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Why does blockchain work only in 1D?

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@hyungsukkangHyungsuk Kang

It is pretty interesting to think why current blockchain has to work linearly.

In my viewpoint, I believe this is where blockchain can extend its functionality.

Blockchain gives security and trust, but I think it also takes two things:

  1. User data is mixed with others in a single block; ze has to go through the whole chaindata to find UTXOs to get balance
  2. Too much memory for Metadatas. They are used too much just for putting all usersโ€™ information in a single linked list. For example, bitcoin stores the transaction data with hash in key-value storage and stores those key in the block data. Not only that, the transaction is formed with merkle-tree, because blocks need to be compared without going through each userโ€™s transactions, so extra metadata is added.

These problems happened because all usersโ€™ information is mixed in a single blockchain. Why canโ€™t people have their own blockchain so that they can have their own information and get verified on transaction between sender and recipient only? This is rather more decentralized way than current blockchain system.


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