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Why We Start Companies

Because we give a shit.

The above is the origin of most companies, we see something in the world that we either like, dislike, feel something about one way or another and decide that change is needed.

Fundamentally we give a shit. Even if the business is an abstract construct (nice way of saying a hack), you still give enough shits to do something.

Rap Genius comes to mind here, they might not have known that much about rap music or music in general but they knew that lyric searches were 2% of all google searches and 2% of 3,500,000,000 everyday is a big bloody number and there was money to be made.

Problem with giving a shit is that once you care enough to do something about it, you’ll need to recruit a team of hopefully like minded people, convince some rich people that your way of seeing the world is what will make money in the future, deal with governments, regulations, more rich people, other people, researchers and amazing people to pull it all into reality.

For the pay off that you might survive, not even make big money or dare I say ‘f#%k you money’…..Just survive! And maybe see your idea come to life.

Startups are hard, it is another way of saying ‘I would like to run a marathon with my face against the pavement’. But for some reason, that tick, that small spark of electrical activity in your brain makes you believe something that in comparison of letting it go makes the marathon of face dragging feel worth it.

Anyway, I want to change the way we grow and relate to our food.

See you at the finish line pavement, 2 billion more people won’t feed themselves.

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