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Why we shouldn’t care about lost jobs because of Artificial Intelligence

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@Giorgi-MGiorgi Mikhelidze

I'm a beginner Software developer from Georgia with a big love for all things blockchain!

It’s getting so old hearing people say that Artificial Intelligence is a great step forward for mankind, but it needs to be regulated because it will cause a lot of people to lose jobs.

I’ll be honest here. That’s what Artificial Intelligence is designed for. It’s designed to do the jobs that are tedious, repetitive, unproductive and overall a drag to do for any person doing them.

There are very few jobs that Artificial Intelligence will replace that have people doing them passionately. I don’t think there is even one consultant in a bank that loves getting up in the morning and sitting in a desk chair hearing people’s complaints all day. Neither is there a consultant working in retail that likes to bag people’s purchases every single day.

The only jobs that I can imagine being somewhat enjoyable are trucking and manufacturing. Why? Because a person gets to move around a lot, they learn how to build various things. If the manufacturing job is actually a good one, they get to work on different projects rather than just one.

So, why is it still even a question that we should limit our Artificial Intelligence capabilities just because people are not willing to develop their creative and logical skills to apply for better jobs?

The fundamentals of the market are that morality will 100% of the time be overthrown by market demand. Sure we can have both the AI version and the human consultant version available, but within just a month of implementation, it’s guaranteed that human staff will become absolutely redundant.

Is AI dangerous?

Yes, AI can sometimes be dangerous because of several bugs in the code or malfunctions in the system, which could render the whole shebang useless before the issue can be fixed. But, even though the issues are somewhat rampant these days, we need to understand that AI is still in its development phase.

One such example can be seen with the issues of AI in finances. For example, hundreds of companies have started to market themselves with the USP (Unique Selling Point) of having AI integrated trading robots.

This is basically a software which calculates the most optimal time to buy or sell a product for a profit. The user deposits some funds and lets the software do its magic. However, there have been major mishaps where the buying and selling code got intertwined and caused several accounts to be wiped out.

There’s also a story about Bitcoin Revolution and Peter Jones who was endorsing the software, but for some reason couldn’t make it work for long term benefit. This caused him to stay way behind the cryptocurrency trend while others, without these robots, managed to predict the market rise without any kind of technology.

But does that mean that AI is so faulty that it can’t be implemented anywhere? No, of course not. The examples I displayed above are among the few that have occurred. Now try and choose a major mistake that was made by a human and display it as an example.

It’s very hard right? Because there are so many to choose from it becomes nearly impossible to talk about just one.

Why do we need AI?

We need AI to get rid of static, unproductive and disheartening jobs that waste human potential.

This is probably the most controversial remark you’ll find about the importance of Artificial Intelligence, but I’m talking as a person who lost a job because of AI specifically.

Jobs that don’t provide any kind of real-world skills, creative skills, critical thinking, innovative predisposal or just the willingness to better one’s situation need to go. They need to disappear in favor of jobs that help people focus on creativity, innovation and most importantly, value for themselves and others.

Work in retail and banks is extremely mundane. The only people who enjoy jobs in these industries are the ones in manager positions, and their jobs are not in danger due to AI. It’s the operations that will take a hit.

Should they take a hit? Yes, they most definitely should. Why? Because it will finally send a message all over the world that having creative and demanded skills are much more important for employability than a degree or willingness to work.

By getting rid of the cheap option, we encourage people to avoid settling for less and help them learn skills that will help them achieve much more. Sure, the competition will increase drastically, but that’s the bread and butter of the world we live in or the world we want to live in for the future.

Do NOT be afraid of Artificial Intelligence, embrace it and study it. You’ll find a lot more positives than you could ever imagine, and this is coming from a person who lost his job to a computer in the past.

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@Giorgi-MGiorgi Mikhelidze

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I'm a beginner Software developer from Georgia with a big love for all things blockchain!


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