Why ICOs Are Poised 2 Disrupt Everything Conference Call — July 27th, 2pm-3pm est by@loukerner

Why ICOs Are Poised 2 Disrupt Everything Conference Call — July 27th, 2pm-3pm est

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A blog post on the call and an audio replay can be found on Medium here.

On June 29th, in partnership with Geektime we held a conference call with four crypto currency thought leaders (from Tezos, Bancor, DCG, and Polychain Capital) and over 400 participants. You can read a blog post and listen to a replay of the call here. In the weeks since the call, Etheruem and other crypto currencies fell 60%, and then rose 50% and Tezos raised a record shattering $232 million in it’s ICO. Per the graph below, through the fist half of 2017, ICO’s are tracking to raise $2.5 billion this year, up 10X over 2016. Calling this space dynamic is an obvious understatement.

Two things became apparent to us from the call. First, ICOs are a poised to be a disruptive force in the global tech and finance ecosystems (here’s a great blog post on “Why Tokens Are Eating The World”). Second, a follow up call was needed to go in to greater detail about ICOs, from the perspective of both companies (who should consider an ICO, what are the keys to a successful ICO, what are the downsides to an ICO…), and from investors (how do you put different ICOs in to context, what’s the best way to buy and trade ICOs …). To answer these questions, and others, we’ve put together another great panel of thought leaders who have all been part of successful ICOs. , who will go in to greater detail about their ICO experiences and give greater context to the entire ICO process and token ecosystem.

The hour long call will leave 20 minutes at the end of for questions.

Click here to register for the call at GoToWebinar

Speaker Bios:

Vinny Lingham — Co Founder and CEO at Civic, an identity platform with the goal of bringing mobile & digital democracy to the world by utilizing the Blockchain to give everyone a digital identity. Civic recently completed a $33m token sale after raising $5.75m in venture capital. Prior to Civic Vinny started Gyft, which became the leading consumer platform accepting Bitcoin before selling it to First Data in 2014 and joining them as SVP of Product Development. Vinny has founded a number of other companies, including Click2Customers, Yola & Newtown Partners (VC)

Adam Perlow —Co-Founder and CEO at Zen Protocol, a an Israel based decentralized financial platform backed by a breakthrough protocol for creating, issuing and trading real financial assets.

Stan Miroshnik—Co-Founder & CEO of The Element Group, a digital finance-focused investment bank and asset manager for the emerging tokenized and crypto-currency capital markets. Stan has over 15 years of experience in investment banking, corporate finance, M&A, and equities as CEO of The Argon Group, Managing Director at Rosemount Consulting Partners, EVP for TNK-BP, and as an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley.

Emmie Change — CEO of Superbloom, a crypto asset management and investment company. SuperBloom actively trades crypto assets,builds trading algorithms and tech tools, and accelerates/launches new companies that are pre-token sales. She previously founded a a Y-Combinator backed ed-tech company that served tens of thousands of users and bootstrapped 2 edtech companies to multi million revenues.

Click here to register for the call at GoToWebinar

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