Why do People Say: "Developers are Lazy"? by@coderwoman
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Why do People Say: "Developers are Lazy"?

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According to the Cambridge dictionary, it’s “not willing to work or use any effort.” But how does that translate into a programmer’s job? Being a Developer, the Hard way Without a doubt, the work of a programmer is full of challenges. But what makes a programmer ‘good’ or ‘bad’ at his or her job? I often hear that the best programmers are the lazy ones. The Internet even promotes such an attitude in a developer’s work! However, it seems that, that expression oversimplifies the issue very much. First of all, you can’t be lazy and also become a programmer. Programming is not a piece of cake. You won’t learn it with an attitude of “I’m not willing to work or use any effort.” Willingness to work and invested energy will be crucial here! You won’t become a programmer in one night. For example, it took me almost a year to learn to program in Javascript! And it was a year full of problems, with no hope that it would be possible, facing difficulties and facing them. A lazy person wouldn’t be able to handle it. They would just give up.

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