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10 Skills That Can Land You A Job in Crypto

by Crypto Jobs ListNovember 25th, 2021
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With every bull run, the number of Crypto companies and innovation only keep going up. Most crypto jobs are non-technical, as there is a high demand for marketing, content creators, and community management. Apart from that, Solidity Development is one of the most in-demand skills technical from crypto companies as it is the programming language used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and build Dapps. Crypto also requires various soft skills such as knowing the language and staying connected.

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Bitcoin's first white paper was published back in 2008 and in the last 13 years, it has spawned a massive industry with thousands of companies and people working in them. With every bill run, the number of companies and innovation only keep going up. Most companies are even resistant to crypto fluctuation, as companies need to build and wait for the right opportunity.

At Crypto Jobs List, we get thousands of Web3 Jobs at all levels. So here's our understanding of the industry:

Crypto companies usually do not care about fancy degrees. However, if you're looking for blockchain-specific courses, here are some of the best blockchain courses in Singapore Universities. While blockchain education helps, Crypto companies value your skills more.

Some of the most popular cities for crypto jobs include New York, Singapore, and London. However, crypto companies also don’t care about location. Crypto is one of the few industries that, even before the pandemic, was largely remote. As a result, companies offer immense flexibility as long as you have the skills and get the job done.

The other big misconception is that crypto jobs are highly technical. That is far from the truth. Most crypto jobs are non-technical, as there is a high demand for marketing, content creators, and community management. While you do not have to understand the intricacies and technical aspects of a project, you should still understand it at a high level to perform your duties efficiently.

For crypto companies, skills are everything. Therefore, companies are only looking for candidates who have the required skills and can get the job done.

Hottest Crypto Skills

So what are the hottest skills crypto companies are always looking for? This list has been compiled after looking at trends on crypto jobs list for the past year.

Solidity Development

Solidity is one of the most in-demand skills from crypto companies and is also one of the highest-paid. At the time of writing this article, Solidity Developers make an average of $92K per year.

Ethereum differentiates itself from Bitcoin with its ability for smart contracts. These smart contracts power all Ethereum Dapps, such as NFTs and DeFi and Solidity is the programming language used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain and build Dapps. Other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) also use Solidity, increasing the demand for Solidity Developers.

Ethereum has been around for 6 years now. But Solidity is still a relatively new technology, with very few skilled people. Companies must hire talented people because they build the core business. If there are bugs in the smart contract, it could result in hacks. Just look at the Poly Hack. A poorly written smart contract resulted in the theft of more than $600 million.

Companies are eager to pay high salaries and even provide other generous benefits for talented Solidity Developers. Therefore, upgrading your skills on Solidity is a sure way to land a high-paying job in the crypto industry.

Community Management

There is a lot of demand for non-tech jobs in the crypto industry, and community management is one such job. Almost every company or project runs a community on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and Linked platforms. Projects need passionate people to represent them and engage with the community.

Sales and Marketing

Sales is another avenue that is essential to most companies and not just crypto. However, sales and marketing in the crypto industry are not the same as in other industries. The customers and their needs are very different.

For example, if you're going to be marketing, you need to market your product in a place where your customers are. In the case of crypto, that usually is places like Twitter, Discord, and YouTube. But you also need to understand the customer to interact with them effectively.

It's the same with sales. You need to understand the crypto niche you're in and understand the customer better to set up an effective sales funnel.

Content Writing

Content writing is another non-tech job that's in great demand in the crypto industry. While it is categorized as a non-tech job, it is still highly technical. You should have a deep technical understanding of the niche you're in, and everything around it. This understanding is essential to writing great content.

As we interacted with companies, most agree that good content writers are hard to find. Simply because there are very few who have a good understanding of all technical aspects and also have the skills to write good copy with them. If you believe you have the right skills, there is always a job for you.

Graphics, UI/UX

Graphics, UI, and UX are three separate skills. We see demand for Graphic Artists that are filled quite easily. However, UI and UX developers are not easy to come by. While companies do receive a large number of applicants for these categories, very few understand what it takes to build UI and UX in the niche.

The user experience required for a DeFi application on Ethereum chain is different from another chain such as Solana. Therefore, companies need talented people who understand these nuances.

Legal Compliance

While crypto is moving at a fast pace, they still have to deal with legacy regulations. Crypto companies such as Exchanges need lawyers to navigate the legal structure of different regions. However, compliance is not limited to lawyers. Companies also hire for other jobs such as Know Your Customer (KYC) Analyst, Sanctions Compliance Officers, and Money Laundering Reporting Officer.

NFT and DeFi

NFT and DeFi are not traditional skills. But we've seen a huge explosion in the number of jobs. They're also looking for the same skills as mentioned above. However, these companies still struggle to find people who are really passionate about the industry.

So if you're passionate about NFT or DeFi, and have any skill needed by the company, there's a high probability that you can land a job very soon.

If you do not have a faint heart, there are a lot of Meme Jobs too! Do Your Own Research if you’re going to get into them.

Soft Skills for Crypto Industry

The above skills are in great demand in the crypto industry. However, like any other industry, soft skills are essential for any job in the crypto industry. These soft skills will not only help you land a job, they will also help you grow your career in crypto.

Know the who’s who in the industry

The first is to learn the industry inside-out. It is hard for people to understand why a meme coin is worth Billions of dollars. But the crypto community views it as otherwise. Memes are more powerful than you can imagine in the crypto industry. Be a part of the industry and be passionate about it.

Know the lingo or you’ll NGMI bruh

Crypto can be daunting for newcomers just because of the numerous new terms and lingo. Crypto has its own vocabulary. Knowing it would help you to better communicate with your community and colleagues. That’s the only way to get to the Moon!

Build a Portfolio

As mentioned above, crypto companies value skill more than anything else. So if you can build a portfolio for yourself to demonstrate your passion and skills, companies would be happy to have you.

If you’re a developer, start contributing to multiple projects and improve your github profile. There are multiple avenues for non-tech jobs too. Create blog posts, share your knowledge, and have opinions. This shows a potential employer that you the important stuff. Regardless what your progression is, having quality written content and opinion pieces is a very strong signal to any employer.

Likewise, if you're looking to work for an NFT company, they would appreciate it if you could showcase your collection. There are a million different ways to showcase your passion and skills. Take the extra mile to make yourself stand out for companies.

Connect with people

Participate in Clubhouse and Twitter spaces. Talk to other people on Discord and Telegram. Connecting with other people can land you jobs and opportunities you never even thought of. Crypto is usually a tight-knit community, and companies are thrilled to hire people they already know.

Closing Up!

While crypto is a decade old, it is just getting started. With the world moving towards remote jobs, crypto has been attracting great talent. This has only created more companies with more job openings. If you’ve found your skill, check out our complete guide on landing your first crypto job.

If you're not yet convinced, check out our Talent List. You can submit your profile (anonymously if you want to), and top crypto companies can directly reach out to you! It is even free and takes just a couple of minutes to get started.