Why Say More When You Could Say Less? by@KennethBurke

Why Say More When You Could Say Less?

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Kenneth Burke


We spend too much time, too much ink, and too much of our readers’ valuable attention trying to explain ourselves. If you have something worth sharing — helpful tips or answers to specific questions — you don’t need to explain yourself.

Here’s a common situation: A person wants a specific question answered, or wants to learn more about X. Rather than giving an answer, content creators elaborate on why they have to answer [two] other questions first. This is insane. It’s wasteful. It’s the opposite of helpful. It doesn’t show breadth of knowledge like you think it might. It makes you look bad.

Every great writer and content creator shares this same skill — the ability to be concise. You’re doing everyone a disservice when you use two words to say what could have been said in one. You’re embarrassing yourself when you take two pages to say what could have been said in one paragraph. Like Einstein famously said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” To add value, give a concise answer.

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