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Why Running Online Ads isn't Effective Anymore

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It is believed that online advertising is very effective in promoting a company. This is provided it is configured correctly. Often, resource owners are disappointed with this method because they incorrectly adjusted the display of ads. We propose to consider five common problems that stand in the way of the correct use of online ads and why other methods might be more effective.

Low Conversion

There may be several reasons for this. First, the SEOs you hired ignored negative keywords. Using these words, you can exclude the display of ads from the search results for queries that are included in a thematic group but have a different meaning.

Secondly, when using online advertising, low conversion is due to ignoring time and geographic targeting. Time targeting is needed when some of your services are unavailable during certain hours. For example, a car dealership works only during the day; at the same time, a client can contact consultants. It makes sense to synchronize the time of the company with the demonstration of the ad.

Third, low conversions can be due to an incorrectly composed landing page. Online advertising is beneficial because it meets the goal of finding a client. Therefore, the requirements for the landing page to which the link from the ad leads are high. The page should answer the search query; the interface should be intuitive, usability should be of high quality.

When a user follows a link and comes across a large catalog, where he still needs to figure it out in order to find what he is looking for, he is unlikely to become a real buyer, does not download a file, does not make an order - he does not perform the target action.

With this in mind, experts at online marketing agencies argue that incorrect ad settings are not always the reason for low conversions. Sometimes the problem lies in the shortcomings of the resource itself: poor usability, the resource is not attractive. And it depends on the owner of the site. In this regard, other forms of SEO services are more effective than online advertising, such as link-building, content writing, and promoting products via SEO marketing.


An ad is just an intermediate link in a custom "want-see-order" sequence. If the look of the ad isn't appealing, this sequence doesn't work. The user does not follow the link that appears on his request in the SERP. The attractiveness of the ad will be given by the ability to quickly follow the link and the maximum loading of the landing page.

The Ad Did Not Pass Moderation

The reason for this is the incorrect calculation of the budget by the advertiser. Many novice resource owners are faced with the problem of a zero balance, which seems to be taken from nowhere. If AdWords is used, the low cost and quality of the ad may be the reason why the search engine will not show the link to users.

To learn how to correctly calculate the budget, you need to monitor the dynamics of impressions and the corresponding costs on a daily basis (at best). After the analysis, the advertiser will understand what effect is obtained with the money spent on advertising. In order not to overpay, it is better to resort to the help of promotion specialists.

High Advertising Costs

You can solve this problem. Don't get carried away with high-frequency queries. Their price tag itself is high, the competition is strong, and the exhaust does not always meet expectations - a wide audience sees the ad, but there are not enough target customers. Result: low click-through rate, large wasted investments, almost zero results.

It is necessary to minimize the use of common phrases, use exact queries as much as possible. Over time, they can be diluted with highly competitive words.

Also, the high cost of advertising can be in the increase in bids on ineffective sites. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce rates on less useful sites and increase effective ones.

Low Ad Positions

This can be caused by incorrect bids and ad optimization. It is preferable to place ads at the top. The search engine pays attention to the overall ranking of an ad based on relevance, click-through rate, and landing page quality.

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by Giorgi Mikhelidze @Giorgi-M.I'm a beginner Software developer from Georgia with a big love for all things blockchain!
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