Why You Should Learn Vue JS: Trends and Benefits by@brightsdev

Why You Should Learn Vue JS: Trends and Benefits

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Today, we've observed a dynamic growth of frameworks, approaches, and JS itself. Thus, investments in education are becoming even more reasonable and profitable. And learning Vue JS development services certainly deserves your attention.


Today, we can identify three obvious leaders among web app development frameworks: React, Angular, and Vue. And if the need to study the first two is evident, the last one is often questioned. However, recent research data and current trends no longer impugn the Vue JS actuality and prospects of this young and dynamic framework.

For now, Vue.js has already become an integral framework that lets us solve even sophisticated tasks. There may not be plenty of vacancies, but there is a lot of talk, interest, and hype around this platform. Let’s speak about why this is so and why this is crucial. And why now is the best time to learn Vue JS, this truly promising framework. 

Trends & Popularity

Nothing speaks about the demand and vogue of a particular technology better than its position on the market. Both in itself and in relation to the main competitors. Thus, in order to get the most objective and reliable info, experts from Brights company conducted a large-scale comparison of data from GitHub and other authoritative resources about the popularity of Vue and its key rivals — Angular and React. And most importantly, they are ready to provide the conclusions of their research.

Since GITHUB is the leading resource, it is fair to take into account its rating first. Thus, the indicators of the popularity stars of the three mentioned frameworks were juxtaposed. The data is impressive for the last few years, and especially for 2020.

Vue JS development platform has 171,000 stars, which means it is a leader at the time of this posting, well ahead of its competitors. For comparison: Angular and React have 59,500 and 155,000 stars, respectively.


Category Overview & Google Trends

Vue JS development services have gradually but confidently come into the spotlight. Is this deserved? Everyone can think differently. However, the point is that, nowadays, it is one of the highly demanded JavaScript frameworks for building modern and powerful web products. 

And Vue JS actuality is confirmed not only by the awareness, interest, and gratification rankings, but also by the indicators of general category overview and Google Trends as well.


This is about an overall picture of the developers’ experience. More than 70% of the programmers will use React again, and less than 9% won’t apply it for the further projects. By the way, just a little more than 7% of developers are completely not interested in this platform.

Not bad!

For Angular, the situation is not so cool. This framework will be reused by less than 22% of developers, and 35.8% won’t deal with it. By the way, many are not wondering about it at all — 32.4%. And Vue.js has the least percentage of refusals as for today: only 6% of developers don’t want to apply it in perspective.

Because the platform is quite young, a lot of developers haven’t dealt with it yet. Nevertheless, already 40.5% are ready to work with it again, and for 34.2% this framework is interesting. Nonetheless, more than 30% of programmers don’t even want to become aware of Vue. And in vain. However, this only means that specialists with Vue JS development services knowledge will have fewer competitors in the labor market. Great news!

  • GOOGLE TRENDS. The number of search queries is one more important indicator of the interest and popularity of a particular technology. So, the analysis shows that from 2017 to the end of 2018, the amount of queries, connected to Vue.js, grew fast and dynamically. From the first half of 2019, there was a light recession in popularity. Now, we can observe some stability in the Google Trends indexes.

Benefits and profits: reasons for learning Vue JS

We have already understood that Vue JS development framework is incredibly famous and in high demand. And it remains to figure out why this is so. And why front-end developers all over the world want to learn Vue JS. 

Vue is about an innovative ecosystem, advanced tools, versatile functionality, possibility of gradual implementation.

TOP 5 reasons to learn Vue JS in 2020:

  1. A low barrier to entry. A key idea of Vue is an easy start and no build step. This makes Vue great as a first JavaScript framework for building advanced projects to become aware of.
  2. Easy learning curve. Although this is subjective, Vue.js is the progressive JS framework, which can boast detailed documentation. No need to explore the entire API to get started with Vue. No need to study a new syntax.
  3. Gradual implementation. Vue can be embedded into other software or an extant project, and this makes it different.
  4. Like Angular, but lighter. Like React, but faster. Vue JS in web app development is always about maximum results with minimal efforts. 
  5. A great community. Even without the support from corporations, Vue has a great team that is constantly improving the framework: the Vue forums, workshops, and conferences, available communication and pro maintenance.
  6. And that’s not all. Other reasons for learning Vue JS include: understandable reactivity, all-purpose usage, efficient library, high-speed, lightness and scalability, ease of expansion and adaptation.

Vue vs Angular vs React

Angular, React or Vue? The first two are much spoken about, since React is created by Facebook, Angular — by Google. And Vue.js is made by an ordinary person, but it’s fair to say that Vue.js is not inferior in capacity to its competitors.

Vue.js simplifies the first experience with this JavaScript framework for building software products and doesn’t require knowledge of any additional technologies or languages. Angular, for comparison, requires TypeScript, in React, templates are based on JSX, and Vue uses common JS, HTML, CSS even for serious web app development. Vue was released later and in many ways took the best from its predecessors. 

In conclusion

The steady growth of interest in Vue JS development, its obvious advantages, popularity according to the Google Trends and GitHub — all this lets us confidently come to the conclusion that Vue.js skills will increase your chances of finding (and keeping) a great job in 2021. 

Good luck!

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