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Why LinkedIn is Loved by Business Owners

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LinkedIn is one of the largest business-oriented professional websites that have features geared towards business professionals.

With over 500 million users across 200 different countries, LinkedIn has helped businesses access doors to opportunities that they wouldn’t have otherwise recognized without the power of social networking..

Although several people view LinkedIn as a site for job seekers and growing fruitful networks, LinkedIn goes beyond generating new leads and nurturing fruitful business relationships.

According to different workforce studies, more than 80% of users have reported immense growth in their business opportunities through the use of LinkedIn.

From providing businesses with an opportunity to engage with followers and share career insights, LinkedInhelps in scaling the word of mouth marketing to an entirely new level.

Below are some of the reasons businesses love LinkedIn.

1)   Creating sharable content

One of the ways to connect with your audience and transforming them to your company advocates is sharing valuable content.

Business owners use LinkedIn to share content in the form of slide shares, infographics, webinars, podcasts and infographics that suit the preferences of their target audience.

According to LinkedIn, company profiles that post at least 20 times a month reach approximately 60% of their followers – with 20% of the followers viewing at least one status update.

When it comes to marketing, one of the best strategies is striving to publish authentic content that encourages viral comments, likes and shares.

2)   Enhancing credibility

LinkedIn increases the credibility of any business by offering an excellent opportunity to receive recommendations from past clients and employees.

The exciting bit about this provision is that the reviews won’t be publicized unless the company approves them. Besides, recommendations from people with whom you’ve done business increase your potential to partner with other people and do business with them.

The more connections your business has, the more credible you appear to other users, consequently leading to many fruitful relationships and endless growth in business opportunities.

3)   Introducing new products and services

According to the marketing tech blog, the top motivation behind the continuous trend of businesses using social media is providing valuable information to customers on the latest products, promotions, discounts and an avenue for customers to voice their concerns.

With a good LinkedIn company profile, businesses can explain to customers how they will take care of their needs with maximum efficacy. Besides, readers can easily find more information about the services the company offers by clicking on the links on the website page.

Without a doubt, every business niche is dominated by hundreds of service providers who are competing for the same consumers.

In such a competitive niche, standing out from the crowd through imperative to help businesses stay afloat. For this reason, businesses utilize the features in LinkedIn to emphasize the company’s mission, vision and values and how they align with the consumer’s needs.

Through sharing valuable information to consumers using LinkedIn, businesses stand out from competitors without much hassle.

4)   Improving search rankings

Search engines rank LinkedIn company profiles based on the quality of posts and relevance to the user based on the search keywords.

Adding updates to your LinkedIn business profile will help improve performance in search engines, especially if you have backlinks embedded in your posts.

Besides building your network and increasing your prospects for quality leads, it also establishes your public image and your organization’s trustworthiness.

The Verdict

By understanding the benefits of a comprehensive business page for business, knowing how to optimize your profile to suit your audience is imperative for your business.

The success of any business that relies on LinkedIn for creating and managing connections is encapsulated in managing the company’s LinkedIn profile widely.

With a good profile, your business will build referral relationships, generate fruitful leads and attract a diverse pool of talent.


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