further ado, here is your lesson on Trading Range.

39. Gamestonk Terminal: The Next Best Thing To A $24k Bloomberg Terminal

Which led me to the idea during X'mas break to spend the time creating my own terminal. I introduce you to “Gamestonk Terminal”

40. Meet TakeProfit: The Ultimate Platform for Self-Directed Investors The Ultimate Game-Changer in the Trading Research

41. Bitcoin Is Crashing, But Is This Drop Irrational?

Bitcoin has had an interesting history—and one that gives it a reputation for volatility. In many ways, this volatility is understandable; even if the cryptocurrency has a bright future ahead of it, it’s still a relatively new type of asset, and investors aren’t sure how to fairly price it compared to the dollar. But in other ways, the volatility seems irrational, fluctuating wildly in response to variables that may or may not matter to the future of the currency.

42. GDR vs. BDR vs. ADR: A Poem

As in certain unit percentages, one-for-one, nor twice the third sheet position disclosed over-the-counter.

43. How Stock Markets and Fed Policy Affect Cryptocurrencies

The stock and cryptocurrency markets are far more interconnected than you might think.

44. Crypto Staking vs Stocks: All You Need To Know

Crypto staking and stocks are great investment options: read more about the benefits of crypto staking and stock investing for a better investment decision.

45. Taking the Leap: From Developer to FinTech Startup CEO [Interview]

Ioana started her career as a software developer, but decided to leave Shopify to found Konvi - the investment platform for alternative assets.

46. 15 Wall Street Institutions Bullish On Bitcoin

If you were a CEO of a large financial institution three years ago, publicly stating support for Bitcoin would be suicidal.

47. Crypto Market vs Stock Market: Exploring an Interesting Relationship

There are several camps in the market. One is trying to separate completely from the so-called "funds", and the other is working with an eye on it. But no matter how hard we try to fence ourselves off, the connection between them exists. To correctly illuminate it, I will describe in this text my vision of this issue.

48. How AI is Rocking the Finance Industry

The financial market has evolved from what it used to be. There are a lot of redundant pictures stuck in the heads of everyone who are not a part of it and do not know how far it has come. The financial technology sector has accelerated its development during the last two decades and has created opportunities for people to trade from all across the world utilizing either their home computers, tablets, or even smartphones.

49. [Roundup] Twitter's Ban, Hybrid Software Engineers, and the Historical Context of Decision Making


50. Jon Squires Interview: Key Tactics To Protect Yourself From Inflation

Global financial markets are tumbling again as market sell-off accelerates due to fears of lockdowns occurring again in parts of Europe. As the hopes of a faster economic recovery die down, the situation for small and medium enterprises and individuals is becoming bleaker day by day due to a fall in demand and no hopes for a fiscal stimulus from the government. With a dip in the business activity, individuals must hedge themselves against various financial and budgetary risks that are arising in the market today. I sat down with Jon Squires, CEO of; a CIS regulated exchange for trading tokenized stocks, indices, commodities, and FX pairs with fiat or crypto to talk about global financial markets, technology, and how investors should hedge themselves against the market downside.

51. Trading With Moving Averages -  SMA’s & EMA’s

Entering the realm of technical indicators, it’s easy to get lost in the jargon and the countless techniques available. As an introduction, we’re starting with the oldest and most widely used technical indicator. It also just happens to be the simplest - the moving average.

52. Does Token Supply Affect the Price? Everything You Need to Know

Natasha Che ponders whether token supply affects the price.

53. 11 Alternative Assets to Avoid Stock Market Volatility

The stock market can be volatile and if you feel as though your exposure is sufficient, here are a few alternative asset classes to consider.

54. How To Get Started Doing Fast Backtesting Using Algo Trading Tools

No one would want to risk a big amount of capital in a program that is not vetted. Thankfully we don’t have to, since there are plenty of platforms that we can

55. How Does Pandemic Impact Company Valuation

With the pandemic induced havoc, how is that the stock market is not down more? And what effect will the economic downturn have on the valuation of startups?

56. How to Invest Money Wisely in 2022. The 5 Rules of Investing

This guide will teach you how to invest your money wisely in 2022. Follow these 5 simple rules of investing, and you’ll be safe.

57. Money Management Tips for Traders and Investors

If you want to become a trader or an investor, whether part-time to make some extra cash, or as a full-time career, you need to be able to manage your money. This is an essential skill, and one which a lot of people don’t master. This can lead to losing all of your investment capital and even have a negative impact on personal finances and issues such as family cash flow.

58. Breaking Down Barriers to IPO Investment: How Can The General Public Get Involved in IPOs?

Let’s take a step back and look at why initial public holdings are tricky for investors to access, especially for retail investors.

59. PointPay – A Hidden Gem?

Yellen’s first comment on crypto came on January 19, when she addressed the U.S. Senate Finance Committee at one of her confirmation hearings

60. An Introduction to Relative Strength Index Trading Strategies

Relative Strength Index (RSI) is another staple indicator of the technical analysis world. What is the Relative Strength Index?  It measures the speed and change of price movements to evaluate if a stock is overbought or oversold. A wildly popular tool among traders, it is also widely misunderstood.

61. Scraping Tesla Stock Prices with Node.js and Puppeteer

Learn how you can easily scrape the latest stock prices using Node.js and puppeteer!

62. How to Create a Stock Market Price Watcher Using Ruby

For my first ever wrote article, I've decided to write about web scraping and how I built a Stock Market Watcher using Ruby and Nokogiri Gem.

63. What Does a Stock Market Sell-off Mean?

64. What is a 409a Valuation and How Do You Get One?

This article was prepared to help you in choosing the right and top 409A valuation providers.

65. Public Fascination with Bitcoin Price is Slowing the Adoption of Bitcoin

Few people ask me about the social, political, and economic impact of cryptographically-secure, time-stamped distributed ledgers.

66. How Does Our Exchange Compare to The Established Derivatives Exchanges of Today?

We are a new exchange launched in 2020 worldwide offering the ability to trade stock CFDs using Bitcoin. The platform allows traders to use up to 100x leverage on all contracts. The trading interface is beginner-friendly and fairly simple to understand while being responsive.

67. 41 Best Tweets About SNAPocalypse

Let me know in your comments, which tweet illustrates SNAPocalypse best.

68. 5 Best Stock Market APIs: A Guide for Data Scientists & Algorithmic Traders

Best stock market data APIs for data scientists and algorithmic traders: Alpha Vantage, Barchart OnDemand, Tradier, Intrinio, and Xignite.

69. The 7 Craziest Financial Stories of 2021: Investing in Nothing

The financial market has greatly surprised millions of people in 2021 with nonsense investment stories. This article discusses the 7 craziest financial stories.

70. The Inconvenient Truth about Facebook: It's Growing Despite Scandal

With its latest quarterly earnings report, Facebook once again confounds the naysayers by succeeding financially and growing its global user base amid scandal. Here's what the Q3 2019 numbers say:

71. What Happened To Upwork’s First Birthday Party?

Wait! Something isn’t right here.

72. Understanding The Options Greeks - Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and IV.

73. How The Heck Did Robinhood Become So Popular? A Data Driven Analysis

Robinhood launched over seven years ago as a stock prediction app, before it became the brokerage we have today.

74. The Calculated Risks That Allowed Me to Retire at Age Forty

My Story

75. Don't Forget The Pattern Day Trader (PDT) Rule

A common source of frustration for beginner and more experienced traders alike, is the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) Rule. ‘Pattern Day Trader’ is a regulatory designation from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), to discourage retail traders from excessive trading. The PDT Rule places a minimum equity requirement on margin accounts where the stock market trader executes four or more day trades within five business days.

76. Top 4 Stock Market APIs Of 2021

Choosing the best stock market API can be difficult, here we breakdown the best 4 options in 2021

77. Indebted to the Tech

Having been in software long enough to work across industries and with a variety of distributed systems, I know every system has its day. Software and systems engineers create performance requirements, latency constraints, and sweat the details on software quality. Their hard work ensures retail sites stay online through black Friday, ad campaigns survive the Superbowl, accounting systems make it through tax season, and media sites stay up to date during the election. And that’s not even counting safety critical systems we rely on each day, systems that keep our hospitals, our vehicles, and our industries humming.

78. Market Makers Hold The Key To Success Of Early-Stage Cryptocurrency Projects

Market makers have become a significant driving force in the cryptocurrency market. Primarily, their activity is to create an active, progressive market for buyers and sellers by placing multiple limit orders in an exchange platform’s order book.

79. Subprime 2.0 – Is 2008 is back?

CIA Supervisor:

80. The Pain Of Making A Blockchain App From Scratch

So easy, an ape could do it. Thoughts from the lead developer and Top Ape at SnowApe, a Web3 real money gaming project that made a blockchain app from scratch.

81. Stock Splits: Are They Good Or Bad?

If you are looking to invest in the stocks, you should have an understanding of stock splits but also to understand the reasons behind this procedure.

82. Englishman Who Fooled America

83. [A Response] to the Citron Research Report on Nanox

Story first seen here, republished as well to Hackernoon on 9/20/2020 2:28PM

84. Upwork Second Quarter 2019 Financial Report: Titanic Orchestra At Their Finest

What's the best way to analyze a public company's financial report for the second quarter? Well, I think you should keep it simple.

85. Not All The Companies Are The Same

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, many companies began experiencing cash flow shortfalls. In order to avoid the liquidity problem, which eventually may turn into a solvency issue, businesses were forced to cut their operational costs.

86. Financial Crises and Bitcoin: Why You're Worrying About the Wrong Market

“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”

87. Brighter Future Ahead for Roblox Stock as Metaverse Optimism Draws Investor Attention

Roblox has suffered a similar fate to the likes of Meta, and Nvidia, but optimistic analyst predictions point to a change of fortune on the horizon.

88. The Book of Five Rings, Miso Robotics, and Men in Tights


89. Using Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) versus Black Scholes Model to value Stocks [A How-To Guide]

Should we choose a model that gives a flawed but mostly usable coefficient, or should we choose a model that may give a very good or at times a very bad estimate depending on the nature of the data?

90. Top 5 Stocks For Beginners To Buy in 2022

Choosing which stock to invest in can be hard for a beginner. To make it easier for you, we did some research on which are the best stocks to buy in 2022.

91. How to Create a Stock Market Price Watcher Using Ruby

For my first ever wrote article, I've decided to write about web scraping and how I built a Stock Market Watcher using Ruby and Nokogiri Gem.

92. With Quantum Computing Coming Along, Blockchain's in a Race Against Time

It has become quite common to hear about all of the ways that cryptocurrencies and blockchain have the power to solve countless problems for businesses and consumers. They're supposed to erase borders in global trade. They're supposed to bring financial access to the unbanked. Even inventory management blogs are inundated with stories about how the technologies are going to increase efficiency and transparency in global supply chains.

93. How to Build a Corona-proof Stocks Portfolio: 4 Thriving Industries

The sudden pause in the acceleration of the global economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a steep decline in the share market. The world stood still with most of the beneficiary markets crashing. Many stocks dropped, from the entertainment industry to the hospitality industry, which were otherwise considered to have the Midas Touch.

94. Will AR Developments Turn 2021 Into The Year of Tech Stock Investment?

As major players in the world of tech look to acquire companies to develop their own entries onto the AR market, can we see a boom in tech stock investment?

95. Here’s What Will Happen To Your Money

There has been a lot of talk about a dollar collapse and the rise of inflation recently.

96. 10 Ways Fake News is Killing The Economy : From Anti-Vaxxers To The Stock Market

Diverse sections of the economy are facing very real costs from bad actors propagating fake news online. In a study, undertaken by cybersecurity company CHEQ (where I work) and the Merrick School of Business at the University of Baltimore, the full economic losses from fake news were revealed. Here are 10 sectors facing urgent and damaging losses from the epidemic of fake news.

97. Crypto Exchange Trade. Remember Psychology!

Crypto Exchange is a high-tech platform in which all trade transactions are conducted using modern software created based on the latest IT solutions. The emergence of new types of currencies, in particular, cryptocurrencies, gives a chance for the rapid development of the world economy as a whole. In turn, structural changes in the international economic system gave impetus to the emergence and development of new types of exchange technologies.

98. Download This Virus

Donating Compute to Fight COVID-19

99. Should you use a Sector Rotation Strategy?

‘What goes around comes around’

100. Understanding Stock Options

Stock Options are one of the most misunderstood investment instruments available on the stock market. Just mention ‘Stock Options’ to everyday investors, and you’re bound to hear such misnomers as — “they’re too risky”, “they’re too complicated”, and “isn’t it just gambling?”

101. Open Interest, Volume, and Their Differences Explained

What is Volume? What is Open Interest? And what do they tell us about the market?

[102. Here's How I Used The Golden Ratio To Make Winning Investments During The

COVID19 Pandemic]( When my organization decided to shift to work-from-home culture soon after coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year, I've asked to work from home. I was happy to save a lot of time commuting to the office —and score some extra hours in each day to revisit and amplify my visual and UX Design skills.

103. Follow These Steps to Become a Trader and Start Earning Money

Follow these advices to learn how to become a Stock Trader

104. The Evolution and Future of AI in the Stock Market

AI-powered trading holds several advantages over its algorithm-only predecessors. An AI-powered system can make decisions based on rich data in real-time.

105. $BMBL: Swipe Left or Right? An Insight Into One of the Hottest Tickers in 2021

Tinder-rival Bumble made its debut on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ‘BMBL’. It was initially priced at $43 per share.

106. Trading Cup and Handles With MarketSmith Pattern Recognition

The Cup With Handle pattern, developed by William O’Neil, is a technical indicator for identifying the continuation of a trend after a period of consolidation.

107. The Eightfold Path of the Legendary Trader

Like many traders, I read Market Wizards as a kid. If you don’t know it, it’s a collection of interviews with the most legendary traders of the 1980s.

108. An Open Essay on the U.S. Federal Reserve, Treasuries, Cryptocurrencies and More: Part 2

Treasuries impact the way federal reserve raise rates. They are showing signs of stress. This is what it means for cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and markets.

109. An Open Essay on the U.S. Federal Reserve, Treasuries, Cryptocurrencies and More: Part 1

The Federal Reserve is raising rates. Markets are turning bearish. Can crypto, bitcoin, or the market rise higher? Here's how to help navigate the markets today

110. Coronadeficit: Who Will Pay for The Covid Crisis Bailout?

There are two types of viruses: computer and biological ones. Neither of them brings happiness to those who have been affected. However, they do leave an important mark, and in some cases, the negative effects can last years or even trigger new issues.

111. An Open Essay on the U.S. Federal Reserve, Treasuries, Cryptocurrencies and More: Part 3

Here is how inflation will impact markets. And how bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and markets as a whole will look in the months and years to come.

112. The Cryptocurrency Trading Bible Two: The Seven Deadly Sins of Technical Analysis

So you read the original Cryptocurrency Trading Bible and you jumped head first into the great game?

113. A Parable of Pricing, Processors, and Memory

At PEAK6 Capital Management we operate a variety of different systems in support of our trading teams. As we improve and evolve these systems, we sometimes run into hurdles along the way that are not all that easy to diagnose. This is the story of one of these hurdles our systems and core team ran into that came about while updating our pricing system.

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