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While parents aren’t watching

what happens if infants are exposed to tools of power?

A Jedi’s work out is a work in.

Most tools we are using in our daily lives have not been handed down to us by our grandparents, although it was a pretty elaborate method of our ancestors for the last millennia to keep things on track by doing so. Today, we clearly see that our very personal tool palette consists mostly of products which have gone through so many hands that we wouldn’t even be able to thank, or let alone know the people that are so silently contributing to our intimate bubble. In fact, even the military is making up a big chunk of that bubble. Remember when you were a toddler and the parents occasionally updated your wardrobe to pass on the clothes you’re grown out of to the younger family members. Same thing with the military research institutes! Whether it’s duct tape, your phone or the internet: The distance our taxes cover to then return as handy tools 30 years after you paid them is of quite an astonishing magnitude.

Most of us greeted the computer age with open arms. Also, most of us did this as consumers. How do these scenarios look for early bloomers? For those bright playful young minds that were in to tech on a very fundamental level . They were riding the wave during a time, those technologies weren’t even fully deployed in the mainstream, but still accessible to everyone. I know, you totally think I’m taking it to Vitalik, Etherium, blockchain and young crypto billionaires. Well, the ETH case is also an example of exactly that phenomenon. However, after observing the same pattern repeating itself on several octaves of our timeline, I’m thrilled to look at it from a truly relatable level: Our physical bodies.

Enlightenment didn’t even go viral yet.

Our physiognomy didn’t change much in the last 200years. But what we pulled out of our selves during the same amount of time, has heavily changed our Environment and thus gives us a clear picture that we are truly capable of harnessing the enormous potential and depth of a nonmaterialistic realm that didn’t even reveal it’s bottom yet. Is this what neurologists mean when they talk about us using only 10% of our brain? Taking our whole body into consideration, we probably end up with 0.00007%* of actual usage. That’s definitely the case of a toddler flying an F-22 Raptor. Fact is, that throughout life each and every one of us is continuously walking around with a depth that might be considered equally if not less explored than our terrestrial oceans and space.

Our psyche is a diva that is pretentiously marking the borders to this depth. Looking in to our world history and it’s progress, I can clearly see that for outstandingly advanced cultures, the very body we’re living in always had the same significance as technology has for us today. However, It is equally intriguing that fully accessing this type of technology was never taken lightly and often even exclusive to a handful of initiated people that were aware of the tech they’re inhabiting. maybe they were at 0.09%**?

What I’m aware of is that we won’t get there with Submarines, neither do we get there with Rockets. However, playfulness might come in as a handy tool as we’re on the brink of discovering the best hidden and yet most obvious technologies of all times: our self.

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* yes, it’s 1USD/BTC JAN 2018

  • * ETH
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