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World’s First Blockchain Twitter Chat is Launching with John McAfee

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The world’s first blockchain chat launches this week on Twitter and it is one you don’t want to miss! John McAfee will be joining Adel de Meyer in an exclusive interview discussing blockchain technology and the fast-moving world of cryptocurrencies.

A handful of names persist from the origins of personal computing, yet only one remains on the cutting edge of technology. John McAfee, creator of the first commercial anti-virus software, is a man known for his bombastic lifestyle and dedication to cyber-security. The anti-virus programs that he developed protected an entire generation of new computer users.

One of McAfee’s recent projects was Cryptosecure, a virtually hackproof security solutions company that overcomes the largest threat facing the cryptoverse — stolen coins! McAfee says that cyber-attacks are one of the largest threats to cryptocurrency and that hackers now have the ability to steal from any wallet, computer or exchange.

With the help of advanced technology by Cryptosecure McAfee joined as senior strategic advisor to end this crisis.

McAfee is now working on a free crypto wallet, called The Metawallet, that will enable people to safely store and exchange the top ten coins along with all ERC-20 tokens. Metawallet will be the most secure wallet to date that also offers the ability to exchange currency privately.

This comes as little surprise — the major values behind blockchain technology align closely with those of the enigmatic tech guru. Privacy, security and an inability to trace transactions.

As such, McAfee’s word carries weight in the community. From his personal Twitter account, he often states his opinions on up and coming ‘altcoins’, smaller market cap coins that often have highly specialized purposes. McAfee Crypto Team offers solutions to turn any good ICO into a superstar with John’s solid experience in building successful businesses, his team helps you to realize the full potential of your ICO.

Come join us live on #BlockchainChat Thursday 10th of May at 6 PM PT on Twitter by following the hashtag. Anyone can take part and see what a champion of blockchain technologies and a fierce advocate of cryptocurrencies, John McAfee has to say.

History will know him as the one who ushered a revolutionary movement into a new era.

Hope to see you at the chat, please share this news!

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Co-Founder The Crypto Collectors | Top 80 Social Media Marketer | PR Manager for altcoins and blockchain products, Adel can be seen in over 50 publications sharing her expertise in marketing and technology. Host of #BlockchainChat Thursdays on Twitter her work portfolio includes global brands like Huawei, Adobe, Hootsuite and Pitney Bowes. Adel, also known as ‘CapricornCandy’ collects crypto collectibles and worked with over 15 blockchain startups so far.

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