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You Need To Use A Personal Trading Checklist: But Why?

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A personal trading checklist can also be called the summarized trading plan. When someone is ready to enter a trade and start investing in assets, he should make a list first. The list will contain the things he should fulfill before entering the trade. It can also be seen as a list of rules one should maintain while trading. 

As the trading list is personal, it means one checklist does not have to work for everyone. One should make his own checklist not follow someone else's. Everyone has his own trading strategy which does not necessarily work for others. So, it's important for every trader to make a personal trading checklist which can ensure his success in the trading.
Trader Checklist Guide: 
There are some factors one should consider while making his personal trader checklist guide as the whole trading and investing the money depends on it. Also, the profit or loss depend on it indirectly. 
Market Condition:
Keeping in mind the current market trend is very important while making the checklist. Before taking the decision to go with it or going against it, one should examine the current market situation. For a beginner, it is wise to work according to the market trend. It also gives the opportunity not to determine the market price at the very beginning. So, the trade should go to the direction of the market trend which will be included in the checklist. If one chooses otherwise that is okay too. 
The Investment Amount:
Personal trading checklist should include the investment amount so that one can keep in mind how much he is investing and how much he aims to profit. One should also be careful whether the amount is right or not before start trading. Fixing the amount of investment is very crucial before starting any kind of trading as the win or loss depends on it. 
Trading News and Updates:
One should always be updated about the current news of the trading market. Trading news and announcement that is happening in the trading world should be from reliable sources. Nowadays on the internet, there is much fake news that should be avoided. One should have all the trending news from a trusted source and take decisions accordingly. 
Physical and Mental State:
Both physical and mental health is very important for trading as people tend to make a lot of mistakes when they are not in a good state whether physical or mental. Without good physical condition and the right mindset, one can end up doing the wrong marketing analysis. After the trade, there will be then only heavy loss and regret. 
Risk Reward Ratio:
This ration means how much one will gain on an amount of investing. This risk-reward ratio is very important to set up the stop-loss order which is an automatic order that stops a trade after a certain amount of loss. It makes sure that one does not have to face a heavy loss. Before fixing this risk-reward ration one should calculate the possible profit he will get from the trade. Calculating the loss is also important if everything goes wrong. 
Why One needs It: 
Trading is something that brings possible losses with the profits. There are many internal & external factors that can bring losses. To avoid these factors one should make the personal trading checklist which should be followed before every trading. It does not matter one is a beginner or an expert in trading; everyone needs a checklist in trading. Even the experts do a mental checklist before every trading which actually makes them more successful. The personal trading checklist can make one -
Having a personal checklist makes one less confused about the right or wrongdoing. So, he can be confident while making a decision.
Follow Strategy:
It makes one stick to the strategy than depend only on the luck as depending on the luck without any strategy brings nothing but disaster. 
It makes one more concentrated on the process.


As the name suggests that a trading checklist is something personal that varies from person to person. So, this article may not be 100% effective for every trader but it shows the necessity of having a checklist and how to have it. More or less the basic points are included in this article which will help a beginner to start with something.


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