Workplace PSA: Treat Everyone With Kindness by@razia

Workplace PSA: Treat Everyone With Kindness

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The company I work for has been undergoing massive restructuring over the past four months, unexpectedly shifting the dynamic and putting many new people into positions of responsibility and power. On the upside, I've had the honor of promoting people who were disregarded, disenfranchised, and disillusioned and ensured they received everything befitting their new roles, even against murmurs of dissent.But it has been an eye-opener seeing some people having to scramble to get into teams because suddenly no team leader wants them due to the way they've treated the same people in the past when they were in charge. Nobody wants a toxic work environment and all it takes is one rotten tomato to make the whole place reek, but identifying the teammate who is not a team player can be the greatest challenge for a new manager.
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by Razia @razia.I am a Managing Editor at AmoMama, and a mom. My freelance work is usually crypto-related stuff.
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