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Why I’ve decided to join HiredScore

In my previous post, I’ve shared my experience of being a manager who decided to leave his company.

Since then, I’ve joined an amazing startup called HiredScore as their Head of Integration.

In this piece, I’d like to share why I’ve decided to join them.

What drives me

It’s been almost 10 years since I’ve entered the software industry. I’ve worked on many different products and technologies along with many people, managers, team members, colleagues, clients and many others.

I think that only in the last couple of years I managed to really understand what drives me. What elements are essential for me to create passion and that feeling, that makes you want to come to work with a smile.

For me there are 4 elements: People, Product, Business Strategy and Technology.


I want to be part of a talented, professional and fun team. People who want to succeed, aren’t afraid to leave their comfort zone and constantly challenge one another in order to continuously improve.

Business Strategy

I want to be part of a team that continually thinks about the key business components — including profitability, quantifiable impact, and competitive positioning — not just the product and tech. A team that has a vision to create a successful company. One that sets a goal to become a market leader by creating a great product that is backed up by a great and financially-sound company.


I want to work on a product that really makes a difference. One that brings real value to its users. A product that has tremendous potential and lots of opportunities to evolve.


I’m an engineer, technology is my life blood. I want to face hard technological challenges and build the product in a way that engineers are proud of.

This is the combination that I’ve started looking for.

Enter HiredScore

HiredScore’s mission is to help large companies improve the hiring process to achieve recruiting goals by deeply integrating into their recruiting and employee data.

HiredScore uses machine learning in order to understand how large companies hire candidates and develop unique insights in order to provide grades to new applying candidates and let the company’s recruiters focus on the candidates that match their jobs the best. In addition, HiredScore circulates high quality leads that might have been rejected in past processes or signed up to receive potential job offers from the company in the future.

I love the HR world. Especially how people hire and reject candidates. It’s not a surprise that I find this product fascinating! Think about the magnitude of the challenge — how do automate such a subjective and a soft skill as deciding if a person fits your company?

I once had manger who had a mantra — “Amazing people build amazing products”. I always loved this statement. Mostly because it’s so true. The HiredScore team is an amazing group of super talented people from different industries and roles. Everyone brings a unique and special character to the team. Not only are they smart and professionals, they are also kind and fun to work with. Both heart and brains.

The product has huge potential and many different product and business opportunities. I truly believe that it solves a real problem and brings true value to its users. There are many ways the product and the company can grow in order to become an industry leader and a great profitable company.

HiredScore helps companies improve their hiring process and recruiting goals. But that is not only what it does. It is also a 100% compliant solution, that also brings value to the candidates! HiredScore provides equal opportunities to every candidate regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, etc. This product is actually doing something meaningful and good in the world.

The technological challenges are huge! There is a need in designing and building a highly customisable product that is able to learn and adapt to a company’s unique recruiting workflow and decision making process. It is not common machine learning challenge like classifying a dog or a cat photo. HiredScore develops algorithms that take human decisions and try to remove the subjective factor of a person and make recommendations based in data, in a totally compliant way.

But what “Head of Integration” really means?

Head of Integration

My role at HiredScore is “Head of Integration”, which means I sit in the intersection of creating highly scalable and reliable integrations and products in spite of highly complex and heavily customized client-by-client systems and data structures.

To get to do all of this with some of the largest companies in the world and on a global scale is truly not an easy technical, product, and data science challenge that takes an incredibly creative, passionate, and talented team to dream up, build, and ever-iterate!

The company is amazing and it is a perfect fit for everything I wanted to achieve and be part of.

It’s been almost a month, and I already have a sense of purpose. I work with great people who I have fun working with. I feel challenged and satisfied.

What a great journey.


We are hiring :)

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