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Why Node Js- Features & Advantages

    • Want to know about NodeJS?
    • How can it benefit your business?
    • Why one should choose NodeJS?
    Here, in this blog, you will get answers to all such questions. Let’s start! 
    JavaScript is a popular programming language that dominated the market of front end technologies from its beginning. 
    Before moving ahead,
    let’s have a look at various stats and facts about Node.js
    • Linkedin, e-Bay, and Walmart use Node.js at server-side processing.    
    • Nodejs has more than 55.6k stars on GitHub.
    • 98% of fortune 500 companies use Nodejs frequently.
    • Node.js is the second most-watched GitHub repository. 
    Hence, its quite clear that the use of Node.js is going to increase with time. Now, let's have a deep insight to Nodejs.      

    What is NodeJS?

    NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform Javascript runtime environment developed on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript directly into the native machine code. It is a lightweight framework used to develop server-side web applications. 
    It is mostly used for creating large scale application development, mostly used for video streaming websites, single page application, and other web applications. 
    Node.js uses event-driven, non-blocking Input-Output Model that makes it right for data-intensive real-time applications.                   

    Features of Node.JS

    Open Source
    Node.js is an open-source platform. It means that the copyright holder has given various rights of studying, editing and distributing the software to anyone for any purpose.  
    High Scalability 
    Since it uses an event mechanism, Node.js is highly scalable and helps the server in a non-blocking response. 
    Simple and Fast
    As Node.js is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, its libraries are highly advanced and hence able to run the code at a faster speed. 
    No Buffering
    Node.js is blessed with a special feature and that is, it does not buffer any data. 
    As it uses a process of event looping, Node.js is able to follow the single-threaded model. It helps a single user to handle more than one requests. 
    Node.js has asynchronous libraries. It is quite helpful as Node.js servers need not wait for an API to send the response and move on to the next API.                
    Node.js can be easily created and deployed on several platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

    Advantages of Node.Js

    Faster suite 
    Since Node.js operates on Google’s V8 engine, it is quite faster as compared to other technologies. Google’s V8 engine is the fastest javascript engine right now. 
    Moreover, another reason for Nodejs to fast relies on the fact that Node.js uses NPM (Node Package Manager). NPM is an online repository that consists of several useful libraries and tools. 
    Easy to Learn
    Anyone with little knowledge of JavaScript can easily learn to code in Node.js. It is because Node.js is a framework of JavaScript. 
    And when we talk about the learning curve of Node.js, it is quite shallow and it is less complicated to learn and use several libraries and toolkits available with it. 
    Node.js permits the functionality of caching of a single module. Ultimately, you need not re-execute the code while a request for the first module is created.         
    Data Streaming
    In Node.js, Http requests and responses are treated as two different modules. 
    Hence, they are treated as two separate data streams.
    So, whenever these files are loaded, the overall processing time gets reduced resulting in high efficiency. Ultimately, you can stream audios and videos without waiting for a long time. 
    Node.js applications can be deployed easily. The cause lies in access to several hosting platforms such as PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Heroku. 
    Single Programming Language
    Node.js can create web applications for front end as well as the backend. Because of this, the deployment of web applications has become a lot easier as most of the web browsers support JavaScript. 
    Real-time web applications
    Node.js creates applications that have faster synchronization and reduced Http overload. This is the main reason behind the fact that developers prefer Node.js to create web-based chat and gaming applications. 
    Easy to Scale
    Web applications that are developed using Node.js are easy to scale. Moreover, with Node.js, it is quite simple to add extra resources to it at the time of scaling an app. 

    More on Node.js

    Node.Js Modules represents several functionalities that are grouped into single or more than one JS files. All these modules have a unique context and do not interfere with the scope of other modules.
    These modules permit the code reusability and increase the ease of usage. Three modules that Nodejs offers:
    • Core Modules 
    • Local Modules 
    • Third-party modules
    Core Modules
    Node.js is a lightweight framework, code modules group absolute minimum functionalities. Generally, these modules get loaded just after the initiation of the Node process. The only thing to be done is to import all these core modules in order to use them in the code. 
    Local Modules
    Local modules are created locally by the user or dedicated software developer. All such modules may have several functionalities grouped into different files and folders. And all these can be distributed in the Nodejs community with the help of Node Package Manager. 
    External Modules
    You can easily use these modules by downloading them through Node Package Manager. Moreover, generally these modules are developed by other developers and anyone can use them at free of cost. 


    I hope that now you are quite clear about what is Node.js and how it can benefit your business.  
    In this blog, we have mentioned several features and advantages of Node.js. In case, you are willing to create a nodejs based mobile or web app, you can contact a Nodejs development company that can help you to turn your idea into reality.



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