You're NOT Unhire-able. You're Just A Victim Of An Obsolete Hiring Practice by@vmanasvi

You're NOT Unhire-able. You're Just A Victim Of An Obsolete Hiring Practice

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You’re qualified, keen, personable, and have no hygiene issues (that you’re aware of). Your C.V. is a gleaming gem that would almost certainly grab the attention of Elon Musk (if only he’d see it), and to top it off, your mum assures you that not only are you going to land a huge role, but also any company would be lucky to have you.

It’s time to get serious.

  • Coffee (7 overpriced mochaccino lattes); check ✓ 
  • Job board registrations (12, including that weird platform that tried to convince you to take that temporary position at Bing); check ✓  
  • Phishing emails (no not that sort, the good kind that you send to companies you want to work for but that aren’t hiring); check ✓  

Man, whoever said ‘job hunting is for the unemployed’ is gravely mistaken: it's a full-time job in itself.

Suddenly, a small electronic miracle temporarily stalls your inevitable order of delicious coffee shop banana bread. It’s an email notification for your ‘work-friendly’ email account (yes that's right, we all know you’re still rocking that [email protected] account, just for spam though, obviously).

‘Hey Jeff, loved your C.V., would you like to chat about some opportunities?' Sincerely, Dave, Vampire Recruitment.


‘Hi, can I get that large piece of banana bread please and another mochaccino?’

Fast forward six weeks, and you’re in a poorly ventilated room basking under the warm glow of the fluorescent ceiling lights (at least you’ll have a tan if this doesn't pan out). 

You’ve had 3 interviews, 4 coffees, an awkward chat with another candidate, and that leftover lasagna from last night that most definitely was not as good today.


‘So Jeff, to wrap things up, we’d like you to invert the binary tree, after which I’ll need you to sign out with security and you can be on your way’.

The whiteboard test, why is there always a whiteboard test? How is this even relevant? As you pick up the marker you feel your brain screensaver kick into gear. One.last.One.last.push.

A week later you get it.

‘......We’d like to thank you for your interest, however, on this occasion….’

Ugh. Surely there is a better way? 

Well, Jeff, and anyone else reading this, there is, or at least there will be. Que infomercial music:

Do you like playing games? Of course, you do.

Do you like spare time? Errrr yeah.

Do you want to get hired without jumping through hoops? ‘Here boy’.

>>> Enter StackRaft !


We built StackRaft to revolutionize the way we hire talent. Based on conversations with thousands of software engineers and hiring managers, we addressed the single most important job-related question:

Why are recruiters allowed to live?

Oops, I mean; ‘why is the job application process so painful and how can we reduce the time it takes to hire?’

Since I think we’ve covered the ‘why’, let's jump into the ‘how’ (spoiler, the answer is StackRaft).

Let me break it down for you:

You go on the platform and register in under one minute. We hate registration just as much as you do, but we need to keep you in the loop and there’s no better way to communicate.


No need to fill in your “credentials” - performance matters, not schools. But get your pseudonym handle, that’s where the fun is.


You instantly get jobs recommended for you and you can take the 5-10 minute interview to apple. The interview questions are job-specific posted by hiring managers, such as the one below:


Yep, it’s not a coding challenge, it’s a design thinking challenge. Why? Well, code can be copied and pasted and we’re not measuring your Google search skills here, this is about your ability to solve problems and critical thinking.

After you apply, you also get connected to your peers who have applied for the same job, pseudonymously, and this creates an opportunity to learn and connect with others as per their answers


If the hiring managers love your answer, they contact you to proceed with an interview. No third party recruiters & no time wasted.

If your answer is at the top, but you don’t get a call-back, you still get featured as a top performer, which means that other companies will take notice.

And if your answer is not tops, you receive feedback and guidance from the community, including career advice from senior engineers. Because we don’t want this to be a dead-end, and instead it should be a rewarding learning experience. 

Based on your performance over time, we will recommend jobs that are handpicked for you.

By the way, StackRaft and Hackernoon have partnered up to help you skip recruiters, job boards, and spam emails.

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