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Why Trading Platforms that Embrace Regulation will Win The Crypto Trading Wars

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Cryptocurrency has a bad reputation, buying and selling coins is even worse. The problem is obvious: a lack of transparency on the part of the exchanges married to a shortage of best practice information due to an absence of regulatory guidance. Fundamentally, this has arisen due to the rapidity of Cryptocurrencies growth into wider public consciousness. The problem for those hoping to encourage wider adoptance is the concerns most people have relating to the trustworthiness of companies operating these exchanges.

Government intervention clouds the sensibility of participation further. Where US regulatory Commissions and bodies are unsure of how to proceed, it understandably gives those considering participation pause for thought. However unlikely it is that the Government impose stricter regulations on how tokens can be used or exchange, the mere suggestion that it is a possibility pumps the breaks.

Where some(most) exchanges tackle these issues by sticking their heads in the sand or attempt to manoeuvre to more favourable geographic regions, others are viewing this constraint as a massive opportunity to encourage consumer trust.

One such company, Mandala, is doing everything in its power to embrace regulation and industry best practices, while continually innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

What is Mandala?

Mandala is an exchange created by traders for traders. This means a platform which integrates simplicity, security and sustainability while understanding current trends in order to meet future needs. Due to the fact the creators of the exchange are traders themselves, they understand the issues affecting the domain. By working closely with users they will simplify the platform to create the easiest to use interface available. Where Coinbase and others make it incredibly difficult to control stop-losses or automated sells, or don’t offer it at all, Mandala is making these mechanisms incredibly easy for both Novices and Experts to use on their system.

That is critical because the perception that participation is incredibly difficult has played a significant part in discouraging wider adoption. If Crypto is ever to emerge as a viable alternative to Fiat currency, and it has to due to the massive benefits is offers to consumers, there have to be products and services which enable regular people to cross that chasm of doubt. Mandala promises to be part of any solution.

How will they achieve this?

They aren’t simply providing the keys to the car and recklessly allowing users to harm themselves before they understand how to operate it. Their goal is to empower users to participate in this exciting domain by providing tutorials and educational resource which endow individuals with the knowledge to make better decisions.

Like other exchanges, part of their strategy will be to create their own token. This will allow users to access premium features, such as market insights, strategies and a virtual trading assistant. The Braintrust behind Mandala are experts in the sphere of analytics and AI and this knowledge will be utilised extensively to create products which inform traders to make better investments.

While the above services offer a compelling reason for novice traders or those seeking to expand their knowledge to utilise the service, there is an overwhelming reason why should consider making the switch as well.

Mandala tokens help reduce trading expenses by up to 80%.

Crypto has grown so quickly choosing not to participate could be very damaging to your financial future. Mandala enables you to acquire the requisite knowledge to participate while helping you do so intelligently.

Why they are embracing regulation

Simply creating the simplest and smartest mechanism for exchange is one thing, but it doesn’t overcome the existing issues a significant number of people have with current exchange. Security concerns are the most important issue keeping new participants from adopting use of Cryptocurrency.

It’s a question of risk. Where some exchanges are the ‘Wild-West’, anything goes and controls are non-existent or incredible difficult. ICO scams, disappearing coins and hacked exchanges indicate the depth and breadth of the potential problems. These incidents colour the perceptions of the space to reflect terribly on the entire industry. Not only does this inhibit participation it prevents technological progress which can have tremendous benefits for everyone.

The world is changing. Governments realise the potential of Crypto and are moving to protect investors. In March 2018 the SEC issued a set of requirements that it deemed necessary for a digital asset exchange compliance, including registering as a national securities exchange, alternative trading system, broker/dealer, and money transmitter.

Where some exchanges attempt to dodge the responsibility this places on their shoulders, Mandala have embraced the challenge of complying with the requirements. Their goal isn’t to follow the guidelines in principle, they will attempt to exceed them in order to create the safest exchange for consumers.

That is as ubiquitous as now as it is for the future. Where the landscape shift Mandala are promising to evolve with the times. Irrespective of whether the SEC decides to implement regulation now or in the future, the reality is that it is coming. Mandala are embracing that as an opportunity to connect with consumers, where regulation becomes a gateway to wider participation by marking Cryptocurrency as a viable form of investment or store of value.

They‘ve Filed for Regulation A+ with the SEC to Protect is Investors

Mandala’s website rightly proclaims that “Industry leaders have a duty to lead with integrity and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect users, further the adoption of blockchain technologies and meet the requirements of global securities laws.”

By complying prior to the implementation of any regulations they avoid the uncertainty that could arise from being forced to halt trading or shut down. At the same time they, overcome the concerns of reluctant potential investors.

Future Plans

It’s easy to try and predict how regulation will evolve in the coming years, however that doesn’t mean that those assumptions will come to fruition.

By being proactive, it is far easier to anticipate requirements that will arise and comply far in advance of any implementation date. That is who Mandala are, what they are doing and what they stand for. They are positioning themselves at the forefront of any regulatory debate by ensuring everything they do exceeds the minimum expected requirements.

In doing so, they are improving the legitimacy of Crypto and Blockchain applications, in hope that their efforts will enable a new wave of wider public adoptance by building trust in regulatory compliance before its required.


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