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Why Slogging? Slack Work for Blogging

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Your Slack? Insightful words by highly intelligent people. Your tech blog? Not so much. Write together. #SloggingBeta

Your Slack? Insightful Words every day by your highly intelligent people.

What is Slogging?

Slogging is a Hacker Noon app that makes Slack work for Blogging. You can add it to your Slack community, and turn great conversations into timeless Hacker Noon articles.

Slogging is currently in beta and you can sign up via the waitlist here.

Your Company's Blog? Not so much.

​Every day, amazing tech companies have tons of high-quality conversations. Conversations that could shape the future of the Internet. Conversations that prove the intelligence of your people and the values of your company. And yet, most tech companies are only publishing a blog post once a week or less. Lots of remarkable content is lost to the ether forever, never marketing what you're about. Slogging is about elevating the best conversations you're already having.

The future of tech publishing revolves around transparency and distribution. To up your rate of quality publishing, Slogging will empower you to curate and distribute your best organic internal discussions via Hacker Noon. 

Who is Slogging for?

Are you a content marketing specialist?  Great, you can offer curated Slogging conversations as a premium service to your clients.

Or maybe you run a Slack community for networking and professional development. Make Slogging part of your premium value add!

Slogging helps people express more of themselves. Writers gonna write.

What will you need?

  1. A Slack community
  2. A Hacker Noon account
  3. A channel for Slogging

You can add Slogging to any channel, but we recommend creating a new #slogging channel and adding it there. That way people who add any comments know that they will be published outside of the Slack chat. It also helps you curate content specifically for Hacker Noon readership rather than, say, for your accountant.

Most people who comment on your slogging threads will want the quotes attributed to them. Everyone who comments will need their own Hacker Noon account, so that when the Slogging app pulls the article to Hacker Noon, the correct profile links and avatars are shown. Like magic. Neat, eh?

How Slogging works:

Got Slogging installed? Got your Hacker Noon profiles? Then you are ready to slog! One command to curate your most marketable Slack discussions into Hacker Noon stories.

Step1: Have a Great Slack Conversation. If you're a tech startup this is constantly already happening.

Step 2: On the Slack Thread, Admin commands "..." -> Slogging. You can also add a suggested headline after the command.

Step 3: The Thread Becomes a Beautifully Formatted Hacker Noon Draft. Via Hacker Noon, you can review/edit the story as much as you want before submitting, or automatically submit from Slack.

Step 4: Editors Review Your Tech Conversation for Publication in Hacker Noon. Your tech conversation has the opportunity to reach our 3,000,000 monthly readers. You own the content, and can publish it anywhere else too.

Only the admin can use the Slogging app, so you don’t have to worry about any conversation seeing the light of day that really is perhaps best kept for after dark. 

How to Start Slogging

Slogging is currently in beta and you can sign up via the waitlist here

Our Slack Community Manager will help you install Slogging on your Slack, and even work with you to inspire your community to get engaged and get slogging! It’s a great way to rev up a quiet community, or showcase a new one! 

We’ll invite you to the Hacker Noon Slogging community, where you can see how writers and teams use Slogging every day, and be part of the growing and vibrant community who prefer slogging to blogging.

Slogging (Slack Blogging) Hacker Noon profile picture
by Slogging (Slack Blogging) @slogging. Your Slack? Insightful words by highly intelligent people. Your tech blog? Not so much. Write together. #SloggingBetaRead my stories


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