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Why You Should Build your First Android App in Java by@Satyajit.M

Why You Should Build your First Android App in Java

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A technology enthusiast with keen interest in exploring new business strategies.

From genomics to space exploration, from robotic controllers to reverse compilers, Java is at the nucleus of the technology juggernaut.

Inspiring the global community, Java becomes the topmost platform for embracing the software development ecosystem of runtime platforms, languages, open-source projects, SDK’s, and many more tools. 

That’s not it. 

Burgeoning the world wide web, innovations brought forward the ’write once run anywhere’ java platform further animating everything from space vehicles to smartcards.  

Java unstoppably continues to evolve at a super express pace with applications breaking all the records on the app store.

Don’t believe it? Scroll onto the most recent data.

Some of the ingenious and world-famous Java apps from a pretty long list shows how Java has prolifically moulded our planet.

  1. Wikipedia Search 
  2. Netflix 
  3. Gmail 
  4. Google Earth 
  5. Tinder 
  6. Uber 
  7. Spotify 
  8. ERP systems 
  9. CRM systems

The best part is:

One of the priority factors that go for deciding which platform to choose for your dream app solely depends on the popularity of that platform in your targeted market. 

Deservingly! According to the GlobalStats survey reports, Android’s market share worldwide as of August 2020 is 74.25%. The total number of Android users is increasing every other day along with the easy availability of Android smartphones in the market. 

Secondly, anyone who wants to develop an app ideally focuses to invest in an app that is accessible on all devices.  

Java is a popular and established language for Android apps

Java is more ingrained in the Android ecosystem. Since the Android operating system is launched, Java has been a default programming language used to write Android apps.

Despite the introduction of other great programming languages, this object-oriented language is still ranked as the most popular language for Android app development.

All the other Android languages are experienced as a flavour or a version close to Java.


Java allows programs to perform multiple tasks at the same time. This multithreading function of Java has helped expert developers to create highly interactive applications. Switching between threads takes short time as all the threads share the same memory area. This has made Java a name of the game to develop high-performance gaming apps and animation-heavy programs.   

Authentically structured to be secured

Java language and platform both were developed from the primary day with keeping security at the forefront of technology solutions. Created with safety intentions, the platform allows users to get codes from the internet and run them on Java later on anytime without infecting the host systems with any type of malware or virus or threats.

As a highly protective mobile app development platform and programming language, it does not allow users to write files from the disk drive on Java. Not affecting and hurting your computer systems, Java can be kept up and running with limited permissions.  

Java guarantees high-security standards for threat-free application development. 

Java Supports OOPs concepts

One of the great riches of Java is that it ambitiously supports OOPS (Object-Oriented Programming) concept which makes Java more scalable, competent, flexible, and highly extensible.  

Making Java more adaptable for mobile app development as it is an open-source that effortlessly uses the OOPS concept along with its rich library, design patterns, and best practices.

Cross-platform development

Not limited to Android, Java proves best for cross-platform development. Java codes smoothly run on any machine that does not require special software. This makes Java enabled for all major OS like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and more.

Other benefits to reap from Java development 

  1. Increased productivity with reduced lines of code needed to be scripted. 
  2. Primary option to build native apps on Android.
  3. It’s possible to develop multi-linguistic apps with Java development.

Demerits of Java 

Java is not an exception to programming languages with drawbacks. Java needs far more codes to be written than other languages. This might have high possibilities of errors. Java lacks to develop an appealing graphical user interface (GUI) of any program. 

Antidotes to Java’s drawbacks 

Building your Android app with Java, Android Studio proves the best tool to develop apps with a fully native look and feel. This proves that the tech stack is readily available for the functions which Java lacks as a platform and programming language. Thus, the Java development solutions are a perfect choice to build your next Android app with low investment, high ROI, and crafting your dream app just the way you wanted.  

The Wrap!

Noting all the hooks and crooks of Java, there are no reasons left to ignore Java for Android App Development. As a business visionary, you should consider all the aspects of the target market and if your app needs to have a worldwide reach, Java is the best alternative.