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Why I Started a Virtual Book Club and How you can Join

Most of us want to read more — few of us find the time or the motivation to do it. Books clubs are an excellent motivator while expanding the worth you get from reading a book on your own. You receive the benefit of a diverse range of opinions on each topic which makes every book more valuable and aids in the retention of the information you’ve consumed.

We will get through a book in two weeks. This gives people enough time to order the physical copy if that’s their preference.

During the process, the group acts as an open forum to discuss what you’ve read, why you find it interesting or the reason you disagree (especially if you disagree!). From there, discussion will naturally occur which has enough differing perspective and viewpoints to make things compelling and interesting.

The only rule is that we are brave enough to share our insights freely and give others the space to do the same. Expect other people to have different opinions and perspectives than you, embrace the chance to disagree as a tool for expanded learning and understanding for everyone. Disagreement is good, it’s the most efficient route to wider understanding, as long as respect is always present.

It’s what some of the smartest people in the world do. I’ve participated in groups with influential individuals from around the world and leaders of important companies which shape how we live. They see the opportunity to discuss books as important as the reading itself. It let’s you see things you never would from a perspective you’d never consider.

The books will have a bias toward old(er) non-fiction texts. We will vote at the end of each two week period which book should be next.

Join a group of awesome people and extend yourself in 2019

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