Why Satoshi Nakamoto could be God ?

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Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.-Albert Einstein

Blockchain could be more universal than The Theory of General Relativity. In fact it could be the solution to the life’s biggest unanswered question as to How Life works, why does the universe behave the way it does.

While Albert Einstein explains that all motion must be defined relative to a frame of reference and that space and time are relative, rather than absolute concepts. Einstein’s theory explains the how and the what but not the why ?

I have always been intrigued by the Hindu Philosophy of Trimuti which explains that the universe is largely the result of three different cosmic forces , the creator represented by the deity Brahma, the preserver represented by the deity Krishna , and the destroyer represented by the deity Shiva. Time and again these forces take the form of different avatars to manifest themselves and forward their respective agendas, thereby, keeping the universe in a state of equilibrium.

For the purpose of simplicity , we will observe this phenomenon at three different levels of existence :

· The Human Body

· Life at Large.

· Commercial Transactions.

The Human Body :

The creator or Brahma is in essence the soul, which gives life to what is otherwise just Earth.

The preserver or Krishna exists in the form of the biological anatomy or the underlying principles of the functioning of the human body. According to me,

The Human Body is network of blockchain ecosystems interacting with each other and the external environment with an extremely complicated smart contract. I know these seems rather ridiculous yet funny at the same time but trust you me the explanation further might be able to shed some light.

How does a blockchain network work-

A network of individual peers interact with each other to attain the same goal.The system scans itself regularly to ensure each peer is functioning properly and if not, is corrected.If majority of the peers get corrupt, the blockchain fails.

Much like the above, every organ functions in absolutely the same manner.

A network of individual cells interact with each other to attain the same goal.The system scans itself regularly to ensure each cell is functioning properly and if not, is corrected.If majority of the cells get corrupt, the organ fails.Each organ system is therefore a network of interoperable blockchain networks and the human body an even more complex network of blockchain networks.

Life at Large :

When we talk about life at large, the modern day equivalent of brahma is man himself.They say that everything that we see and use today was first conceived simply in the form of an idea in the human brain. Much like a blockchain network, the creative force or initiation of a transaction with the rest of the environment first affects and needs validation from people(peers) closest to you in life(network),

Krishna or the preserver is again the underlying principle of the basis of which the universe works. Functions of the universe like success and fortune and their negative equivalents are distributed based on complex interactions between individual ecosystems each governing a small part of this giant moving mechanism.

To be specific would limit the scope , however we can again see the existence of various governing principles also used on blockchain networks like the proof of work, stake , authority and many others to come.

Life is but a sum of all your choices.Every choice you make in life is a real time implementation of proof of stake and how you arrive at consensus for choice in life.

Commercial Success is largely driven by the blockchain consensus mechanism of proof of work. While things like the justice system are based on proof of authority.

The consequences or the awards and punishments distributed by virtue of this principal are essentially the manifestations of shiva or the destroyer. The unique outcome of any event has an opportunity cost , in essence it destroys the parallel lives that could have been lead based on any outcome other than the unique outcome that occurred.

Commercial Transactions :

The various stakeholders in the market place play the role of the creative force or Brahma.

Until now the businesses worked and interacted with each other based on these mystical power called trust. Blockchain removes the need to do that. It provides a secure trustable mechanism for awards to be distributed based on predefined terms.Every business contract can be represented in the form of a blockchain network, of-course varying in types and consensus algorithms based on use case.

Photo by José Martín Ramírez C on Unsplash

Shiva manifested itself in the form of various changes in technology and ideas which change the scope of commercial transactions forever. We are aware of the impact of things like mechanisation , automation , the internet on commercial transactions as we know it. Satoshi , an incarnation of Shiva decided to introduce blockchain and change the per-view of commercial transactions completely. While it destroys industries like accounting and reconciliation it gives scope to absolutely new types of industries like the blockchain industry itself.

I don’t know about you , but Satoshi Nakamoto definitely holds a spiritual super powerful or as the common man would say Godly presence in my life.



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