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Who hacked the US election?

Who hacked the US election?

Who has benefited most from US government policy since the election?

Not Russia.

Cambridge Analytica in association with British and Israeli intelligence operatives, associated with MI5, MI6 and, Mossad have been exposed as actively hacking democracies and psychologically abusing citizens around the world.

When we say hacked in this context, we do not necessarily mean hacking a computer, rather we are looking at the end user experience, so we are talking about hacking public consciousness.

Watch the Cambridge Analytica video expose then let’s start to examine the threads that this reveals.

Given this insider admission at the highest levels that the governments of the US and Britain both worked closely with a group who’s standard operating procedures is to manufacture fake media stories to emotionally manipulate public opinion, it is then important to re-examine all events related to these sitting governments from the perspective of manufacturing fake media events.

I will share the questions and scenarios that first come to mind for me. I’m keen to hear of other lines of questioning that arise in your mind.

Some principals relevant to the investigation.

  1. Firstly the governments of the UK and US are manufacturing dramatic events that will become news headlines. This does not mean that every news headline is a manufactured drama but a non-insignificant portion are. Many other powerful entities will also be creating these fake news stories too. Fake news in this sense is not a fake written story, it is a fake play that is acted out with actors or a combination of actors and unaware real people. The skill here is about being a theatrical director. Then getting real news reporters to report the staged events.
  2. A smaller interest group could stage a situation in order to provoke a conflict between two other larger groups. In this way a smaller group can manipulate larger groups to act in its interest.
  3. Every controversial media story could be a staged drama. Unless there is a lot of detailed evidence to show otherwise it is important to treat it with intense scepticism.
  4. Every controversial news story makes one group look bad and another look good. Who benefits most from this event who loses out?
  5. Global politics is complex. It is never black and white it is always a complex ball of tangled strings each being pulled in multiple directions. Each group pulls it’s own way, when groups work together they can together pull public opinion in a general direction. It is never one group that it responsible but a small group can start a a stampede which will move a mob in certain direction, each of these mob members pulls their own string of influence and hence a small group can pull a large group into starting to gain momentum in a certain direction.

Threads of questioning.

Given these principles as starting points (Axioms) for an investigation, what are some events that stand out as fitting these criteria for deeper investigation?

If each event is caused by multiple actors pulling threads of influence in certain directions then we will need to follow each of these threads. We will need to determine which threads together had enough combined influence to cause an event to happen. Then follow each of these threads and see who has been pulling on the various strings several layers down the chain. As people who think like hackers, can we backtrace this cascade of dependencies, follow the threads of code and discover the most likely scources of influence over key events.

A few of the most potentially influential events in recent history

I’ll start a quick surface level trace of a few standout events. This initial trace will look at who stands to benefit most from these events.

Who has benefited from the US election result and events since then?

Certainly not Russia.

Has Israel gained benefit from the US election?

The recognition of Jerusalem immediately springs to mind as an unusual occurrence.

Has Saudi Arabia gained benefit from the US election?

The 350+ billion dollar arms deal and provision of nuclear technology, and military support for the war on Yemen seems to suggest yes.

Would Israel and Saudi Arabia benefit from the collapse of Syria, Iran’s strongest ally in the region?

Do both of these states, benefit from the anti Russia hype?

Do both of these states benefit from the US support of ISIS to cause chaos in Syria?

Who else stands to benefit from 7 years of war in Syria?

Who stands to lose from Russia stepping in and stopping ISIS and stabilising Syria?

It was Russian help which stopped the Islamic state from turning Syria into a dysfunctional hell hole like Libya's current situation. It was Russian supplied anti air missiles which shot down the Israeli F16 in the latest Israeli attack on Syria.

The war in Syria is nearly over. Thanks to Russia's help the moderate, secular, multicultural state of Syria has not yet been turned into a sectarian hellhole, of violence and chaos that would justify other sectarian apartheid regimes in the neighbourhood.

In my brief analysis it appears that right wing militant Israeli leaders, despite their vast influence over the American political and military system through their neoconservative + neoliberal think-tanks and media, have been dealt an embarrassing defeat to their plans to destabilise the region. While many powerful interests have have their money pulling the puppet strings of the US government, in terms of foreign nation states, Israel and Saudi Arabia will be near the top of that list. If Russia has any influence it is far far down that list far behind these other countries, far behind the US arms manufacturers who profit from this war, far behind the CIA and other Intel agencies that need to justify their massive budgets at the expense of basic infrastructure, education and healthcare for the US citizens.

Here we have further threads to explore on a deeper level.

Israel and Saudi Arabia both stand to benefit from Syria collapsing. The Israeli, Saudi, Qatari and US plans for a gas pipeline to Europe through Syria need more investigation in the context of other gas pipeline wars during the last 15 years. Israel’s newly developed off shore gas deposits and export potential also need investigation. Iran, Russia, Hezbollah and China all stand to lose if Syria becomes a terrorist hellhole. Building China’s Silk Road link from Iran to Europe will become very difficult if Syria is a terrorist failed state, or if US troops can blockade the territory in North East Syria that the Silk Road needs to travel through.

Why has Syria not collapsed like, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan? Russia’s military assistance destroyed the vast majority of ISIS military and oil production infrastructure, and gave the Syrian army the help it needed to take back a large part of it territory and secure the vast majority of its population areas. Russia is the key influence that stabilised Syria, and hence it is the key that needs to be removed from Syria in order for Israel and Saudi Arabia to regain control over how events unfold in the area.

Iran has also had a lot of influence on the ground in Syria but Russia has had arguably more influence but is also more easily influenced to get out of the area.

In summary of this thread, Saudi Arabia and Israel want Russia out of Syria. What is the best way to achieve this?

If any tactic was available and it was absolutely imperative to get Russia out of Syria, how would you play it?

Imagine a game. Absolutely any tactic is allowed. You have massive amounts of money from Saudi Oil and Israeli Wall St and Swiss banks, what would you do?

Would faking a chemical weapons attack in Syria force the US to attack?

Would poisoning an ex Russian spy with an easily traceable chemical, that obviously can be blamed on Russia be a good idea?

Would saying that Russia hacked the US and British election and has declared war on western Democracy, put pressure on Russia to pull back?

How do we apply a hacker mindset to unravel these events?

Do we just accept the instructions on the box, accept that the mainstream narrative says it happened a certain way? Or do we open up the situation, examine the parts, unravel the source code and then piece together how these functions of political action result in the images displayed on the GUI that is the media?

How do we open source and simulate these political algorithms. How do we dispel the magic that happens in the box, and share the keys to understanding the logical series of events create the play out to create these events?

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