Whyral ICO Pre-Sale to go live on 15 April 2018 by@whyral_official

Whyral ICO Pre-Sale to go live on 15 April 2018

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featured image - Whyral ICO Pre-Sale to go live on 15 April 2018
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Whyral Token is going live for pre-sale on 15 April 2018(9 AM UTC). The pre-sale will end on 31 May 2018. The Buyers will get the opportunity to buy Whyral Token at a very low price during the pre-sale since a hefty discount is available. Ethereum is to be used to carry out all the transactions. 1 ETH can fetch 7000 Whyral Token during the pre-sale whereas during the final stage of the ICO 1 ETH will only fetch 4667 Whyral Token hence providing a bonus of 50% during the pre-sale. Minimum transaction of 0.1 ETH has to be made in order to buy the tokens.

A total of 150 million Whyral Tokens are available. Of these 150 million, 69% (103.5 million) are available for sale. During the presale, a maximum of 42 million Tokens will be available for sale. The final stage, ICO stage 3, will end on 15 August 2018. Of all the proceeds generated from the ICO, 42% will go towards Marketing of the product, 35% will go towards Research and Development, 20% will go towards Operation costs and 3% will be used to handle Legal costs.

About Whyral

Whyral is an AI-based decentralized Social Media Influencer Marketing and Influencer Evaluation Platform that is powered by Blockchain Technology. It is a platform that connects Brands and Influencers together. Whyral utilizes Smart Contracts to make the system foolproof and trustless. Smart Contracts are used to make payments to the influencers in the form of Whyral Token which is an ERC20 token. Whyral is world’s only Influencer Marketing platform to be powered with Smart Analytics & Artificial Intelligence for Evaluation of Influencers’ Channels and Optimization of Campaigns.

To check our website visit https://whyral.network

To check out the Beta version of Whyral visit https://whyral.io

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