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Why Is Everyone Talking About LinkedIn?

Because it’s the most effective network out there right now.

Once upon a time you would log on to LinkedIn maybe once a year to update your resume — every few months if you were serious about staying on top of things.

But something has changed.

There are more people on LinkedIn than ever before, and even with relatively low engagement rates it’s still the best place to have a professional conversation, hands down.

This wasn’t by accident — it was by design.

Old LinkedIn is dead. Enter the New LinkedIn.

Blown away by the rapid rollouts:

  • Completely redesigned UI on desktop and mobile app
  • LinkedIn native video with filters
  • Active status (that’s like FB messenger for the uninitiated)

Because of all this innovation, we’re going to see 3 main trends:
1 — Much more time on site — once you start messaging, you’re going to stick around and consume / produce content.
2 — Millennials moving in — video / messaging friendly — millennials are in a rough spot with unemployment and underemployment and need to build up their personal brand. LinkedIn is one of the best spots on the planet with this, boasting 500 million+ users and every company in the Fortune 500 represented. 
3 — Personal storytelling — text based posts are still king.

LinkedIn seems to be gaining momentum every day - if you’re not there you’re missing out. How are you going to master the new LinkedIn?

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