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113 Stories To Learn About Api Development

by Learn RepoApril 5th, 2023
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Learn everything you need to know about Api Development via these 113 free HackerNoon stories.
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Let's learn about Api Development via these 113 free stories. They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Visit the /Learn Repo to find the most read stories about any technology.

1. GraphQL vs REST - Syntax Comparison

Technical comprehensive comparison: GraphQL vs REST. Check how to work with both API architecture designs and choose the best fit!

2. What is Eventual Consistency and How Do You Deal with It?

Eventually consistency is a fancy name of doing something and only expecting the changed state after a while. But it won't work well with caching.

3. A Guide to API Versioning Best Practices

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best practices for API versioning for ease of user consumption and flexibility.

4. Spring Boot Quick Start: Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners

How to create spring boot application using Spring Initializr and creating spring boot rest api example

5. Simple and Intuitive RESTful APIs

This article provides guidance on how to design simple and intuitive RESTful APIs.

6. Introducing ApiHome: Home of API Testing

OpenAPI based API Testing Tool

7. How to Expose Your API Endpoint Using Choreo

Choreo allows you to create, publish and manage all aspects of an API and its’ lifecycle.

8. CI for APIs with the Kong Insomnia CLI and GitHub Actions

Create a simple server with Node.js and Express, write API tests using Kong Insomnia, and then run these tests in our CI pipeline with Inso and GitHub Actions.

9. All The Best API Related Blogs and Newsletters

APIs have fascinating implications for how companies are built. We compiled a list of the best places to get the most impactful information on APIs.

10. What is the Genuine Value of APIs

Application Program Interfaces-or APIs- are a huge part of the digital world that can even be used in blockchain. This is how it can act as digital glue.

11. How to Choose the Best API Integration Platform

Discover the most important things to consider when choosing an API integration platform for your B2B SaaS company.

12. API Architecture Style: Differences Between REST API and GraphQL

The battle for the best API framework is a never-ending one. I will explain you the difference between two very popular and frequently used API frameworks.

13. Mastering APIs: A Complete Guide for Beginners

What actually are APIs and how do they work? Find out by looking at important APIs across the software stack and learn some computer science along the way!

14. Understanding APIs and How to Test Them

API (an abbreviation of Application Programming Interface) is a special interface (a set of commands/controls) that is designed for the interaction of different

15. Why API Designs are Stuck in the Past

The industry has embraced statically typed languages, but API design remains twenty years in the past. Schema driven development presents an opportunity to pull API design into the present.

16. Model Development: Build a Predictive Machine Learning Site With React and Python (Part 1)

We will be building a machine learning model that will predict whether a candidate will or will not be hired based on his or her credentials.

17. Why You Should Consider Low-Code Approach to Building a REST API

APIs have been around for decades – they allow different systems to talk to each other in a seamless, fast fashion –  yet it’s been during the past decade that this technology has become a significant force.

So then why all the interest in APIs? We all know the usual stories – Uber, Airbnb, Apple Pay…  the list goes on, and the reasons are plentiful.  Today the question is, how?  Perhaps you are looking to differentiate your business or want a first-mover advantage.  How can you execute quickly and at low cost/risk to try new market offerings?

An API provides several benefits to an organisation, but without a dedicated team of trained developers, it might seem like an implausible option. Developers are expensive, and it can take months to develop an API from the ground up. If you don’t fancy outsourcing or have the capability in house to build internal APIs, a low-code platform might just be the answer.

18. Frontend Dev: How to Build a Predictive Machine Learning Site With React and Python (Part 3)

We will be building a machine learning React frontend that will predict whether a candidate will or will not be hired based on his or her credentials.

19. API Programming Doesn't Need To Be Hard

APIs, if you know how to tame and harness them, are a superpower. Choreo is a Cloud IDE that is built to make API creation, management, and composition a breeze

20. 21 API Monitoring Tools That Will Make You a Developer Superhero in 2023!

A new wave of API tools to answer the global API security threat.

21. Doing API Monitoring the Right Way: Metrics and Best Practices

In this post, we'll go through the best practices for API monitoring, such as which metrics to prioritize and how to troubleshoot when an issue arises.

22. Thierry Schellenbach co-founded Stream after struggling to scale activity feeds

Interview with Thierry Schellenbach, co-founder & CEO of Stream, a provider of APIs and SDKs that enable product teams to add in-app chat and activity feeds.

23. The API Connectivity Problem: Connecting Off-Chain Businesses

APIs make up the backbone of many web apps and much of the internet cannot work without of them. However, the Blockchain is not compatible with APIs, a problem.

24. Hackers, Rejoice! Participate in The $100,000 Postman API Hack

The virtual, global Postman API Hack is an opportunity to win $100,000 in cash prizes. Get started today!

25. How I Built My Own Insomnia Plugin

Building your own custom Insomnia plugin is easy — you can add new functionality with just a few lines of code!

26. Your API Is a Product Too

The Context

27. Watching the Requests Go By: Reconstructing an API Spec with APIClarity

In this post, we’re going to look at what API reconstruction is and how APIClarity solves the API observability problem.

28. A Breakdown of Software Development Types for Small Businesses

Want an in-depth knowledge of the top software development services? Hire a custom software development company today!

29. API Integration in 2021 and a Look at Insights from 2020

What's next for API integration? Share your thoughts in Cloud Elements' industry survey to win prizes and contribute to the industry-renowned report.

30. Low-code: Solving the Dark Arts of API Deployment

Creating APIs may be easy, but maintenance and deployment is more often than not, time-consuming and difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

31. Build an SMS App With Infobip

SMS is a powerful way to connect with your users. Let's build a “Fun Fact of the Day” web app using the SMS API from Infobip, a cloud communications platform.

32. How to Integrate Github with Google Sheets Using Choreo

A step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate Github with Google Sheets!

33. Celebrate Open Source with Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software.

34. Improve Network API Performance For Your Apps

Network APIs are everywhere in the modern world. If the data is the lifeblood of modern tech, then APIs are essentially vessels that carry it around distributed

35. State of API Security: API Security Best Practices

The word is out about the state of API security as organizations around the world are finally waking up to the potential of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) transforming business models and directly generating revenues.

36. How We Delivered New Services Without Building New Services

Our API serves more than 300 million API calls per year. We used an open source integration platform to deliver new services without building from scratch.

37. Part One: An open-source python REST API (Tribal) using Django framework

The story is the compilation of the several articles I shall use to illustrate how to build a complete Django open-source API about tribes of the world.

38. Courier API Puts Despatch Cloud into Premier League of Software Companies

Yorkshire-based software company Despatch Cloud Ltd is aiming to build on their current success by launching a new service this week, Courier API, squarely aimed at taking on some of the international giants of shipping management software.

39. Public ASX100 APIs: The Essential List

We’ve conducted some initial research into the public APIs of the ASX100 because we regularly have conversations about what others are doing with their APIs and what best practices look like. Being able to point to good local examples and explain what is happening in Australia is a key part of this conversation.

40. Increase your Team's Productivity by Automating Through APIs

No matter what professional field you work in, higher productivity is likely one of the goals you aspire to. It can, however, be tricky. There is no single way to improve your productivity.

41. Build Flexible GraphQL APIs by Treating the Schema like a Database

Build flexible GraphQL APIs by treating the Schema like a Database

42. 🔮 What Does the Future Hold for API Management, in 2023 and Beyond?

As the number of APIs continues to expand without bounds, what can we expect from API Management platforms in 2023? What are the important human interactions?

43. A Guide to Delivering a Low-code API

This guide will take you through the steps to build and host an API using a low-code platform.

44. What Developers Mean When They Talk About API

API has become one of those catch-all terms that developers throw around without really considering the context. On any given week, you will come across discussions like "How to use the Twitter API", "New framework X is great because it has a low API surface", and "Best practices for building an API."

45. API Development: Build a Predictive Machine Learning Site With React and Python (Part 2)

Sequel to the last article: We will be building a machine learning API that will predict whether a candidate will or will not be hired.

46. Are APIs the Real Banking Revolution?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have been around for 20 years, but, as Ron Shevlin points out, just one in five community banks in the USA had deployed APIs before 2020, and they aren’t even on the radar of at least 20% of the banks.

47. Type Identity and its Impact on API Design

When designing an API, it's easy to use public types that denote resource identity to allow actions on a resource.

48. Why API Mocking is Essential

Is API mocking in unit tests important or does it do nothing. I think the answer is a bit more nuanced but we do need such tests to reduce daily churn

49. Debt APIs & Their Role in Financial Management

Debt APIs make impactful debt management and debt repayment possible. Although debt APIs work for multiple facets of loan and financial management.

50. Designing and Developing the Integration of Your Online Shopping Store

WSO2 Integration Studio is a development environment for designing, developing, debugging, and testing integration solutions.

51. API Technologies and How They Will Help Create the Metaverse

API's such as will be used more heavily in the future, as the Metaverse proliferates.

52. Fragmented Databases: Access Easily With Utility APIs

We have released a set of FREE utility APIs, which we hope, will help individual developers, startups, and companies alike. Find out more!

53. Creating Custom API Endpoints in Salesforce with Apex

Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a messaging protocol based on requests and responses using an XML format.

54. NAB’s API: The Big Reveal

We’re working on a more detailed follow up to the high-level research we did into APIs and the ASX100. As part of the follow-up, I’m looking into the APIs offered by ASX100 companies and, for no scientific reason, chose to start with an analysis of NAB’s developer portal.

55. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs are a Gamechanger, Blurring the Line Between Client & Server

Full-Stack development just reached a whole new level of productivity. Isomorphic TypeScript APIs, as I call them, blur the lines between client and server.

56. Welcome to: The Low Code Wave

Software vendors seem to be in a hurry for a slice of the low code pie.

57. Stitching, Integrating, Composing & Federating Multiple GraphQL APIs

I've run across a post on reddit where someone asked how to integrate their own GraphQL API with a third-party (Shopify) GraphQL API.

58. Exploring the API-First Design Pattern

Learn how the API-first design pattern is a carbon copy of the successful writing approach that John Vester has leveraged for several years.

59. We Surveyed 28,252 Developers and Professionals about APIs. Here's What We Learned.

Recently, I worked with our team at Postman to field the 2021 State of the API survey and report. We’re extraordinarily grateful to the folks who participated—more than 28,000 developers and API professionals took the survey, making it the largest and most comprehensive annual study of APIs, ever. Curious what we learned? Here are a few findings you might find interesting:

60. Top Reasons People Succeed In The Exchange Rate API Industry

When it comes to finance and trade, the currency is a crucial component. Businesses that deal with foreign marketplaces require up-to-date information on currencies and their quickly fluctuating values.

61. A Simple Guide to Planning API Roadmaps

APIs - the current “big thing” - offer the opportunity for modern organizations to unlock new and lucrative business models. The article below covers some tips on how to spin the API flywheel and leverage its possibilities.

62. How to Build a Shopify Integration

A how-to guide to building a Shopify integration with the Shopify API in low-code. We go over how to create a private app, connect it to Shopify and query data.

63. API First Development Approach And How It Can Help to Your Business

Web APIs have been around for nearly 20 years and but it is from the past few years that software developers have been thinking hard on the concept of API first development approach.

64. How to Introduce Collaboration into your API Development Lifecycle

We all know that APIs have become foundational to how organizations streamline integration and build new applications. In essence, they are the connective tissue between different systems, data, and applicationlayers.

65. APIs, RPCs, and Node Infrastructure - The Backbone of Web3 Development

People need a deeper understanding of what Web3 runs on, so that the mistakes of the past are not just repeated with a different style of technology.

66. 10 Best Practices for Securing Your API

This is a brief blog on the Top 10 API security practices that can help users to keep their API safe from cyber attacks.

67. The REST of the 10 Commandments

Find out how to build great REST APIs in any language by following these 10 essential rules.

68. How Do APIs Provide a Foundation for Software Innovation

Get a comprehensive Guide about Application Programming Technology or API in a layman's language.

69. Top Startups With the Best Designed Third-Party APIs

Do you wonder if third-party API integrations services are even beneficial for you? Read more to eliminate any doubts you have about the third-party API.

70. Improve API Performance by Using Debounce in JavaScript

Imagine your web application makes requests to an API endpoint and each request has a price, debouncing the request operation may save you a great deal of money

71. API Automation: 5 Areas to Focus on

API automation goes beyond testing: here are 5 automation areas to focus on in your API program.

72. The 37 Dimensions of the API-as-Product Assessment Framework

We’ve developed an API-as-Product Assessment Framework that we’re using to assess public APIs. We’re sharing this framework because you will likely find it to be a useful tool for understanding your own API as a product or set of products.

73. GraphQL Subscriptions: Using SSE/Fetch over Websockets

"WebSockets should be deprecated for GraphQL Subscriptions. Instead, we're proposing to use Server Sent Events."

74. How to Secure Your Applications

The CTO of a neo-brokerage FinTech shares tips on how to secure your app -from the front end to the backend. He also recommends tools to use in SDD lifecycle.

75. Benefits of Automation Through API Integration

This piece is about the benefits of using API system to enhance productivity and ease of work.

76. Great Tools To Help You Build an Awesome API

Learn more about API-FIRST and how it can deliver practical solutions to today's modern IT environment.

77. Trends We Are Watching: API Democratization and API Management

If you’re a developer of any type of modern application, then you’re likely more than just familiar with APIs—you’re probably a power user.

78. Do You Really Need Staging Environment?

A couple of months ago, our feature flagging platform suffered a 44 minute API outage.

79. Getting Your API Into Production

Building an API yourself and getting it into production so your users can start using it can be a significant challenge.

80. Giving Your Single Page Application (SPA) an API - The Quickest Way

I’ve been working with low-code tools for years, building automation integrations, and APIs. Recently, I’ve wondered whether we’ve advanced far enough to use a low-code platform as the back-end for a single page application (SPA).

81. How I Built 1,000 Personalised Videos in Under 100 seconds

This is how I built thousands of personalised videos at lightning speed.

82. 5 Major Factors Impacting the Evolution of APIs

In today’s world of ever-increasing digital interconnectivity, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have emerged as essential tools for integrating data efficiently and cost-effectively.

83. Collaborative Governance Will Be The Driver of The API Economy

Businesses want to modernize the way they govern APIs and fix their current traditional API management. Let's see how.

84. API Integrations Can Give Your Business A Single Source of Truth

An Application Program Interface (API) is a bunch of capacities or systems that gives programs admittance to a typical information source.

85. GraphQL vs REST: API Design Best Practices For Long-Running Operations

Some best practices for API design projects that are intended to work over the course of a long-term operation within a larger organisation using GraphQL

86. How to Provide Developer API Access for your SaaS Product Users

Here’s how we used AWS Cognito’s authorizer to enable users to have developer API access restricted to their user data using Client Id/Secret.

87. REST API Tools Smackdown


88. Using OpenApi to Ship APIs Faster

Writing an API from scratch can be quite fun and informative for developers. Yet, maintaining dozens of APIs in a company is another kettle of fish.

89. The Fintech APIs to Use in Your Finance Software

Fintech app development with all the necessary features can be tough but that's exactly the case APIs are used for. Read on to learn how fintech APIs help you!

90. The Secret To Brewing Up A Good API

What Makes a Good API? A good API does more than just taking input and returning output. It offers a few key items that make it enjoyable and easy to work with.

91. Are You Going API Crazy?

I’ve had an unusually high number of conversations about API strategy over recent weeks. Many of them get technical fast, faster than I’d like. But, great API strategies start without mention of APIs or technology, they (surprise, surprise) start with a conversation about the customer and your partners.

92. What's New in WSO2 API Manager 3.2.0?

WSO2 API Manager 3.2.0 the third release of the API Manager 3.x series, simplifies integrating with other ecosystems while reducing complexity of large scale deployments.

93. Top Tools for Rapid API Development

From design to deploy, these tools will have your API and microservices up and running in no time.

94. A Beginner’s Guide To Postman File Uploads

Postman is a REST client tool for testing and deploying API services in a controlled workspace.

95. How to Deploy Java GraphQL APIs Using Apifi — A Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide to Getting a Java GraphQL API up and Running in no time Using Apifi.

96. API Choice Overload

With so many approaches to proper API design, development and management, it’s pretty easy to get lost just in the planning process.

97. 10 Indications That You Should Invest in Automation Via APIs

Over the past decade, APIs have become essential for modern businesses and application development teams. They empower developers to easily add new features to their apps by facilitating connectivity with varied sources like databases, devices, or even other APIs.

98. API DevEx Portals: A Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to building an API DevEx Portal for your API users.

99. Create Videos With Code [Free Tutorial]

Video editing has never been something I truly enjoyed. I often found video editors cumbersome, and wasn’t willing to spend the time learning to use professional video editing applications. Let alone pay hundreds of dollars per year on an Adobe subscription.

100. Build a Go Web API with the New Digital Ocean App Platform: A How-To Guide

Recently, Digital Ocean announced they're entering the PaaS market with their new application platform. They've hosted virtual machines (droplets) and Kubernetes based services for years, but now they're creating a platform that's a simple point and click to get an application up and running.

101. Introduction to API Gateway

What's a gateway? It is an entry point. Things go in. People, traffic, requests. If you've spent any time with microservices, you may have come across the term "API gateway".

102. React cloneElement: A Better Way to Build a Component API Props in ES6 Javascript and Typescript

Using the React cloneElement is a better way to build a component API props in ES6 Javascript, and Typescript. Here's a tutorial on how to do so.

103. A Brief Guide to Everything You Need to Know About APIs

In this article, we will be discussing in-depth APIs and web services. Also learn the basics of making an API call, its vulnerabilities, and the future.

104. Python Tutorial: How to Make API Requests

Python is in the midst of a resurgence. It never went away, but usage now grows like never before. With machine learning developers and data scientists relying on Python, much of the web development ecosystem around the language continues to grow.

105. How to Create a Tinder Clone Application in Phở [No-Code Approach]

In this tutorial, we’ll be creating a Tinder clone, in under 1 hour using Phở Networks, an open-source no-code platform that makes it seamlessly easy to create social applications.

106. Essential Tips To Manage Your gRPC Services With Kong Like A Pro

What follows is a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up Kong to proxy gRPC services, demonstrating two possible scenarios.

107. Authentication And Authorization In .NET 5: How It Works

In my 11 years as a developer, I have seen so many API's that have major security flaws. They either lack proper authentication or authorisation or both.

108. A Nodejs Tutorial: OpenPGP Crypto Functions on a Node API Server

some generic Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) primitive functions presented as API calls running on a Node https: server.

109. Fetch the Right Data With Next.js and React SSR

A frontend developer should be able to define what data is needed for a given page

110. Simplifying API with Founder Patrick Pittich-Rinnerthaler

Totally Nerdy Cofounder Patrick Pittich-Rinnerthaler joins us in this Slogging AMA to talk about his API technology

111. A Simple Guide to API Development Tools

APIs can be as simple as 1 endpoint for use by 100s of users or as complex as the AWS APIs with 1000s of endpoints and 100s of thousands of users. Building them can mean spending a couple of hours using a low-code platform or months of work using a multitude of tools. Hosting them can be as simple as using one platform that does everything we need or as complex as setting up and managing ingress control, security, caching, failover, metrics, scaling etc.

112. API Economy as a Key for the Success of Banking and Finance in the Future

Application Programming Interfaces are an integral part of the emerging digital space. Without them, benefiting from many of today’s habitual financial services would be at least difficult if not impossible. In this piece, Andersen’s experts in FinTech software development will tell how API-based IT solutions contribute to the success of banks and financial organizations.

113. Building an API-Powered Platform

On this episode. Jon Dahl, CEO of Mux, and Thierry Schellenbach, CEO of Stream, talk to Amy Tom about starting their API-powered platform.

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