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Why will you remain an unsuccessful entrepreneur if you do not get organized?

Organizing your life has enormous benefits. Not just with respect to money and success but also time and stress. When you’re not able to find important things at the right time, it stresses you.

Study suggests, unsuccessful people spend more than 2 hours of the day in just finding things on an average.

This doesn’t seem much. But if you multiply it by 30 days than cumulatively it gets about 60 hours a month which is roughly four days in a month. If there are 22 working days in a month leaving weekends, its equivalent to wasting nearly 18% of your productive time.

We all know the power of compounding. Albert Einstein has quoted Compounding as the 8th wonder of the world. When we talk about compounding, we generally refer the benefits of compounding attached to money. But compounding has a wider connotation.

The benefits of compounding can be achieved in multiple ways. The more you read, the more you compound your knowledge. The more you practice any activity, you compound the power to conduct that activity.

Your “time” on this planet is limited. It is the only resource which cannot be bought. The day you realize that, you start looking at things differently. You become willing to buy time by exchanging money. How do you do that? You start doing things that really matter and you outsourcing things that are of less relevance. This is a major difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Unsuccessful people focus on saving “money” but Successful people focus on saving “time”

How do successful people save time?

Successful people utilize their time in the following ways:

  • They never spend time on things that can be done by somebody else. They outsource these activities.
  • They spend time only on things that they can do the best

OBIZCOIN BOT helps you do exactly the same. It saves your time and energy by automating the business processes. BOT designs your business processes, it delegates auto tasks based on pre-defined SOPs.

It monitors and analyses the performances, conduct audits and reward performances. It helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It strategizes processes by banking on your strengths and minimizing weaknesses. BOT designs processes based on business intelligence and domain expertise.

With OBIZ BOT, your processes are aligned with your business goals and resources are utilized efficiently. It brings down the cost of operations substantially.

Designing Business Processes:

BOT understands your vision, analyses your strengths and weaknesses and designs your business processes in alignment with your vision. Designing business processes helps standardize business operations.

This ensures that everyone in the organization is working in the same direction, sharing same vision and are well coordinated.

Evaluating Strengths and Weaknesses:

Organizations evaluating strengths and weaknesses are in a better position to strategize. Recognizing and acknowledging your limitation is the dawning of wisdom. There could be various strengths for different organizations. It could be overwhelming human resource or access to cheap capital or enjoying a legacy in the brand name, some kind of USP in products or services offered.

Recognizing them and achieving excellence in business processes allows the entrepreneur to focus on core competency and scale up the business effectively.

Business Process Intelligence:

Domain expertise enables BOT to design business processes considering the scale and size of business operations.

Auto Tasks and Auto Monitoring:

The tasks are allotted based on the processes defined.

BOT measures real time performance of the tasks. This helps to evaluate performances, brings responsibility and accountability.

Use of Ethereum smart contracts brings transparency within and outside the organization.

Auto Rewards:

Right Incentives are a great motivation. They help improve employee’s productivity dramatically. AI evaluates performances and smart contract distributes rewards based on pre-defined conditions. This enables self-motivation and self-regulation across organization.

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