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10 Proven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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Shopping cart abandonment is a huge issue amongst e-commerce businesses that thrive online. When your business relies on people completing the checkout process, it can be alarming to see such high rates of abandonment. This is usually an indicator of a poor customer experience that makes your customer change their mind. Here are 10 ways to reduce your businesses' shopping cart abandonment.

1. Make good use of a trust stamp

You want to reduce your website’s shopping cart abandonment then use a trust stamp. People often leave your website at the end and abandon their cart because of trust issues. Well, be honest and ask yourself if you would trust an unsecured site? If you don’t see any trust stamp or badge, you probably wouldn't buy anything. Put the trust sign on your cart page so that your customers can be assured that their money is in good hands and they won’t face any betrayal.

2. Your page loading speed 

If you want to reduce your shopping cart abandonment then make sure that your cart page speed is fast and it is responsive. If it is slow and taking time, your customers won’t spend a second there and will leave you. Make it fast and responsive so that your customers won’t leave your website.

3. Social proof marketing

This marketing is the best way to reduce your shopping cart abandonment. Use Social Poof Marketing in giving social proof to your cart page from where your customers are buying your product. When they will the proof that others had bought the same product that they want to buy then this will give them the confidence and they will complete their purchase in an instance. This technique lets you use social proof tools.

4. Give them fewer choices

Keep this in mind - the more time they will spend in selecting the product, the better the chances that they will abandon your product because they aren’t able to decide what to buy and they might want to check out some other website.

So if you don’t want this to happen then give them limited and fewer choices so that they can make their choice early and fast.

5. Let them buy as a guest

Don’t make them register when your customers want to buy something from your website because it becomes a lengthy and tiring thing for them and they end up leaving your website. So let them come as your guest and let them complete their purchase like this only.

6. Charge nothing for shipping the product

When consumers are surprised with huge shipping charges and they
end ditching your product. If you want to reduce your shopping cart abandonment, offer them free shipping and they will be able to trust your
product more and will complete their purchase.

7. Let them ask 

It is one of the best ways to reduce your shopping cart abandonment. Let them ask what they want to - even if it seems like a stupid question. Everyone has their own share of doubts and wants to resolve them before buying something. It is your duty to answer them and reach out to them and clear whatever problem they are facing. 

8. Use the popup

You can stop them from leaving and make them stay and reduce your shopping cart abandonment by using an exit intent pop up. This pop up comes into action when people are going to leave your website and then suddenly this pop up comes and stops them by giving irresistible offers like gifts or discount on the purchase. 

9. Accept different payment methods

You have to think that everyone isn’t the same. Some are comfortable paying online through credit or debit cards, but some only like to purchase in person. Accept the payment in different ways and give them lots of payment modes so that you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

10. Money-back guarantee 

Offering a money-back guarantee is one of the keys to reducing your shopping cart abandonment. It may not sound that important, but when people see this option, they are able to trust you and your product, so they will buy it. It shows that you are taking the responsibility that your product is good and if it is not the way it seemed then you are ready to pay them back; this gives them a lot of confidence. 


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