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Women + Money = It’s Time to Merge

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Life is complicated but investing doesn’t have to be.

Money is a form of power and yet, most of us don’t know much about it. Especially now, during this pandemic, everyone feels it more than ever. For most of us, money acts as a source of anxiety.

Warren Buffet, a long time idol of mine, has lived through many market crashes and always says to never make a decision (such as buying or selling) based on daily headlines. He is a believer in taking the opportunity to invest in companies you truly believe in even when the markets crash or enter a correction period.

To alleviate the stress associated with money and to understand it better, a good strategy is investing any amount (starting with $5) of your money from an early age, especially in your 20s. Investing has proved to be a great way to build wealth.

Yet historically, the financial industry has been male-dominated.

In 2020, millennial women invest at a 40% lower rate than men which costs $1 million in a women’s lifetime.

Today, women are still paid less, promoted less, and comprise less than 6% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

While 69% of women believe they are in charge of their own financial well-being, only 26% actively invest in the stock market. Many cite fear and intimidation being the primary reasons for shying away from investing. However, despite investing less, women tend to outperform and on average earn higher returns than men. While women may have missed out on the previous financial revolution, the present one is even more concerning – according to Circle, millennial women invest in cryptocurrency at half the rate of men.

This is why Anam Lakhani and I co-founded Alinea Invest, a new digital investment platform built for women by women. Alinea derived from the Latin character meaning a new line or paragraph, and at Alinea Invest we want to create a new story for women and their ability, confidence, and available resources to invest in the traditional and emerging asset classes.

We are disrupting and decoding investing by creating the first trading platform where users align their money with their beliefs. Through our app, users are introduced to investing in a range of asset classes including stocks, bonds, impact investing, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. At Alinea, we believe investing should be a unique, exciting, and seamless experience tailored to the individual user.

Alinea is a community; we share our wins and losses together, and we learn from each other. Our mission is to establish a new digital era in the financial industry where money is equal and accessible to all.

Join the Revolution. Join Alinea.

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