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The Cyber-Mindset That Can Destroy SMBS.

Nowadays, we get to see a lot of cyber attacks in our world. —Cyber attacks can happen anytime, anywhere.
Not only that but when it comes to SMBS — Small and medium-sized companies — most of them think that they aren’t vulnerable to cyber-attacks which is crazy.
A new report from Keeper Security — A Password Manager company — shows that over 60% from SMBS don’t think they will fall victim to an attack.
“Our Cyberthreat Study findings show that many companies don’t know where to start with cybersecurity prevention and even more don’t think they will fall victim to an attack.” (Darren Guccione) - CEO of Keeper.
Imagine that some companies prefer to give more importance to Sales, Marketing, Social good over cybersecurity— 18% percent voted that cybersecurity is less important than the rest of the company operations or tools.
I am not saying that's a bad thing but I believe that cybersecurity must be the first thing that must be established in any company before anything else.
What's pretty ironic is that, there's another study which showed that — 67 percent of SMBs had been attacked in the past year.
Imagine that, only about 12% ( one in ten companies ) understand the reality that cyber-attack is very likely to happen. — Even if you were in a big or small company.
There’s something really interesting about the latest study. 
The newer companies have a much greater awareness of cyber attacks than companies who were operating for more than 10 years or more.
28% of the companies that were operating for less than five years believed that they can be targeted by cyber-attacks. While 70 percent of businesses operating for 10 or more years believe a cyberattack is not very likely or not likely at all.
Seventy percent?
That’s crazy.
“Businesses face a vulnerability crisis when it comes to cybercriminals, and this reality won’t get better until cybersecurity gets higher billing on their to-do list,” says Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper. 
Companies must update their "cyber mindset" in order to keep up with the world. It really doesn't matter if they were small, medium-sized, or large ones. —A cyber attack can happen to any.
"We are working very hard to educate SMBs about how they can protect themselves quickly and on a cost-effective basis."
(Darren Guccione) - CEO of Keeper.
They also need to use all the resources available to create a better and safer environment for their employees.



August 5th, 2019

SMBs are to the millennium what factories were to the 1900s.

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