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You have to HODL tight on the crypto roller coaster โ€” Belief makes it easier and fun!

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Coining.AI tools to research coins can help you find the right coins to survive the crypto roller coaster.

You have to HODL it tight in a roller coaster. Having the belief that you are not going to fall, makes it fun!

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Investing in the cryptocurrency market is a roller coaster ride and if you want to succeed, you have to hodl it tight. You can only hodl on, though, if you trust that the coin in doubt is going back up again, otherwise itโ€™s smarter to take the loss and at least get some of your investment money back.

A very common situation for a crypto investor is: one day you think you are going to buy a Porsche, but the next month you think a new Toyota will just do fine, and the next month an old Ford will do. The next month, the roller coaster takes you up and you are buying a Porsche again!

This sort of roller coaster ride is one youโ€™ll almost certainly experience as a crypto investor. The key to withstanding the exhausting ride, however, is research. It all comes down to having confidence in your coins and looking forward, not backwards. If you have confidence in your coin, you can enjoy the roller coaster while everyone else panics and loses their hard earned money!

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The word HODL came from a reddit user, who misspelled the word HOLD, but it later gained popularity and became part of crypto investment vocabulary. The concept of HODL centers around holding the coins when the market dips. In these situations, everyone panic sells and the price keeps going down, which in turn triggers stop-loss orders for many traders. These stop-loss orders cause even more people to sell at a loss at a lower price and the price keeps going down.

What does HODL mean?

HODLing is very important not just for making profit but also for the stability of the market. Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin, explained it nicely: https://twitter.com/SatoshiLite/status/958428773518422016

Most of the time, holding is challenging. With all the drama, craziness and uncertainty in the market, every time a small piece of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) spreads, the market suffers. Price corrections are common and they can be a good opportunity for seasoned investors to buy coins. That FUD, however, often causes novice investors to lose their hard earned money. This could easily be prevented with strong research and having confidence in the coins you buy.

Fundamental research is required to avoid FUD, be it for cryptocurrency or traditional stocks. If you know that something has a great future and believe in a specific coin, you can buy that coin / stock when the price is really low and when there is panic in the market. Then, when the price is high and other investors put confidence in the market, you can sell some of your holdings for a profit. Check out our other article on how to take out periodic profits and some other investment strategies.

This way, you can actually enjoy the roller coaster! This is easier said than done, but people who ride the roller coaster properly can make money and those who canโ€™t end up on the losing end.

As mentioned earlier, you must do some fundamental research to believe that a coin actually has a future. In that case, you can easily spot non-critical FUD and ignore it. What are the tools most useful for fundamental research? Well, thatโ€™s where Coining.AI comes inโ€ฆ

In this post we are introducing an one-stop place for doing fundamental research for cryptocurrencies using Coining.AI tools. In our first release, we are displaying:

  • The latest news for a given coin from the top sources on the web.
  • Top youtube videos (based on view count) for a given coin in the last hour, last day, last week and last month.
  • Additionally we will display all time top videos for each coin as well. These videos will help you learn what a coin is about and what notable influencers are saying about it.
  • Reddit posts for the coinโ€™s subreddit page. This gives you the sense of the communityโ€Šโ€”โ€Šwhat they are talking about, what they are worried about, and what they are excited about.
  • Official Twitter accounts for the latest updates from each coin.

How to Access the Coinย Page?

You can click on the coins directly from our Coining.AI tools:


Weโ€™ve also created another separate website (http://www.coiningnews.com) just for all cryptocurrency news in general. If you want to get regular updates on crypto, to be the first to know the latest news about crypto, you can check this site directly.


This is just the beginning. We would love to hear your favorite sources you use for fundamental research that we can add in our coin pages. We are always listening on our social media.

Please spread the word. If we all can spend time doing some fundamental research before buying a coin, we can easily hodl these coins during uncertainty. Therefore, when the real bad coins are filtered out, the crypto space will flourish with proper and lucrative coins.

Have fun trading cryptos and Happy Coining!



Coining.AI (@CoiningAI)

P.S. We are not responsible for any trading loss. Please consult your financial advisor for suggestions.

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