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Why a lot of computer science engineers in India are unemployed

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In India, we have a bulk of engineers. It’s mostly because students don’t choose what they want to become. Instead, they become employees for the sake of the society. Hence an engineer.

The problem with software engineering course in India is it’s too generic. Software engineering is vast. It’s growing day by day. But the syllabus is still in the 90’s.

Popular fields in software engineering are Mobile Development, Backend Development, Cloud Development. Web Development, Data Science, UI/UX Development etc.

It’s necessary to find out the field one has talent in and develop his skills in that field. The Internet has made it really simple. Just a google search can give you enough resources to learn about any field.

Sites like Coursera, EdX, etc give free education. It’s not just enough to learn. You need to build things and showcase them.

Showcasing is a piece of cake, all you need to do is upload it to Github and share it on sites like Hackernews, FB groups etc. If people like them they star or fork your project. This is how one’s skills are measured now.

Then people come hunting for you :)

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