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Why Flutter App is best for Clients with Strict Budgets?

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@mayankMayank Pratap

Founder & CEO at | Helping Small IT Agencies to Grow Business

Do you have a tight budget and are looking for cross-platform mobile app development? Then this article is for you. Read how Flutter can be the best choice to fulfill your requirements within budget. 😮

As an entrepreneur, while launching any new application, the one thought which persistently whirling around your mind is the BUDGET. Well, that is a sure thing! The budget depends on so many factors, such as the number of developers, testers, feature list, technology, skills, and experience and so on.

If you want to build an application natively for both Android and iOS, it will cost you almost double. So it’s better to go for cross-platform development. Among so many platforms available in the market, Flutter is leading the industry. Let’s see how Flutter is shrinking the cost of mobile app development and making it budget-friendly.

How will Flutter reduce the significant amount in your total budget?

  1. Single Team: While developing an application, you need not entertain with multiple teams. Just hire a single developer or a team and BOOM! You’re done.
    Hiring a single remote team will save your cost, and you will be benefited by an application that can run on multiple podiums.
  2. Re-usability of code: Code once and apply it on both the platforms, i.e., iOS and Android platforms. Most importantly, exclusive widgets and unique design on the platform make it capable of developing the same app to cater to a different platform. Unlike other cross-platform technologies Ionic or React Native, Flutter allows 95% of code reuse. Doing more things within less time in Flutter saves efforts as wells money of the client.
    Code reusability speeds up the development life cycle and time-to-market. With the help of a skilled Flutter developer, you can get two apps to conquer a broader market segment.
  3. The speedy app development process: To build any product, developers required less time and all thanks to Flutter. It has a hot reload feature, which facilitates developers to view changes parallel while developing the application immediately. Whenever any amendments are made, developers can see it. The hot reload feature also helps developers to fix the bugs, test them, and add new elements within no time. This whole process is so fast that it doesn’t require much, and original versions of the code remain unchanged.
  4. Easy to maintain Update: As explained earlier Flutter has a “hot reloading option” that keeps your app running while you update the app in real-time. The changes you made in the code takes a few seconds to reflect on the screen. It helps developers to maintain and update the system quickly.
  5. New in Market: “So far, so good.” Though Flutter is a new market, and it is doing great. Flutter is achieving new heights in the market. It is competing with other cross-platform development applications effectively and conquering the industry with its fantastic features and hassle-free coding style.

Advantages of Flutter app development

  • Flexible UI: Flutter provides flexible yet engaging UI to give users a realistic and amazing interface. With its natural material designing components, it is all set to give fierce competitions to Android, iOS, and other web offerings.
  • Light-weight components: Flutter comes with lightweight components in order to make application sheer so that it can run smoothly in mobile phones.
  • Lighting fast speed: Though flutter applications are feather-light, it has more rate comparatively with any other native apps like Android, iOS, or blackberry. Hence, it gives more momentum to the users.
  • Performance: By satisfying all the above points, Flutter fits perfectly in terms of performance. Nevertheless, it is new, but it is packed to fulfill the requirements of next-gen developers and users.

With all these factors, plan your next mobile development with Flutter and close a fair deal within budget.

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@mayankMayank Pratap

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Founder & CEO at | Helping Small IT Agencies to Grow Business


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