Why is Melbourne Erupting in Violence? by@akasha

Why is Melbourne Erupting in Violence?

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Police violence against people who are on the streets and in the parks because they want to or have to make a statement against continuing lockdowns and have no other ways to be heard is not an answer. There needs to be immediate action taken to prevent further police violence, and take the officers identified in the videos and witness statements for disproportionate force off of active duty. Protestors who are sitting, or at a distance and not being violent, and even running away, shouldn’t have rubber bullets fired at them, and the people who ordered these tactics need to be dismissed from positions of authority. Politicians who are against the brutality and the disproportionate use of force need to stand up and take meaningful legal action now. It makes no sense for the media to condemn people dropping rubbish at a shrine, or even urinating where there are no toilets and where police block the exit, whilst at the same time condoning shooting them with rubber bullets at close range and in the back. It’s this culture of forcing compliance by violence that needs to stop before a balanced social contract - one founded on trust, transparency, and fairness - can rebuild society again.
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