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Why is the Internet Obsessed With Cats?

The Internet is legit obsessed with cats. You don’t believe me? Search YouTube for funny cat videos. I’ll wait.

See what I mean? Cats are everywhere online and just about every week there’s a new viral sensation with cats at the epicenter. Remember cat breading? People were literally just putting a slice of bread around their cats’ faces and making silly videos about it. Remember cats afraid of cucumbers? Yeah, sometimes the viral videos aren’t super nice to cats.

But the rise of cat fame online has brought us the dawn of a new era — the era of cat millionaires. Well, maybe they aren’t quite millionaires other than Grumpy Cat, but cats are raking in some serious dough online. YouTube ads alone for many of these Internet famous cats are clocking in at tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Cats don’t care about us as much as we care about them, and they aren’t as expressive as dogs. This makes them prime targets for projecting our own emotions, which makes them great video subjects. Basically we can assign them any affectation we want to see.

Learn more about why the Internet is obsessed with cats from this infographic!

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