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Welcome to: The Low Code Wave

by EnableX.ioOctober 16th, 2021
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EnableX App Visual Builder lets you create a fully functional video meeting application without writing a single line of code. The tool has a range of features from one-to-one to large-scale video calling, live streaming, real-time analytics, screen sharing, whiteboard, group and private chat, and file sharing—you get all indispensable features to meet users’ requirements. It is as easy as ordering your next pizza online, it is easy to use the tool without writing code snippets.

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The rise of low code platforms as new-age digital tools has gained a lot of traction recently. Software vendors seem to be in a hurry for a slice of the low code pie.

Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is also not immune to this low code wave; it’s witnessing a flurry of activity.

Recently, introduced its low code offering, Agora App Builder. Whereby, a prominent CPaaS player, is also focusing a lot on its low code product -Whereby Embedded.

Vonage, a leading communications API provider, is also trying to make its presence felt in this space with its Video Chat Embed.

Other CPaaS providers, too, have set ambitious low code plans. 

However, EnableX App Visual Builder has taken a more intuitive Graphical User Interfaces approach to build and launch a powerful video calling app without requiring any coding and designing skills.  

Here are the seven reasons why EnableX App Visual Builder tool stands out in the crowd:

1. Incredible Granular Control  

Whether it’s on-screen layout, collaboration features, toolbar display, or moderator settings, EnableX lets you customize almost everything without flirting with code snippets.

Currently, available low code offerings by rival CPaaS providers come in the form of pre-built User Interface (UI) templates. If the templates don’t meet the developer’s requirement, further customization is needed through coding.  

2. Ease of Use

EnableX Visual Builder makes it super easy to create a fully functional video meeting application without writing a single line of code.  It is as easy as ordering your next pizza online!

Choose the features, select the colours, text size, fonts, and click the submit button. And in seconds, you get a single line of iFRAME code that can be embedded right into your application, and you are ready to go live—that’s all. 

3. Comprehensive Feature Set

The beauty of the EnableX App Visual Builder rests in its impressive range of features. From one-to-one to large-scale video calling, live streaming, real-time analytics, screen sharing, whiteboard, group and private chat, and file sharing—you get all indispensable features to meet users’ requirements.   

In addition, EnableX App Visual Builder comes with many advanced features, such as breakout room, waiting lobby, and background blurring, offering greater user control for an engaging and seamless end-user experience. Most competitors, on the other hand, provide only limited features. 

4. PSTN Voice Calling

PSTN Integration in the low code embed is a unique feature that not many CPaaS providers currently offer. 

It allows users to setup a combined audio and video call to allow anyone to join the meeting through either PSTN voice or video.

If you can’t join a video call due to poor network conditions or any other reason, you can still join the conference using a toll-free phone number or a local dial-in number.   

5. Large Room Size 

Starting from one-to-one, it can host up to 100 participants in video meetings, and the soon-to-be-launched webinar mode can host up to 1000 participants, which can be quite handy for large-scale video meetings.   

On the other hand, most competitors only allow peer-to-peer (P2P) video calling with hosting capability limited up to just 50 participants, and a majority of them lack the webinar capability. 

6. Platform Agnostic  

 EnableX allows to build a real-time video communication solution that runs on all mobile devices, desktop, and browsers.

However, there are instances where some low code providers lack mobile compatibility, which is a significant disadvantage for users in the mobile-first era.  

7. Robust Security, Privacy and Compliance

A low code application should not necessarily mean low on security. EnableX Video Embed provides robust security while adhering to necessary data encryption and compliances. Here is why it offers the best security, compliance and privacy standards: 

- No end-user data needs to be sent or stored on the EnableX platform

- Secure infrastructure with private VPN accessible only through a secure API gateway

- Robust security protocol with HTTPS authentication and secure RTP for media transportation

- Valid PKI certs for all customer-facing servers

- AES256 encryption for all real-time communication

- GDPR and HIPAA Compliance

In addition, EnableX is compliant with ISO 27001 and follows the best of security standards. 

Having a flexible deployment platform is a crucial factor for CXOs. EnableX Visual Builder has a distinct advantage over competitors as it offers multiple deployment options, including Public, Private, Hybrid clouds and on-premise.  

Final Thoughts

Considering the fast-evolving business dynamics forced by the overlapping effects of technology and remote working environment, both CXOs and developers have started taking low code options seriously because it can be a key enabler to build high-quality video meeting apps at a rapid pace. Packed with powerful GUI capability, potent security, advanced features, EnableX App Visual Builder correctly ticks all the checkboxes.

To try it out, simply sign up here for free.