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Wedu Profile by@sundayadenekan176

Wedu Profile

Sunday Adenekan  Hacker Noon profile picture

Sunday Adenekan

Professional Digital Marketer And Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning Enthusiast

We all know the story of how many startups come and go very fast. It's a fast competitive road, and many startups feel chiseled out within months of creation. Yet, startup founder Moshe Reuven Sheradsky has his company Wedu on a different trajectory that’s more promising than the systems we’re used to.

Wedu had its start in a college startup incubator. With Moshe Reuven leading the ship, a company of 50 began to build processes and implement them like clockwork. At that time, Moshe was in the accounting school at UCF and was just starting to gain popularity beyond just the Jewish community on campus.

Today, Moshe is an influencer with over a million followers all throughout the world who’s been seen in Forbes, The Today Show, Yahoo, The Huffington Post, and V Magazine. In just a short while, Moshe has built a massive brand, helping build other startup companies, brands, and the like.

Although this may seem to be something separate from the Wedu brand, it’s actually part and parcel of it. Wedu is a company founded upon the principles of empowering individuals to reach their fullest potentials. Having been that the founder himself, lives that notion, we already have some alignment in goals going on here.

The more popularity and additional success this young founder receives, the more it proves the concept of a company being able to align a person for his optimum success. So first and foremost, it can be said that one key identifying factor is that the founder represents the goal of the company itself. This lends a brand identity over to a newly founded company, which is quite a difficult thing to do from a company’s outset. 

Additionally, aside from the crucial aspect of the brand of the company being enhanced in the above manner, the brand of Moshe reaches a much further audience than the average person and is established as an authority in startups and business in general.

We’ve seen faces like Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tim Ferris, and the like, virtually transform their own companies and the companies they involve themselves in. While the average startup’s lifespan can be short-lived, Wedu is riding on the back of Moshe Reuven’s personal brand which will allow its unique longevity regardless of the course it takes over time. As they say with a sale, the first thing you need is the customer’s attention. Being that his brand has been taking off as of late, he’s already one step ahead of everyone else.

Lastly, Wedu is a company with growing numbers in more than one industry. Being that one of its main focuses is in the media sector, it continues a steady growth of capital that almost every startup company does not have the luxury to have.

Alongside that, it allows Wedu to grow with the various marketing tools that Wedu has to offer other brands and enhance its own presence in the marketplace with ease.

As Wedu will be transforming our day to day lives soon, we can all take a note out of Moshe Reuven’s notebook in transforming ourselves while we build on our endeavors. To invest in our education and layer upon our previous victories, can be amongst the best things we could apply ourselves towards for our business’ sake and ourselves. When you enable yourself, you better your world.