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Why Studying Google DevOps and Blockchain Tech Will Prepare You for the Future by@supersaiyanprogramming

Why Studying Google DevOps and Blockchain Tech Will Prepare You for the Future

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Super Saiyan Programming

IT'S OVER 9000!!!

We live in a world where technology changes by the second. The rapid growth of the internet has everyone constantly wondering what the next big thing will be, because whether you're an investor, employee, or consumer — the earlier you get in, the better. However, there are companies within tech that are currently leading the game in terms of employment, growth, and potential, and they're poised to be at the top for a while. 

One example of a current leader who still maintains great potential for growth far into the future — Google is a great hub of work for aspiring programmers and coders. Yes, you might have divergent opinions about the tech giant, and whether or not their tracking methods are totally kosher. But never forget, Google is a massive company with a ton of innovative departments.

Getting your certification training for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), you could learn about its DevOps services, and then begin taking the steps one would need to become an engineer who specializes in DevOps for GCP, which is an undeniably lucrative skillset. If you can prove to potential employers that you know how to deploy CI pipelines services like Cloud Build, Source Repositories, Container Registry, and Kubernetes engine — you're going to get some job offers. 

If you have no idea what any of that means, that's okay too. Learning all about GCP and DevOps is actually surprisingly affordable with The Google DevOps & Blockchain Developer Bundle. In this collection, you also get the opportunity to explore additional examples of companies and technologies at the forefront of the industry that are still poised to grow well into the future, which of course makes them good targets for prospective employment. 

Blockchain technologies, for example, have grown well beyond being considered a fringe technology. As the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow and take shape with rapid speed, a growing market for pre-sales engineers, solutions engineers, and technically focused experts who are trained in customer service is growing by the second. A lot like Google Cloud Platform and DevOps, a deep-dive education on blockchain technology has appropriately been made extremely affordable online. 

With the right courses, you can learn how to speak blockchain for large VARS, vendors, integrators, and everyday people. For those whose industry is already connected to the blockchain — i.e. sales executives, technical account managers, and IT managers — learning the ins and outs of the blockchain is well worth the small investment it takes. 

For a limited time, you can get The Google DevOps & Blockchain Developer Bundle for just $29.99. Courses in the bundle are led by ITU Online Training, which has provided online, on-demand IT content to over 650K students around the world. They've also won a ton of industry awards including the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, and Best in Biz Awards. Across the bundle's 8 courses, you can study up on Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, DevOps fundamentals, blockchain solutions, and more.

The Google DevOps & Blockchain Developer Bundle - $29.99 - See Deal